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Anyone with any sense of independent thinking or real education which excludes most of the American population knows that the elite has re-programmed the average American citizen. The fact that those vermin politicians can get away with this deception proves the reality of the fact that the population is a herd of bleating sheep more interested in function of their beloved android ( how apt a name) and iPhones than thinking for themselves . Of course if you do know this...
Yup newspeak is alive and prospering here in the land of the free, oh yeah land of the slaves. What was the ministry called in 1984? Ministry of Peace or was it ministry of truth - yeah truth.
People go on and on and on about how Apple no longer innovates and has no new ideas but the reality is that its Google that has no ideas of any worth in fact looking at these moronic ideas they are putting out stuff "designed" by interns , and it really shows,  because all the smart people have left google
DED wrote an article years ago refuting almost everything you have to say, I won't bore you with the details, it is YOU who are writing revisionist history , but then again you will never change your views because you have an agenda
case in point: modern technological civilization re: global warming, note I didn't say the human race THAT will probably survive
you actually expect journalists to check facts, curious!
Id rather not read a bunch of shills
Reviewers by nature cannot be trusted, most are paid for by the corporations that are flogging the crap in the first place. Most things are sold that way. Ist very hard to get unbiased reviews - most people are aware of that
er wrong, people don't buy PC's anymore only corporations do for the most part. This is the reason why MS is going for the cloud cuz they know they lost the consumer market to apple and the rout is accelerating
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