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From the article:   "The stock market (in Apple's case, NASDAQ) automatically adjusts the value of the company's stock by the value of the dividend, as the dividend reduces the value of the company because it is paid from the company's cash holdings."   In a perfect market the value of the company prior to a dividend payout includes the value of the cash, after they pay the dividend the increased selling of the stock reduces the value of the company.  So in theory, the...
Nice first day on the job!     Really, is any one person worth that much?
In my view the bad press over the 5C was mostly because the media and analysts convinced themselves that Apple will and has to offer a cheap phone to say competitive in Asia. However, that is what the 4svis, whereas the 5C was intended for the middle (at least upon introduction). The same media/analysist then punished Apple fore not meeting their expectations without really considering what Apple had up their sleeve. When as Aplle ever cared to compete at the bottom....
I think we need more choices than 'failure' or 'success', how about 'selling well, but not quite as well as we expected'?.  It seems to me that Apple was expecting to sell more 5C than they did and, maybe, less 5S.  I'm not sure if they were expecting more overall iPhone sales or just a greater percentage of 5C.  Regardless, the data in the tables shows that the 5C is selling well, despite the 'failure' label.     I'm curious what they are going to do in the next round...
If I could ditch the comcast DVR, and it's monthly charge, and just use aTV to navigate and record, then I would see that as an improvement.
I'm a few hours late to this party, but I have to say I just saw this news and was flabbergasted.  What a joke of a company.  Samsung deserves all the ridicule that can be thrown at them.  
I'm thinking that the 5C will sell better outside of Applestores, like AT&T stores. People that show up at an Apple store on launch weekend are not the same customers buying phones at one of the carriers stores.
I think the 5C colors look better than I expected (early leaked photos had a very dull look to them).  Still, I like the 5S and even think the Bling  Phone is the best of the bunch.
 It is very common for the stock to drop on 'new' after a run up on 'rumor'.  It will go back up. I heard some financial analyst on the radio this morning talking about what he expected Apple to announce.  Given the amount of leaks, I thought everyone knew what would be announced short of the price.  However, he was still predicting bigger screens, possible iWatch etc.  In other words he didn't know sh*t.  This is important because all these idiots and the idiots that...
You win when your platform is still relevant.  You don't have to have a monopoly, just enough market share to maintain a high level of interest.  If the app store becomes stale, then you stop selling as many phones.
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