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Nope, I looked at the instructions again this morning.  It is HDMI - in fact the Pioneer receiver has it printed right on top that it is capable of HDMI.  The audio channel gets passed through if you want, but what is the point of that when you want the receiver to provide surround sound.  For that you have to use separate audio-in.   I do wish you were right, because that is what I though I was buying at the time.
Thanks for the Amazon link.  I need this as well.  I bought a receiver with HDMI for my suround sound system, but once I got all the pieces together I found out that the HDMI inputs only carry video and the audio has to come in separately.  Not exactly the HDMI I was hoping for.  Either way I'd run into port overload with the other gizmos so a switcher box is need and a lot cheaper than a new receiver. 
400-500 miles per charge?  I would love that, but I don't even get over 300 miles of city driving in my Honda Fit or Ford Escape Hybrid.  If they target urban drivers, then 150-200 miles is pretty good. The only reason the battery may be replaced once (not frequently) is if the car is built well enough that you can imagine another 100k miles after there first 100k.  
Ah Ah yes, forgot about that little drama.
I can see Apple taking a bigger interest in batteries, since they are at the heart of so many things they do – car or no car.  Besides the obvious candidates, they may also be interested in storing some of that electricity produced by all those solar arrays.     I swear I read a Liquidmetal patent somewhere, but can't find it now, that one of the applications was for making thinner collector plates in batteries.  My understanding of that tech is that they can't make...
I just bought a 16GB iPad for work.  I only need the iPad to run one piece of software (the rest is bonus) and there is plenty of memory to spare.  I'm glad the cheaper 16GB option was available in this case, but for my own use I'd opt for the 64GB.
I guess I wasn't clear. I mean the sale goes through, but afterwards the true owner of the CC states that they had a stollen card. In which case, the CC company will not charge the card owner. Somebody eats the loss. I was under the impression that the card company then declines to pay the merchant, but perhaps the card company eats the loss.
Well, maybe I'm wrong then.  I though the CC company simply declined the payment and left the merchant on the hook.  Well, if your right, then it explains the complete lack of effort given by merchants to verify your ID when using a CC.
I disagree with the concept that merchants have little to gain with Pay.  Merchants are responsible for fraudulent sales declined by the credit cards.  I would think a more secure system would reduce their losses.  I'm always surprised at how little effort merchants put in to checking your identity when you pay with a CC.  I had my wallet stolen once, and within about 40 minutes, the thieves got to the local mall (itself about 20minutes away) and had spent over $1000 at...
This whole thing is so stupid!  If you want a phone you intend to shove in your pants and otherwise abuse, buy a smaller iPhone.  If you want a big screen device that is also as thin and as light as can be then buy the 6+ and treat it with a little more care.  Engineering is all about trade-offs: you can't have cheap, thin, light, flexible, sturdy, water-proof, infinite battery, huge screen, super-processor power, cool, low energy usage, etc all in one device.  Apple gave...
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