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Okay I'm game, I would say 2million , I don't consider the fitbits as smart watches thats ridiculous and neither the moto360 nor LG for that matter either. Crickey those watches don't even have a touch screen . As usual you and you ilk are stretching the envelope
I think it is reasonable to assume that the band will be forwards compatible so buying a really expensive band will still be a solid investment ie all one has to do is swap out the actual "smart watch case and innards" the SS band will slot into any new watch that comes out for say 10 years at least and perhaps a jeweler can remove the ends of the band to fit any new linkage if the shape of the case slot does change in future
And I bet you live under a bridge "DOWN BY THE RIVER" Mr Farley
and I'll add "those are not the (an)droids you are looking for"
in you Young Skywalker!
oh oh - "Apple is also said to have left it up to the networks to decide if and when they would like to run commercials." The reason I dumped my Comcast Cable TV service is because I am sick and fed up being bombarded with commercials in the middle of movies and TV shows. If Apple ever allows commercials I will dump them as well. Make my day Apple
 Yes I know its really cheap , only $350 , a real bargain I'd say.
  "The next few years could shape the future" - really Einstein! whoa what an intelligence LOL, you should be in mensa
My devious mind thinks it's some kind of weird sexual position , maybe code for a 3some. Tim, Jony and the ghost of SJ.?
You guys are freaking hilarious. Apple is not making a car. The idea is laughable, I bet the folks down in Cupertino read this thread everyday to have a good laugh, even adding comments to wind you up even more. They are testing out CarPlay and navigation , that is all folks rofl. The posters who are serious about this have a special room up in Napa reserved for ya
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