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 Most if not all companies are Ponzi schemes in the sense that the founders get in cheap and then the stock price goes up on expectations and the greed of later investors. The way people act nowdays they expect to be bailed out if their investment goes south. After what happened with the bankers I can see why this has become so.
Apple is exactly like a Church. They have evangalists, and fanatical supports who genuinely believe their God is ALL good as evidenced by most of the posters in this and other threads - if what they spout can be taken seriously. I'm thinking there is a new element to be added to the two most common in the Universe: 1. Hydrogen 2. Human Stupidity 3. Human Delusion Oh and before you nail me up on your Apple "Cross" I do prefer to buy apple devices but I'm not as stupid as...
And the moral of you story is "Don't criticize a fool , borrow from him" and to profit ->  buy on the rumor ( the "sales" estimates) sell right before earnings. Did you know one of the cardinal rules about trading stocks is to sell or protect a position the day before earnings?
Really, you are like one of those sports reporters: They complain when athletes come up with the standard response but when they do say something out of place or stupid,  They criticize  them for saying that too. Can't win with people like you!
I'm sure someone at Apple is hard at it and will release it into the wild ASAP
I always feel like I need to take a shower after going to Walmart!
Watch the CurrentC retailers next few earnings calls. That is where the buck stops. If they have bad earnings that will determine the direction they go it.
"best interests in mind"   What a fracking joke!
I live in the SF bay area and sometimes I here those ads on the radio with that maniacal guy pushing all kinds of electronics for Fry's electronics. IF you have ever heard them you will know what I mean. Anyway they advertise Android tablets at quote "LOW LOW PRICES".  I imagine the advertising is quite effective. I used to go to Fry's a lot 20 years ago because on the bottom shelves I could pick up brown box devices that were 1/3 of the cost of the prettily packaged...
Oh I don't know about that  what about Chevrolet/FORD/GM?
New Posts  All Forums: