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You know those SciFi movies were the aliens attack Earth and there is nothing we can do to stop them. We throw bullets, bombs, laser guns, everything at them. Then we whip out the nuclear weapons or better yet the anit-matter. BUT! Before we go for it in one giant blast, someone realizes that the aliens feed off the the energy of our weapons. They eat our bullets for breakfast, they bask in the glow of our death rays only to get stronger. They exist to feed off of...
Thanks, good to know it should work. I've been avoiding Entourage becuase i generally like the benefits of using the Apple apps, but maybe I'll have to look into using it afterall.
Thanks, I'll work on your suggestions. I did mention to IT that the whole point of web access is to make it platform agnostic. They kindly agreed but....no clue.
I've found myself recently at a new job being one of the few Mac people in a Windows world. The only real problem I've encountered is my new e-mail is a pain. From what I gather everyone else uses MS Outlook. I can check my e-mail at work using Mail, but not at home. So I've tried accessing WebMail. The company server is down about 60% of the time, but they're migrating to a new server that runs something called Microsoft Outlook Web Access provided by Microsoft...
Speaking of mixing up the genome, I'm sure you all heard about the research suggesting that our early ancestors may have ahad a hard time keeping their hands off the chimps.
The odd behavior I was trying to describe was mail, form senders in my address book, going to junk mail, not the other way around.
Thanks for your help! I went and looked through the rules and couldn't find anything that would be causing the behavior. Funny thing is that after doing that, I went to look at my junk folder and a several sets (senders) of old e-mails that had been in my inbox got transfered to the junk. Included was a batch from one of the 'problem senders'. While looking at the rules, all I changed was to delete two old rules that no longer applied, so why should that cause good mail...
1) Even if I drag one these incorectly tagged mails to the normal folder, the next time I get mail from that same person it will still be sent to junk. I've alos added their names/addresses to my Adress book and it doesn't help. They just sem to be black-listed by Mail and there is nothing i can do about it. I've considered reseting Mail back to the default setting and starting the whole thing over, but then i have to eal with all the Junk mail training again. 2) Ah to...
Thanks, but the real problem is that the option to even select junk/not junk is missing. (no brown bag icon/no brown header when the mesage is opened) This is only for a very few messgaes. I get probably 50 junk mails a day for all my addresses and Mail does a very good job sending them to the junk folder, where they get the junk icon etc.
I have some ongoing bug issues with Mail and I hope they get resolved. 1) Certain e-mails get sent to Junk and there is nothing I can do about it. The addresses are in my Address Book and there is no 'junk icon' on the the e-mails that lets me tell the program that it is 'not junk.' 2) Preferences for when to delete e-mail from the server never stick. IF I quit the program then it reverts to never delete. Anybody else have these issues or am I 'special' ?
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