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Evil cannot be destroyed or eliminated only transformed into Goodness
One thing most are  forgetting is that with the EMV rollout mandated by fall 2015 for non EMV POS devices, any fraud committed the retailer will be liable , not the Credit card company. This is a really big deal its going to essentially force all the POS devices to upgrade to EMV which also INCLUDES NFC. So by the end of the year almost every device will potentially work with Apple Pay (the only exception is outdoor gas pumps)
Referring to my chart as voodoo is disrespectful, but anyways, There is one emotion that drives stock  prices and its called fear - in two ways:1)  fear of price dropping more and selling based on that fear2) fear that stock will keep rising and chance of missing out on future profits (another word for this is greed) It is a well known fact among seasoned investors and traders: When a share starts to rise (after previous trend or gap up after earnings, or even after a gap...
Oh you poor thing, why don't you go home to daddy and he will make it better. It must be so tough being in the " me, me, me" generation! After all what are parents for but to get $500 for the latest gift.,
Google is showing signs of desperation, on another topic  I mistakenly start google maps on my phone,  I should have known! , and you know what I was greet with a , "a fricking Ad" I closed it in disgust, screw you Google and your really crappy services
I'm so looking forward to walking into a Chevron station, Asking for $50 on the pump X, waving my wrist in front of the NFC scanner while casually pressing the button on the phone -  With my shirt sleeve obscuring the watch. The sales assistant will be wondering how the heck I did it. Talk about cool, Repeat at Wholefoods, Walgreens etc. This is going to be fun! And "TAKING THE PISS" to use the British vernacular, out of Benjamin Frost afterwards when the Apple Watch sells...
My 2c on Apple stock patterns:   I just displayed the weekly stock price chart going back to 2008 when the share price was at $30 (on current split) drawing a line from that resistance point through  both peaks in in 2012 of $92.1 and $100.66 brings it to a peak of about $135 in about a 1-2 weeks. This is how some of the analysts arrived at $135 btw!  There is potential for a pull back after that as the stock takes a breather, potentially retrace to previous short term...
I agree partly. The issue is not average drive its the occaisional trip  on weekend, say we need to travel to  destination150 miles away or more. This cannot be done with the Tesla and especially with a car that needs a re-charge every 100 miles. Of course if one is doing an overnight it might be possible but the whole point is we really don't want  to have to even think about it. The big advantage that the gas engine has is we know we can fill up anywhere and get home....
If you applied to Apple when Steve Jobs was around I guess he would have taken one look at you and booted your behind all the way back to Britain wow - If most Brits are as positive about overcoming obstacles as you are its no surprise very few companies got started in Britain Your post sounds like a list of excuses not to do anything. 
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