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Thanks for the suggestions. I have used Aable and I recently purchasd DeltaGraph, but haven't really had a chance to dive into it yet. In addition to Cricket Graph, I was also a big user of Statview, which I still run (limp?) under OS9. I like the idea of numbers & charts, if it give charts greater flexability with various drawing tools etc.
Well better late than never... http://www.thinksecret.com/news/0607charts.html I'm looking forward to this addition hoping that some basic charting functions will be available. But not as basic as what we have now. I've done a tremendous amount of charting using cricket graph and MacDraw (stuf from teh 80's and 90's). You would think they can throw something simple like that together with a little bit of new millennium polish.
Did you mean the forests? Sadly they're under some pressure, but maybe when the permafrost melts, they can move northward.
It has been a while since people talked about the population crises. I guess some think the doom and gloom didn't pan out, but really much of it has. We just get use to loosing are open space, environment, resources little by little. In an ideal world we would have stopped at a couple of billion people, but it is too late for that.
I'm glad someone started a thread on this. I was shocked by the sheer stupidity of this guy. I was curious how this was being viewed by his constituents and did some googling, without really knowing anything about his district. What i came up with was almost as pitiful. Check here: http://www.thecitizen.com/node/7602 Someone named Peter Pfeifer had this to say: "I’m a little unsure about how to say this. I’ve been trying to be a better person and a better...
You know those SciFi movies were the aliens attack Earth and there is nothing we can do to stop them. We throw bullets, bombs, laser guns, everything at them. Then we whip out the nuclear weapons or better yet the anit-matter. BUT! Before we go for it in one giant blast, someone realizes that the aliens feed off the the energy of our weapons. They eat our bullets for breakfast, they bask in the glow of our death rays only to get stronger. They exist to feed off of...
Thanks, good to know it should work. I've been avoiding Entourage becuase i generally like the benefits of using the Apple apps, but maybe I'll have to look into using it afterall.
Thanks, I'll work on your suggestions. I did mention to IT that the whole point of web access is to make it platform agnostic. They kindly agreed but....no clue.
I've found myself recently at a new job being one of the few Mac people in a Windows world. The only real problem I've encountered is my new e-mail is a pain. From what I gather everyone else uses MS Outlook. I can check my e-mail at work using Mail, but not at home. So I've tried accessing WebMail. The company server is down about 60% of the time, but they're migrating to a new server that runs something called Microsoft Outlook Web Access provided by Microsoft...
Speaking of mixing up the genome, I'm sure you all heard about the research suggesting that our early ancestors may have ahad a hard time keeping their hands off the chimps.
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