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Scientific creationism (an oxymoron for sure) is just an attempt by Christian fundamentalists to get their ideas into schools by disguising their preconcieved notions as science. Hence, their version of the truth deserves equal time in science class. No way, but unfortuneatly their efforts pay off from time to time. If your math teacher wants to spew this crap in a religious studies class I could accept that, but its good he doesn't teach science and I hope he keeps his...
quagmire (an appropriate screen name), I've looked at some of your posts around here and can't tell if your a purposeful troll or a somewhat clueless 14-year old. If your not a troll, it would help your case if you could explain your problems with a little more detail-pictures would help. The people here at AI can be very helpful but the tone and, frankly the topics of your posts, seem less above the board than from below the bridge.
My 15" alu also has the creak. It developed over time and it pretty much makes one big crack sound every time I open it up. I don't like it but it doesn't keep the powerbook from performing its functions. The thing needs to go back to have the white spot problem dealt with and I hope it gets solved in the process. I never had the feeling that the screen was going to burst, but its a pretty good crack and I see no sign that it will solve itself.
I've had my mouse since around October and use it on most week days. I've had to replace the batteries only once. Funny note: If you replace the batteries incorrectly you may find that the mouse looses only half it's functions, i.e. it will clikc but not drag. I'm embarassed to say how long it took me to figure that problem out. I figured that if the batteries are in correctly that it works and visa versa. I didn't think there would be an in-between.
Sorry, i don't know the answer to your question. However, in case you haven't noticed GB has been starting a small industry in loops. I think new material will be coming from many sources. For some links you can start at: http://www.icompositions.com/downloads/
Here's my expeirience: I tried to plug my Shure SM57 mic into my monster cable 0.25 to miniplug adapter straight into my Alu and Dual G5 computers. The results was a very low level signal. Yes, I had the input level pegged to 11 in system prefs and I had to up the level in GB to max to hear much at all. What I heard sounded good and clean but very quite. You could hardley mix it with any of the loops because their signals were so much stronger. So my conclusion is...
Dave, I hope you and this thread get well soon.
Well its almost 5 am here in SF and me and my G5 are finally heading to sleep. I have a grant due before 9 am, but I'll check the web before my second round of sleep..If they have anything coming out then boy o' boy did they every keep it under wraps. Not a hint other than the date and our collective hopes. I' thinking we have a little longer for the next something, its too quite. Good morning east-coasters and goodnight moon..
Uh, why is this thread (or a new thread with the smae title) mentioned on AI home page as a news item, but I can't access it?
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