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you actually expect journalists to check facts, curious!
Id rather not read a bunch of shills
Reviewers by nature cannot be trusted, most are paid for by the corporations that are flogging the crap in the first place. Most things are sold that way. Ist very hard to get unbiased reviews - most people are aware of that
er wrong, people don't buy PC's anymore only corporations do for the most part. This is the reason why MS is going for the cloud cuz they know they lost the consumer market to apple and the rout is accelerating
The Galaxy Gear is not a smart watch - its very dumb And the current and future  morons that are saying they can't run iPhone apps on the watch well  "enough said". This is THE reason they and their ilk are working for or support  the soon to be dead  competition. Realty is they never stood a snowballs chance in hell at all. Kind of similar to the look on Billy's boys face a few years ago when Steve commented that users looking for  a good computer viewed an  APple...
 said to be terrible by whom?
Chip and PIN is vulnerable , apparently the encoding is weak, The latest vulnerability which has been published allows hackers to hack the chip and PIN system. The flaw is in the random number generator which is used by millions of users each day. Fair to say it better than the former POS readers though
Unfortunately chip and pin has ben hacked , it is not as secure as its touted to be! The most secure method is network tokenization like Apple implemented
cool cool cool, WILL on monday when I get back from EUROPE, which by the way i had my non chiip and pin cc not accepted at various locations. APPLE PAY LEAP FROGS CHIP AND PIN AND IS MORE SECURE
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