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Cut and run? Oct 26th 2006?From The Economist print edition America's voters are entitled to punish George Bush. They should not punish the people of Iraq WHEN a great democracy such as the United States holds elections at a time of war, voters are torn between two instincts. One is to show grit and solidarity by rallying around the flag and the president. The other is to treat the election as a referendum on the war. Ever since September 11th 2001 George Bush has milked...
Sometimes the government is the best and most efficient means of getting something done. There is a long history of of how government funded research has advanced science and resuted in cures, products etc. Yes, private money, foundation money, money from small and big pharma all contribute to research, but the government is the major contributor and that is a good thing. When the government holds the major purse strings they help to guide the work towards the goals of...
[QUOTE=SDW2001There is no evidence that federally funded stem cell research is going help you or MJF or me live a better life.[/QUOTE] It is the nature of research to have an element of uncertainty associated with it. The same could and still can be said about cancer research, HIV vaccine, malaria, and on and on. [QUOTE=SDW2001Yes, Bush made a moral judgement. You feel he's wrong, and that's fine. What I don't understand is why you can't see the other side. ...
However, the ban on federal funding for anything but the short list of embryonic stem cell lines has prevented a lot of needed work from being done. Efforts at getting around that ban and using other sources of funding are greatly complicated by the ban, resulting in much wasted time on the part or researchers and adminsitrators and a lot of money spent on duplicating resources (buildings and equipment) that would otherwise be spent on getting the science done.
Maybe they will get a chance to spend those $20 million this year afterall.
The central valley is R. Farmers, ranchers and their neighbors. Generally, the big cities lean D, just like the rest of the country. Red vs. blue is really rural/suburban vs. city.One of the interesting trends is that due to the high coest of housing in the bay area and other places, people are moving farther out of the cities, computing likenuts to work, but at the same time increasing the numbers of D's in R territory.
They are the experts, their heads are in the subject-matter 24/7. Nobody knows anals like analysts.
I couldn't agree more. All the big important issues now were there two years ago. Foley may save the election for the D's, becuase it looked like spetemeber terrorizing of the public by the R's was working again. Part of me just doesn't beleive the D's will pul it off, because they failed so miserably in the last election. REally, if they gain the house or the Senate, then the have the R's to thank.
Yes, I saw it on TV here in San Francisco. Can't remember the station.
Needle sticks from people positive for HIV have led to HIV infection and AIDS. If the 'donor' was HIV negative then no HIV infection and no AIDS. In other words, the test has been done - by accident - and supports the overwhelming conclusion that AIDS is the results of HIV infection. Can other viruses cause immune impairment? Yes, but HIV cuases AIDS, no doubt.
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