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I have no problem with the state getting out of the marriage business and leaving that to the various religious institutions. In other words, let the church keep the word marriage and let the state provide the legal contracts.However, the problem is that this very reasonable 'solution' seems to have few proponents and is not really on the table right now. CA supreme court made a decision based on the states practice of handing out marriage licenses and now we have groups...
Way to go Apple!
I'm also glad to see things improving in this area, although all my Macs still use IBM chips and won't work with the new software. I use to use IBM's software for speech recognition. It was very good at learning new words, in fact the accuracy was often better for some of the long words I had to teach the program than for small words. Having to dictate into a separate app and copy over into a word processor etc was a pain. I own iListen, but have never found it...
Bingo, $500 for the phone is pricey but makes for a special present, but who is going to pay for the service? I'm asking myslef this question.
I use Sente as my reference manager and citation app. http://www.thirdstreetsoftware.com It also organizes and names your PDF files etc. It can download PDF files from the web with a quick key stroke (as long as the PDF files are freely available or your working at a university that has access to the journal in question).
There is a story over at MacRumors that Apple UK as prematurely specified the arrival of 8-core Mac Pros.
EndNote used to be great then it was bought out and went to the dark side in my opinion. I use Sente now. Others like Bookends. Problem is your still stuck with MS word or Mellel. Apple needs to give the deelpers for these type of appsthe necessary tools they need to get their programs to wrok with Pages. If that happens, then Word will begin to gather dust on my desktop.
I got my 23" display at work about a year ago and no pink hue. I was worried about it at the time because most of the displaysin the Apple store were noticeably pink (how that was allowed to remain for so long is beyond me). The employees said it was a simple matter of adjustment (not so simple that they would do it on their own machines). Either way they said I could bring mine back, but I never had to. I'm also waiting to replace my CRT at home with hopefully a 24"...
I meant using garageband on your computer to cut a piece of music to use as a ringtone. Too much work, I agree, it should be easier than that.
I think Garageband works just fine.
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