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add a heyboard and get a malicious keylogger too! YEAH I remember when I was younger and I got my first Macintosh, I'd spend many hours trying out every different font, feature, background pattern, you name it. After a few years as I matured I lost my fascination with every bell and whistle. Seems most Android nerds haven't grown out of that stage. They will eventually until then we have to put up with the obnoxious whipper snappers! We could play a new game , which is...
 me too wtf!
Android devices are simply replacement of feature phones and not used as a smartphone, especially in the U.SWhat do files actually do for us?I believe that mobile devices are trying to solve a specific problem. This problem has to do data conversion and more specifically the ability to get visibility (a fancy term for access) into another application's data efficiently and easily. If we think about it, the PC desktop and thus all its spinoffs like Android has one...
1) SD card cannot be used to run apps on. its storage, wtf do you think the cloud is for?2) Android devices are simply replacement of feature phones and not used as a smartphone, especially in the U.S3) Well if your phone needs an extra battery there must be something up with its power consumption. I have never ever seen anyone who owns a Android phone with an extra battery, The only way you can get a full days use out of an Android phone is to dim the screen to minimum...
and they missed 1) a working fingerprint sensor2) better screen3) better camera4) simpler to use5) better quality (thus longer life)6) better battery usageetc etc etc
There was never a reason to stay android period or go there in the first place
I couldn't have said it better myself Slurpy
it was the carriers that rejected google wallet the problem google has is that it implements tech too quickly doesn't really think about what it is doing strategically and just rushes out lots of crappy beta products hoping that one day one of them will stick. Google is the equivalent of Samsung - they try everything wasting resources in the process and only a few of their products stick. It's a flawed business model. They have gotten away with it because they have such...
http://www.nfcworld.com/2014/03/17/328326/google-wallet-ends-support-physical-secure-elements/   oops
Add to that Google wallet on works on KitKat 4.4 which is less than 10% of Android installed base. 
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