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I would assume the companies would send out an e-mail notifying the users of the coming shutdown of the service and allow them plenty of time to move whatever they have stored in the cloud to an offline source. If you don't act on it, then it's your loss, not theirs.
And a person would have to be completely out of touch with reality to believe that Apple doesn't pull ideas and inspiration from the competitors. If Apple releases a 4 inch screen iPhone, is it "copying" Samsung and their Galaxy S line? If Apple releases a dual core iPhone is it "copying" HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, etc? The real truth is that it's a two-way street. No single company holds all the cards in their hands.
The only problem I see with gestures is that you can't use them everywhere. For example, if you're playing a game and just happen to make the gesture to go to the Home screen, it'll exit out of the game you were playing. Too many chances for an accidental activation of a system command and that'll definitely anger many users.
But what happens to the iconic Home button on the concept? Will the area just under the screen be capacitive touch, a la the HP Pre?
Exactly. But for some, just because it's Apple doing it, it's perfectly fine. There's no such thing as being a hypocrite. Personally, I think Apple offering the model two revisions ago at a much reduced price is the better way to go.
I would have to agree. I would venture to say that this article was written in response to the overwhelming presence of Android at MWC. From the pictures I've seen from various tech blogs, there's a very healthy turn-out and it seems many of them are excited by the tech being offered, especially the tablets. Pricing aside, of course.
What seems to be a WiFi only Xoom just appeared at the FCC. Rumor is that it's supposed to be for an April release.
I do recall reading last year that Android apps can't actually do anything until the user starts them first. Hence the threat of a silent app taking away all your information is reduced.The problem being that some people's first instincts are to open the app to see what it is. Curiosity got the cat factor.I know it would remove a bit of the automation Google was going for with this feature, but maybe a confirmation notification on the phone before the app actually starts...
I also don't agree with extreme fanboys who don't give credit where credit is due. Yet you dismiss some of the things Android has that Apple has yet to do. And in the future (as it already has happened last year), I'm sure Apple will introducing features into iOS that Android currently has. I'm sure Apple will eventually introduce native wireless syncing for apps and music soon. It's a game of technological leap frog. Android may be an alternative to iOS, but it's a...
Having extra abilities is not always a bad thing. Remember, the ability to push apps is only one part of the cloud sync ability. Another I've talked about is the ability to push Google Maps directions directly to your Android device and have it automatically start up Nav and start routing you. Same with webpages if you want to resume reading from one device to another. Though I always wonder. If Apple came out with this ability, would everyone so quickly dismiss it? Or...
New Posts  All Forums: