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I know why the PC brigade hate Apple: Its because Apple broke the sacred rule. "Though shall not make computers easy to use" Nerds love job security , if a computer can be made to work by Mom and Pop then they are out of a job. Nerds love to be seen as geniuses, being able to fix Windows makes them feel good and gives off an aura a of perceived cleverness. It's an ego thing! Apple could be at 99% of market share in everything and they would still denigrate everything they...
Thats because analysts are idiots -simple really
This is total conjecture. here is why: All the iWatch rumors are just that, Apple has released no info on anything about an iWatch as far as I am aware. Even if it is supposedly delayed which it isn't , Cook told us they would not release products all at once becaue it creates significant manufacturing problems doing everything at once. The iPhone6, iPad, iWatch? , Mac release schedule will be phased to smoothly build devices and avoid compressing margins into shorter...
Prune help as  laxative! Look at HPQ! -     lol there's a company full of it
 Google is a one franchise company (search->ad revenue) on PC desktop and is attempting and failing badly to create more franchises. The share price is predicated on achieving those new franchises and once Wall street gets an inkling that these franchises are not happening - oops the share price will sink to a level based on only that one franchise namely search / ads. Essentially Google is a Ponzi scheme based on the promise of future revenue. The founders cashed out...
Manned missions true but not unmanned as always there are clueless people who only see the surface and don't think deeply enough. We don't need manned missions anymore fool! 
ROFL Yup its the silly season, you know we have places for people like you, the men in white coast are coming dude!
lets say you lived in San Diego near the border with Mexico and the Mexicans are firing rockets at you and building tunnels under the border and abducting teenagers and killing them to provoke you. Would you sit idly by and let them do this? OH yeah they also have in their manifesto that they wish to destroy you!
That's so funny, no Government is trustworthy they all spy! You trust a Govt that launches a missile at an unarmed airliner more than the US , you sir are  deluding yourself imho. Imagine for a moment a country like say Nicaragua has  a Govt we don't like and we started launching missiles at it from say CostaRica and "accidentally" hit say a commercial airliner oops . At least US military elite black ops units know the diff between an airliner and a military airplane, or...
Translation : We (Russia) cannot hack into iOS, so what we need access  to see your source code so we can find its vulnerabilities so we can spy on our own citizens. The part they are interested in is iMessage which is encrypted. The question which remains unanswered is do they require the private key as well?
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