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iAds works in app as far as I can see , its not just for browsers and iTunes to stop it you have to jailbreakhttp://mewbies.com/ios-how_to_block_ads_in_ios.htm
yes here is how: http://mewbies.com/ios-how_to_block_ads_in_ios.htm but have to open up the phone to do so and jailbreak every time a new release of iOS come out oh frack!
Even if they sell 40 million watches in first year with say about 40% margin that 350/2 times 40'000'000 -> less than 7billion hardly makes a dent really could only move stock 10%. That only 10 points and stock is up about that already, if any weak numbers it will be back around $100 pretty quickly. The problem these moron forget when talking about $150 and up is they forget the law of large numbers there simply isn't the money in the market to generate another 400 billion...
Hameta had an agenda, probably was a trader for knight before he got fired. He is like a stuck record repeatedly copy and pasting his angry diatribe when he gets the chance?
 Many companies are first to market and lose out to the next company  that copies it. History is replete with many examples of this. Google is no different and will suffer same fate. The only entities that prosper   are those that innovate unless they have a government sponsored monopoly like NFL/ MLB and utilities
Listen : Apple's stock is simply doing a gap up and will eventually start rolling up and down between support and resistance. It will be very hard to determine what that is until we see a pullback (for a breather)  and a roll or two. Stocks never just keep rising or falling in a straight line for long. What is happening right now is the experts are reassessing their positions (i/e. running the numbers on projected low and high earnings)  and loading up based on those...
Might as well argue the sun came up in the morning every day for the last week, but that doesn't means it will come up tomorrow! 
I have never understood widgets: They first popped up on the MAC OS years ago , I tried them out but I never stuck with them they seem to me rather like an annoying layer sitting on the desktop. On iOS is tried them too, but again same thing. I just don't get why some people seem to think they are so important! But hey each to his own!
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