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One source of potential leaks is from the advertisement area. I am always surprised when I go to MacWorld to find posters of the new Apple products all around town within an hour of the keynote. I just figure somebody has to be printing all those posters and putting them up. Perhaps these folks are the source of all the leaks that traditionally come a few hours before a product announcement.
The mirror was good, LOL.
got an e-mail today from MacZone advertising iMacs starting at $999.http://www.maczone.com/cgi-bin/zones...12769&zone=mac
This whole thread is indicative of the problems Apple has with gaining market share. People have their opions about Apple and they are very slow to change. I could not belive the last sale figures. Gateway sells more than Apple. Unbelievable in my world (University setting), but I guess I don't live in the real world. There are days that I just figure the masses have no taste and no clue.
Problem solved sort of!!! First of all, thank you to all you Geniuses!!! Yes, I did have the accidental button checked without avail, but I didn't have the other box disabling the trackpad when the bluetooth mouse is active checked. I am using a BT mouse and had problems with it when I changed the battery yesterday. I changed a lot of settings to get it working (see below) and unchecking the said box has been one change to my system. I have had no problems typing...
I also have it checked-but thanks anyway for the responses. Its a wierd problem, and BAD. I have a slight worry that it came with the last OS update. But I'm not 100% sure.
Its been restarted a few times. Also zapped program ram and power management unit. fixed permissions. Tried other applications. Its happening in word, adobe acrobat, text edit and safari (this. post in fact -argh). Moving the cursor with my BT mouse is ok. Its just when I'm typing. Its happened about 4 times while writing this post.
Hi folks. I'm having a very big problem with my cursor jumping at random times. It happens in several applications and is making typing near impossible. This is my third try at wrting this, if that give you an idea. PowerBook G4 (1.25 GHz), OSX 10.2.3.
Lest everyone else has all the fun posting guitar manufacturer sites: i give you the iGuitar: http://www.brianmooreguitars.com/
I have to chime in here with the rest of the GarageBand fans. I can't believe how many times I have read in the past few days of people talking about dusting off their old instruments and starting to play again. The ability of Apple to design products that really inspire people is just amazing. Way to go Apple!
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