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I couldn't agree more. All the big important issues now were there two years ago. Foley may save the election for the D's, becuase it looked like spetemeber terrorizing of the public by the R's was working again. Part of me just doesn't beleive the D's will pul it off, because they failed so miserably in the last election. REally, if they gain the house or the Senate, then the have the R's to thank.
Yes, I saw it on TV here in San Francisco. Can't remember the station.
Needle sticks from people positive for HIV have led to HIV infection and AIDS. If the 'donor' was HIV negative then no HIV infection and no AIDS. In other words, the test has been done - by accident - and supports the overwhelming conclusion that AIDS is the results of HIV infection. Can other viruses cause immune impairment? Yes, but HIV cuases AIDS, no doubt.
The Zune Phone to modeled after the brown shoe phone used by Maxwell Smart. I always knew Gates and company worked for Chaos.
Didn't Apple say that the OS updates would be coming less frequently now? I seem to remember that. They've been coming quickly because OSX was new and had so much room for obvious improvement.
A nice article in todays SFGate about predictions of global warming's impact on California. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/articl...01/WARMING.TMP Also there is this PDF of the report that you can download: http://sfgate.com/chronicle/acrobat/...ate_report.pdf Bottom line is don't invest in sea-side property and prepare for water-wars the likes of which have never been seen in our state.
Although science can't answer this question, simply saying we have no clue so God did it is not an answer either. Your just using God as a placeholder for something that we don't understand.
Except then you add 50 cents extra tax and use all the new money for energy research and to support alternative energy sources.
It is feasible to harvest ES cells from a single blastomere and keep the embryo viable. This has been done in mice. The idea is to pluck a cell around the 8-cell stage and toss the other 7 cells back in the freezer. (With mice they showed they could get viable offspring from the remaining morula.) Then you make ES cells from the on plucked cell and you can claim the embryo is still alive. This is just a dance to get around the ban on federal money. I'm not sure if...
No problem with federal funding of other kinds of stem cell research in the US as well as research with any of the Bush approved stem cell lines. Actually at the moment, the real problem is that the overall budget for all research has gone down for the first time in like 30 years. It is harder to get funding now than I can ever remember.
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