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Not $150 EOY.   Would you like to wager $200 on that?   Put your money where your mouth is, If you don't take that bet then stop making wild assertions
I always  thought the stiffer the better, especially with opposite sex!
MCX will hold off on launching the service until it's ready, Mooney remarked, arguing that while "faster is always better," the aim is to "do it right." hilarious. How can it always be better if faster - if it is not right? Now there is SPIN for you , what a chump!
and I forgot to mention, the increased download speed and less data usage by blocking too! YES
They only have themselves to blame, sticking in your face obtrusive ads in the way of the content is what caused me to have ghostery, ad aware, ad blocker, etc to my browsers. When iOS9 allows it I will install them all. Typical of advertising morons and their audacity to believe that throwing an ad in my face is a lost sale. In fact the reverse is true I go out of my way to avoid buying products from companies that want my $ by default. When I meet someone who is...
You can follow this line of garbage reasoning back in history to other moronic "IF'S"--------  If IBM had not licensed away MS-DOS,  Microsoft wouldn't exist. IF Hitler hadn't been born, IF the British hadn't cracked the Enigma Code, If Newton had't seen the Apple fall. It's  like trying to make sense of "Return to the future" and all the other time line nonsense. Your comment is fecking  ridiculous . I wish the signature panel was bigger you certainly qualify for inclusion!
One thing people forget and they seems to forget many things , wall street Traders are on vacation and the summer volume is low as usual. This makes it easier for a minority of traders to artificially manipulate ta stock. Once the key traders, professionals and , fund mangers get back to their offices in mid September and start running the numbers on Apple , things will get back to normal. Just watch!
They are using the bonds to pay for dividends and other purchases not share repurchases
If I need the bathroom when my tank is low I go to a chevron generally they are. Lot cleaner. At other gas station I risk getting some flesh eating bacteria. Other than that I agree their gas is expensive and dubious that it is any better than the others, additives are added on the road tanker. Sometimes I believe the Arco gets the identical techron but it's hit or miss.
Anyone with any sense of independent thinking or real education which excludes most of the American population knows that the elite has re-programmed the average American citizen. The fact that those vermin politicians can get away with this deception proves the reality of the fact that the population is a herd of bleating sheep more interested in function of their beloved android ( how apt a name) and iPhones than thinking for themselves . Of course if you do know this...
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