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I think the 5C colors look better than I expected (early leaked photos had a very dull look to them).  Still, I like the 5S and even think the Bling  Phone is the best of the bunch.
 It is very common for the stock to drop on 'new' after a run up on 'rumor'.  It will go back up. I heard some financial analyst on the radio this morning talking about what he expected Apple to announce.  Given the amount of leaks, I thought everyone knew what would be announced short of the price.  However, he was still predicting bigger screens, possible iWatch etc.  In other words he didn't know sh*t.  This is important because all these idiots and the idiots that...
You win when your platform is still relevant.  You don't have to have a monopoly, just enough market share to maintain a high level of interest.  If the app store becomes stale, then you stop selling as many phones.
First, I don't think this will be a race to the bottom, more a race to the middle third.   When Apple was just a computer company selling high-end CPUs, they almost got put out of business by cheap Wintel.  I think the smartphone market is a similar story.  Apple already has the big profits, but they need to maintain a large percentage of the user base to maintain relevance so that the developers won't put their focus on Android and such.  There is now way they can do...
So does this mean that the workers will stop protesting and hurting themselves because they don't have enough work and, instead, go back to protesting and hurting themselves because they are overworked?
We use Bento daily in my laboratory to track inventory. Its simple and cheap and does what we need it to do. Looks like we'll never be updating that computer until it dies. Reminds me of when I lost the database along with Appleworks. Ugh, Apple -nee Claris - giveth and taketh away.
Don't forget the iPod - It is just an mp3 player with a hard drive and the battery will need to be replaced after a view years.  
Based on the market's reaction, it would appear that the major problem was that Apple was sitting on its billions, instead of spending that money on shareholders.  Now that they raised the dividend and offered to spend more on buybacks, things are looking up (so far).  New products, earnings, iPhone market share etc all seem less significant.  Not sure I agree, as I think the massive drop in share price was dumb to begin with and made no sense, but the reaction from Tim...
My impression, having spent too much time waiting in my local AT&T store, is that they are happy to sell you an iPhone but if you come in and ask the salespeople they will steer you towards other phones. The iPhone display is even crammed in a corner of the store instead of front and center.
I still think robot pets are a good starting place for robotis in the home. Something like a robot dog with Siri seems like it could have lot of possibilities. Didn't they just ya quire a company involved in locating devices by wifi within your home or test abolishment. Maybe your robotic pooch can keep track of you or the kids. Apps could be written for your robots etc.
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