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I'll take that bet $100 says they sell more than 10m in first year. Cmon put your money where you mouth if?
There was a debate in the early 20th century in the Art World when painting had to be "flat". On the one side abstract painters argued that all 3D space must be removed because it was felt that it was too real and was somehow a throwback to the impressionists. Then one day someone pointed out all the "space" and great uproar ensued. Impressionists and Expressionists have been at war ever since. This argument about iOS7 looks the same to me, and now Apple is adding all...
 Well you mean the following are not useful: Apple Pay, seeing the time, maps heart rate, respond to messages, calls, stop watch and notifications. The whole point Apple made during the presentation was that most existing  apps won't port There will be a whole new class of apps. 
Is the bad grammer deliberate?
Stop changing the facts please READ the article and  stick to facts please. Apple is not expecting sales like that. It was RBC making a prediction
James: Where do you get your info from or is this just opinion?
You purchase iP6+ thru Apple doesn't take long. mine took 2 weeks , that includes the 6 days it takes to ship, so what is you problem exactly? I guess Apple has sold about 20M of em
You can't get them? really, then why do I have one if you can't get them?
You can turn it off
That's because Microsoft IS a stodgy old company who makes 'bad' operating systems. How many people do you actually know who like using windows?
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