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Everything is normal with him, he is behaving like a jerk that why. You expect him not to?
Phones are safer than your credit card or debit car and for that matter any nfc equipped card.They are wide open for abuse. Haven't you been listening to the news , millions of credit and debit cards are skimmed everydayMaking blanket statements like that is simply stupid
hey some of my best friends have Gold iPhones myself included, I'm insulted, I expect a sincere apology
why do you need more than 1GB of RAM?
because that's a silly, dorky thing to do  and it will drive you to buy the phone or watch silly billy
just inside for now, the outdoor readers do not have NFC yet
The pot calling the kettle black, the nerve of the man!
and of course brute force methods are easily defeated by having a lock out after 5 attempts.
This is why the argument "nothing to hide" is patently untenable:   First "Imagine upon exiting your house one day you find a person searching through your trash painstakingly putting the shredded notes and documents back together. In response to your stunned silence he proclaims 'you don’t have anything to worry about – there is no reason to hide is there?'"     Second, individuals may wish to hide embarrassing behavior or conduct not accepted by the dominant culture....
I totally agree and will add that Microsoft has gone from 95% desktop and small form factor device to under 40% in 6 years. No wonder they are worried and are moving into services
New Posts  All Forums: