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Let me add that I use iDisk across a number of older computers and laptops that still have life left in them. The new iCloud appears like it will only work with Macs running the latest OS. My older machines can't even upgrade to the new OS (G4 chips).
This is turning out to be another one of those many times as an Apple user that decisions by Apple are going to force me to fix something that isn't broke. I use, on a near daily basis, most of the services being cut from MoMe. I just uploaded a large PDF, too large to e-mail, so my colleague could access it. I use iWeb and MoMe to host my site. I sync my keychains etc across all my computers. Bummer bummer bummer.
Obviously DPI is one important aspect to reading text on an iPhone or iPad, but isn't contrast ration another important factor? I seem to remember reading some time ago that the main reason it is easier to read printed text is the high contrast ratio, not the size of the dots.
I'm betting that the iPad will be one of the most-wanted gifts come this Christmas. They are going to make a bundle on this product.
I see the Air in academic research circles a lot. Great for giving presentations and easy to transport between home and work.
I have no problem with the state getting out of the marriage business and leaving that to the various religious institutions. In other words, let the church keep the word marriage and let the state provide the legal contracts.However, the problem is that this very reasonable 'solution' seems to have few proponents and is not really on the table right now. CA supreme court made a decision based on the states practice of handing out marriage licenses and now we have groups...
Way to go Apple!
I'm also glad to see things improving in this area, although all my Macs still use IBM chips and won't work with the new software. I use to use IBM's software for speech recognition. It was very good at learning new words, in fact the accuracy was often better for some of the long words I had to teach the program than for small words. Having to dictate into a separate app and copy over into a word processor etc was a pain. I own iListen, but have never found it...
Bingo, $500 for the phone is pricey but makes for a special present, but who is going to pay for the service? I'm asking myslef this question.
I use Sente as my reference manager and citation app. http://www.thirdstreetsoftware.com It also organizes and names your PDF files etc. It can download PDF files from the web with a quick key stroke (as long as the PDF files are freely available or your working at a university that has access to the journal in question).
New Posts  All Forums: