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Hey, all discussions of the End of Days belongs in PoliticalOutsider! Very Funny.
Apple is one of the most recognized brands in the world, why mess with that? The only problem that it has ever caused was that the homage the name was paying to the Beatles' Apple Records has come back to bite them in ass a couple of times.
I also think new displays with built in isight cameras sound plausible. Video chat is such a cool thing and it really requires everyone to have a camera to get this technology out to the masses.
Why do you say 'the new congress', as if the Dems where the big problem???From the article "Thousands of earmarks have been stuffed into the spending bills pending before the lame-duck Congress this month...In 1991, according to the fiscal watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste, Congress made fewer than 600 earmarks; by last year, the number had grown to almost 14,000 — many of them stealthily inserted in bills at the last minute, immune to review or challenge"It...
Me likey!
OK, I looked at the first one on the list. My simple expert opinion is that the woman hasn't got a clue what she is talking about. She may know more about mathematics than I do (she has published three articles on mathematical modeling of HIV infection), but she doesn't know squat about molecular biology. I wonder how she got a job at the University of Texas at Tyler (not that I ever heard of the place, but it is a job).
Furthermore, CNN has Nancy Grace, a one woman lynch mob that can hardley be described as liberal. Then there that idiot new guy (some guy yanked from radio i think) that seems to me to be CNN's answer to getting back some of the folks that watch Fox. Really, if you want the occasional liberal bias, I say go for MSNBC.http://youtube.com/watch?v=53ffOzJ-h...elated&search= Then again, after listining to that video, I'd say they're not so liberal, rather just sane.
After 6 years of guns, pork and tax cuts, I don't see how anyone can be pointing fingers at the Democrats.
Well said.One of the best things about SF is that you you have a little bit of everything represented. Generally, it is 'live and let live', if you don't like it just keep walking and ignore it. Wish teh rest of the country would do the same.
In regards to Pelosi becoming Prez... Well if GW chokes on a pretzel and then, upon hearing the news, Cheney chokes on a bone of the puppy he is eating for breakfast, then .....it could happen.
New Posts  All Forums: