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I agree, the British have been historically the most controlled and programmed sheep on the planet.
We all die , its simply a question of when, the only question is what one does to evolve in the mean mean time. How did you treat the world today? Did help someone?
A iPhone 6+ in the hand is worth two iPhone5's in the bush
I have been using my iP6+ for over a month now and it is without a doubt the best phone I have ever owned. It took a bit  of getting used to esp. without a case because it is so slippery. Now I have the grippy case from Apple it doesn't slip out of my hand at all. I have very large hands and I'm able to use it easily with one hand. I love the size, the amazing battery life, the camera and the bigger accurate display. Each to his own I imagine people with smaller hands will...
 But  But they didn't say they were gay too... Slipping
Yes they hold patents over everything, Didn't you get the memo? Including round UFO's
Really so is that why women have an orgasm every time they go to the Mall and purchase something esp. shoes? Could this be the male equivalent? rock on...
Shit tend to rise to the top in companies like Sameshit
I bought an iP6 , It is truly astounding, best phone I have ever owned and its not even close. I had a few reservations at the size, at first. Only took me a week to get used to it and now I don't even notice the larger size. Its like a lot of things in life, easy to rush to judgement without living with it for some time. I have a the grippy plastic shell from Apple and it adds the friction necessary to avoid dropping it. It fits in my front jeans pocket and my slacks for...
What a piece of junk. As others have stated there are many cards that offer 1% back on all purchase with no limitations.
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