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I love this graphic from Maypalo http://maypalo.com/2011/08/22/samsun...-ipad-picture/
so long my apple stock. \ http://news.yahoo.com/steve-jobs-res...224147353.html
the anti-apple fanbois on this forum make me laugh. "look at me I can talk bad about Apple and point my finger at others who like what Apple does. I'm keeping it real!". /laugh
iPad/iPhone running on verizon network rumors are the new Macs running on Intel hardware rumors. I'm sure Apple is concurrently developing hardware for the Verizon network but just hasn't released it yet for whatever reason. Probably cause Verizon is too arrogant. You can't have two arrogant people in a marriage.
Multi-tasking is coming with iPhone 0S 4.0 and it will be supported on the iPad. Apple just couldn't announce it or show it off today because it would steal the thunder from the next iPhone/OS4.0 announcement when it comes. Count on it.
Looking at the invitation: We see a mosaic of fresh paint. Some of it even dripping down. Where do we see such paint? From an artist. And what does an artist work on? A Canvas. Behold: Apple's latest creation is called the Apple Canvas.
This is one reason why I am a bit leery of the long term user experience if the iPhone ever comes to the verizon network. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/12...ogle_for_bing/
I have a quick question regarding 3G coverage. I understand 3G means better/faster internet/data service. What does 3G have to do with phone call reliability? On an AT&T network, does Edge/2G+/3G connections all give you the same level of phone call quality or does 3G mean a better phone call/less dropping of phone calls?
While I agree with you about MSNBC (they seem to have a non-news political agenda, FauxNews is anything but a news outlet. They are an entertainment site in the same vein as the John Stewart show and the Colbert Report. They just cater to people with more conservative political views. That's one of the biggest problems with news on TV currently. The show's existence is dependent upon viewers and ad-driven revenue. Unfortunately viewers are drawn to non-informative...
I haven't seen any iPhone app that I would consider killer but this is pretty damn cool. "Your world just got smaller thanks to a speech-to-speech translation app for your iPhone. You talk in English-it talks back in Spanish. You talk in Spanish-it talks back in English. Simple as that. No data charges required–just your voice." http://www.jibbigo.com/ I have downloaded it and tried it out. It works quite well for everyday speech but fails badly if you veer off...
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