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How long do the rechargeable batteries last, effectively that flash is useless once the battery is no longer chargeable so reusing for next new iPhone is mute and the chances are the iPhone 6 is identical size I dunno !
Apple stock has been on a upward trend since middle of September it has rolled up and down from support to resistance 3 times with higher lows and higher highs it has just broken below its support level Mac d bars indicate massive institutional selling which look to decelerate in a few weeks indicating they will start with inflows again. The RSI is neutral at about 42 and moving averages indicate a bit more weakness. This all suggests a sideway roll for a few months up and...
I don't think I want to pay $1500 for a remote! or even $50
An in convenient truth: Having wasted some of their R&D on fingerprint tech and couldn't get it to work they are now scrambling to find another way to do it. Obviously scanning the iris is not the way to go because it is much more inconvenient and probably technically more difficult to get a good image, Oh yeah having to remove one's glasses and/or sunglasses to access the phone. Nice one Samsung, go ahead waste more money . Samsung is doomed I tell you .Samsung's share...
no doubt it will be released as "beta" perform terribly for years just like screwyou docs and then they will start charging for it just like some of their other crap , no thanks scoogle. lets see what other open standard did they do this with hmmm oh yeah they tried that and then siad it ws open then took it away from developers - oh yeah A claiming it neededto be protetced oh yeah "Android" which is rapidly turning into an epic technical  fail
no the spyware is on the firmware   if ever there was an argument for building ones own computer now is the time
only 28% of people are idiots that few, whoa I thought the education system was worse than that? We 1% are slipping in our duty
Later next year once Apple releases the real thing with a curved glass wrap around design which will sell in the millions Samsung will copy it and another lawsuit starts with before and after iWatch slides for the jury to ignore just like the iPhone before after pictures.
Ah so thats how to get out of jury duty , discuss case with other jurors , thanks. I have also found asking questions like "Who decides what the punishment will be" gets one out of jury duty too?
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