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I'm happy with the move towards using "" in the name instead of "i".  The whole iThing was growing a bit old at this point.
Agreed, and they didn't talk to the FDA about a simple heart rate monitor.  Other sensors will come - when who knows.
So how does Apple make money on this? are the payments just a killer app to sell more iPhones? I have a hard time believing that the CC companies would give Apple a slice of the pie, unless Apple can convince them that the payments are so much more secure that their cost s will decrease.
I'm confused. I thought I've been reading reports that pall did turning away from TSMC in favor of Samsung for the A8. This doesn't fit.
I love Amazon, I'm a Prime member and use their services often.  However, I would never buy their stock.  A PE ratio >500 is just nuts.     Agree with the above post, they need to up prices and make some actual profit.  Good for amazon and good for some brick and mortar stores that may then be able to compete.  I think Amazon's time of expansion above profit needs to come to an end.
I'm one of those parents.
Many of the posts here assume that Apple and LM are just sitting around.  In fact, the little public information that I have seen has shown that they have worked on many improvements, most of which are needed for any commercial use of LM, in composition and manufacture of parts from LM.  LM just settled a lawsuit with a casting company (VPC) and amended their agreement with them that frees LM from using them as their only contract manufacturer – does this have anything to...
I'm thinking the 5S may disappear with the launch of the 6.  I agree with the above post that the insides of the 5S with touch ID will become the 6c.  Meanwhile the larger two new 6's need some name to differentiate them, maybe iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Air??   Either way I see it as medium, large and Phabulous!   Apple held onto the 4S for emerging markets, so maybe if they hold onto the 5c (instead of the 5S) they can fill that niche.  
 I would love to know how this works?  What power does an analyst from Morgan Stanley to walk into someones office and say "Tell me what your planning to do for Apple"? Why would they even let her in the building?  If she is not talking with corporate heads, then who is she talking to and can their information be trusted?  Obviously Apple doesn't want their suppliers to leak info to the press or anyone else, so all this information leak must really be driving them mad and...
Now we know why Apple is investing in sapphire production.
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