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Don't forget the Babel fish - Dude
The future holds much for the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation. A merger with Microsoft is very likely in the future, benefiting both companies. However SCC has expressed concerns that its Quality of Product could be adversely effected. However, Bill Gates Has assured he will oversee and 'Captain' the proposed merger; SCC shares continue to fall.
Windows OS has - a problem, which was this: most of the people using it were unhappy for pretty much of the time. Many solutions were suggested for this problem, but most of these were largely concerned with the movement of small little files around the desktop, which was odd because on the whole it wasn't the small little files that were unhappy
What a joke all these pundits are. "disappointing" lol, 50c drop after hours, omg the sky is falling (NOT) . Any one with half a brain cell knows that this earnings call is pretty much irrelevent. The news that will drive this stock are the new products and Christmas results. Stock will tred water from now till end of year and probably rally based on pre product releases as September approaches. NEXT
 Just last week I came a cross a "cool" hot shot new 20 something java programmer who made the classic rookie mistake of not initilaizing his variables inside his functions and relying on them being initialized at on opening the app! when his fucntion went wrong he couldn't figure out why his varaibles were all screwed up. Of course his "excuse": I initialized them "here" in the calls - it should be fine " the rest of us rolled our eyes at his ignorance. I still...
 Your attitude is exactly why MS will fade away into non relevence glorying in the past. Indeed the more people like you who spread the word that the Desktop is not dead the more it will hasten its slow slide into a niche market. It won't go away it will just become a back office system and people in 10 years will smile nostagically at them. Most tasks can be done on a tablet, we don't need a PC or laptop to do most things. That's what it will become, get used to it.Its...
Basic problem with MS: its core businesses are dependedent on upgrading out of date lagacy code with newer technology (mobile) to stay relevent. The last couple of years has shown just how problmeatic that has been for them. Any software developer will tell you it is 10 times more time consuming to made modifications than re-writing from scratch. Same basic problem for Google: it's core search business must make sure that its portal to get hits i.e. its "free" client is...
 If MS were to go out of business that would cause the greatest productivity increase in 30 years
That leaves 109'00 employees all working on fixing the flaws with Windows and office - Good luck
must be on the take from Samsung: why, because he follows the same tactic, try every possible combination and see which one sells, That way he can not be wrong.
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