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 My concerns are not only the massive data breaches that will ensue but what if the hack attempts a DDOS attack which brings AT&T and Verizons network to its knees?As an iPhone user I won't be able to make a call or get data access and I don't think it will be possible for this expolit to be stopped either. Even if a patch is issued most of the Android phones can't get an update to stop it and their phones will be constanly launching attacks without their owners having any...
The idea that Apple is "genius" is mostly hype. Steve drove the genius at Apple and tried to create a team that would continue that legacy. Trouble is over time this genius culture he tried to create will fade. Apple is a hardware company. Its revenue is generated mostly by iPhones. iPads and Macs. The software is used to tie it all together and is mostly free. (Iworks is free, MacOS/iOS is free) The services part is iTunes and Appstore. Obviously Apple is not genius at...
Perhaps the NSA is funding an keyboard app developer? nah!
Yesterdays rumor about the day before and about the rumor from the day before the day before's rumor has proven to be hype which was hyped last week and the week before that based on last month's rumor of hype about last years rumor!
Is Microsoft a rounding error! Sorry I had to take a cheap shot, couldn't resist it! 3.1 -> 3.2% in 3 months whoa, way to go
Great positive news for Apple, in latest shocker and appaling news for Android which can't make any significant inroads into market hawking current crop of excrement from "leading" Android vendors, Apple's notoriously down quarter for iPhone sales after Christmas shopping season basically flat, bodes well for stellar rest of year leading into new products for Fall. I can hear it now "what! arggggg how is it possible our new HTC and Samsung phones are not racing out the...
HTC, LG and Motorola are doomed lol
 DED = Deadly Educated Dude
 I totally agree, but I'm more optimistic. I think Google's days are numbered (in sense of growth) because they cannot generate the same revenue per click they can off Desktops and they even admitted it too. They are worried about this big time because its where most of their revenue comes from (Google is essentially a 1 franchise company, desperately trying to break out of that mold and generate new product/service), (Apple is a 2 franchise company Phone and Computers,and...
New Posts  All Forums: