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Furthermore, CNN has Nancy Grace, a one woman lynch mob that can hardley be described as liberal. Then there that idiot new guy (some guy yanked from radio i think) that seems to me to be CNN's answer to getting back some of the folks that watch Fox. Really, if you want the occasional liberal bias, I say go for MSNBC.http://youtube.com/watch?v=53ffOzJ-h...elated&search= Then again, after listining to that video, I'd say they're not so liberal, rather just sane.
After 6 years of guns, pork and tax cuts, I don't see how anyone can be pointing fingers at the Democrats.
Well said.One of the best things about SF is that you you have a little bit of everything represented. Generally, it is 'live and let live', if you don't like it just keep walking and ignore it. Wish teh rest of the country would do the same.
In regards to Pelosi becoming Prez... Well if GW chokes on a pretzel and then, upon hearing the news, Cheney chokes on a bone of the puppy he is eating for breakfast, then .....it could happen.
Doesn't happen that way over here, unless it is something on par with Watergate. We're stuck with Bush for two more years, but if you listen you can hear the quacking....
Well we're in recount land once again, but it is looking good for the Dems. Yeah! I got this from the Daily Kos: MT-Sen, VA-Sen: Allen and Burns don't believe in recounts by kos Wed Nov 08, 2006 at 09:11:27 AM PST Both Allen and Burns will have the right to call for a recount, it seems. Yet given their prior public comments on recounts, we should expect them to pass. Burns press release, 11/28/2000: On November 28, 2000, when the Florida election results were...
6 years too late.
Microsoft Corp. announced plans Monday to create a digital living room by turning its Xbox video game console into a full-fledged multimedia device so that users can download high-definition movies and television shows. http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cg...11/07/XBOX.TMP
Yup, too many people is the major problem behind all the other environmental problems. Sure much can be done to improve things, but it gets harder and harder the more people are on this Earth. Now if we could just convince the Pope to start handing out condoms.
My point about abortion is that it is not a procedure that is forced on people who don't want to have it done. You made some argument about the federal government forcing it on states, but my point is more at the individual level. If your pregnant and don't want the child, then no one forces you to have an abortion instead of adoption.
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