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Exactly. I love how Honeycomb brings features I'd expect on a desktop/laptop level OS into the tablet world and retains all the features of its phone version. For example, the rich notifications that fade into a simple tray icon. Gets your attention quickly, but doesn't get into your face, requiring you deal with it then and now. And the multitasking previews of where you left the app off a la Windows Vista/7. This is definitely not just a bigger Android phone (like...
You know, I remember reading posts like this, oh...2 - 3 years ago. Interesting where things stand currently...
I personally think the opposite is true. I can only speak of what I see in my area (New England, US), but I see about the same amount of Android-powered devices as iPhones (of various years models). And it's Android phones of all levels being used by all types of people. Most likely because Android run on phones of all price-points so everyone can find something to their liking in their budget. Sure there are plenty of reasons why they have and Android device as opposed...
The vast majority of electronics are manufactured in the Asian countries. Using your line of logic, you might as well stop buying any and all electronics then.
Don't forget the OEMs. Last I read, they're all posting profits in regards to the use of Android in their devices.
1. I never started that I hated Apple's success or their technology. I give them all the credit they deserve. I'm happy for their success because all it does is drive the industry as a whole towards success. And that benefits me as a consumer. I personally don't own an iPhone or a Mac because, quite simply, it's just not what I want to use. Harp on me all you want, but it's a personal choice. 2. I come here because it's good to hear/read the thoughts of from all...
A little harsh and probably too soon. I'm sure Tim Cook will do a fine job of running Apple (when the time comes), but no one can match Steve Jobs as CEO.
Because I can? I didn't see a rule that says "All users must post comments that appease the user anonymouse". Seems like you're the only one here that has any issue with me speaking my mind. If you didn't like my post, then why do you bother to read and respond to it?
Considering that this site is AppleInsider and not AndroidInsider, I don't think it's surprising no one's being convinced.
Because Apple fans can be just as equal a**holes. Exhibit #1 is his generalized comment above. For some reason there seems to be this continual need to put down anything that isn't Apple. I'm not saying Android's perfect. But while iOS can be considered at the top of the chart, it isn't without its own set of problems either.
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