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Stop changing the facts please READ the article and  stick to facts please. Apple is not expecting sales like that. It was RBC making a prediction
James: Where do you get your info from or is this just opinion?
You purchase iP6+ thru Apple doesn't take long. mine took 2 weeks , that includes the 6 days it takes to ship, so what is you problem exactly? I guess Apple has sold about 20M of em
You can't get them? really, then why do I have one if you can't get them?
You can turn it off
That's because Microsoft IS a stodgy old company who makes 'bad' operating systems. How many people do you actually know who like using windows?
Mr lost you outdid yourself with an even more moronic post . Congrats
I have been using ip6+ since launch and it goes in my front jeans pocket easilyDon't be concerned it fits fine
I agree, the British have been historically the most controlled and programmed sheep on the planet.
We all die , its simply a question of when, the only question is what one does to evolve in the mean mean time. How did you treat the world today? Did help someone?
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