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Unfortunately, according to this: (via MacRumors) http://www.macwelt.de/news/messen/342764/index2.html (German) The answer is 'No'. Sounds like something they should be able to remedy. A simple addition to Address Book to choose a song for a person should be doable. Likewise for calander events etc. Seems real obvious.
I only heard a quick mention of ringtones for the new iPhone. It seems to me that since my music is already on the thing it should be easy to select any darn song i want as a ringtone. Does anybody know if this can be done? moreover, why not set specific ringtones for certain incoming callers? You know, Frank Zappa's 'The torture never stops" for when the wife calls...kidding.
Looks like shadow to me, aka weird lighting.
I like your guess! Welcome to the boards.
Aren't the LED screens more useful in the portable line (starting with the Pro model, off course) because of energy savings?
OS X resolution independence? Great thread. Thanks.
Good advice. By SF standards it has been darn cold lately, but the air quality is sparkling. Good time to go to Twin Peaks for a view of the city.Edit: Actually the wind is less today and I have to say that overall it was a very nice winter day today. Hope it stays this way for the rest of the week ahead.
Thanks for the info, but I recently switched to Sente (which they advertise as iTunes for references). I have thousands of references and hundreds of linked PDF files. I have no desire to switch again - too much work. For anyone who may be interested in an Endnote alternative: http://www.thirdstreetsoftware.com/index.cgi?page=senteI love pages because of the great graphics (no turning my PDFs in fuzzy bitshit). For grants, I sometimes write in word and add my and...
Looks disappointing to me. I'm getting tired of waiting for Apple to put the whole thing together. It really seems they are taking it as slowly as possible. I love and use Keynote all the time. Pages is good, but doesn't work with scientific reference managers (Sente, EndNote). I'm still using my little database in Appleworks which hobbles along without updates, I'm afraid it will never migrate over to iWork.
The modern art museum is right next door to Moscone Center. Also, you can take the BART (Subway) on Market street into the Mission (16th or 24th street) and go have a buritto on one of the many Mission St restaurants. If you walk along (east) on 24ths street you can see some of the many murals that decorate the buildings in the Mission. See: http://travel.nytimes.com/2005/11/20...b4fc2d&ei=5070
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