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So does this mean that the workers will stop protesting and hurting themselves because they don't have enough work and, instead, go back to protesting and hurting themselves because they are overworked?
We use Bento daily in my laboratory to track inventory. Its simple and cheap and does what we need it to do. Looks like we'll never be updating that computer until it dies. Reminds me of when I lost the database along with Appleworks. Ugh, Apple -nee Claris - giveth and taketh away.
Don't forget the iPod - It is just an mp3 player with a hard drive and the battery will need to be replaced after a view years.  
Based on the market's reaction, it would appear that the major problem was that Apple was sitting on its billions, instead of spending that money on shareholders.  Now that they raised the dividend and offered to spend more on buybacks, things are looking up (so far).  New products, earnings, iPhone market share etc all seem less significant.  Not sure I agree, as I think the massive drop in share price was dumb to begin with and made no sense, but the reaction from Tim...
My impression, having spent too much time waiting in my local AT&T store, is that they are happy to sell you an iPhone but if you come in and ask the salespeople they will steer you towards other phones. The iPhone display is even crammed in a corner of the store instead of front and center.
I still think robot pets are a good starting place for robotis in the home. Something like a robot dog with Siri seems like it could have lot of possibilities. Didn't they just ya quire a company involved in locating devices by wifi within your home or test abolishment. Maybe your robotic pooch can keep track of you or the kids. Apps could be written for your robots etc.
Is there a chance that Apple pushed he envelope on purpose here? I'm sure they are not happy with not meeting demand so long after release. However, I wonder if they are working toward an Apple TV with many of the style and manufacture elements of the iMac. Maybe they pushed, so they could work out the kinks before going to an even bigger display.
I just got a 27" iMac and, yes, they are just wonderful.  It is amazing how much better the screen is when placed next to my 23" cinema display.  I thought that cinema display was awesome when I got it, what a difference a few years makes.
Although iMac sales do affect Apple's bottom line, they are nowhere close to the importance of the iPhone or iPads to overall sales. Thus, suggestion that this story can somehow turn the tide on the stock is far fetched.
Arrived today, 2 days earlier than Apple suggested in their shipping e-mail. Performing brain transplant from old Mac. Screen look very nice, as does the svelt body.
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