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Holy crap batman , a grammatically correct, well reasoned and cognitive well written rebuttal. So unusual among a sea of uneducated yobish opinionated drivel that we usually get, thankyou!
You sir are just as biased \from the posted article about the two worlds: Apple’s recent success also exacerbates anti-Apple frustration. The computing industry clearly favored Windows’ libertarian-like policy for two decades as Apple languished and inexpensive Microsoft Windows PCs dominated the industry. But, in the last few years, the tides have shifted dramatically as PCs have lost some ground to Macs, and iOS and other “closed” smartphone and tablet platforms have...
"$150 AAPL share price by 12.31.15 or banishment " sog35 It is not looking great for you soggy, will you really depart? or is that just another burst of hot air?
A chrome book cannot run: A decent spreadsheetA decent word processorA decent presentation suiteA decent paint programA decent stock trading.... .. .. need I go on All a Chrome book can do is run a browser, which basically means it can't do much of anything
not for inside , only extra 2 years for outside at the pump becausee it takes a while for the bluetooth to get installed on each and every pump.
Finally Etrade joins the party that is a biggy too, I Just signed up , now I can use my debit card without fear of it being compromised as easily by thieves
Only for a year or two, once the shale production has dropped away and that is soon going to happen just watch the price of oil, The Saudi's know exactly what they are doing 
I find your comment very insulting. I own a Prius and I am a vegetarian. I demand an apology
I don't trust Screwggle period They are doomed especially with the the new logo BUT WAIT THERE"S MORE I can't wait for OS9 so I can install ghostery and adblock on my mobile devices safaroi web browser . Go for it apple reduce screwggles ad revenue to a trickle on iOS devices. YEAH and less bandwidth on my phone when surfing! FINALLY
New Posts  All Forums: