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it's not your data that is being sold it is figuratively you , Google sells the customer the ability to get targeted ads on the screen in front of you and it sends emails based on your profile. When you click on them google gets paid by the advertiser
It helps to actually remember "facts" but of course most people don't because the average attention span of humans is about 3 seconds. Anyone not securing their home wi-fi network deserves to be taken advantage of.
"I'm using ghostery, what  aGodsend. I started using Bing, and the only google "service" I have left is GMAIL. I"m about to stop using that as well  
I thought google is a division of the NSA?
Google wheels this guy out just to create misinformation. I imagine back at headquarters they were rolling around on the floor, clutching their sides,  hardly able to breathe after that interview!
ah finally we understand why it's called the Galaxy "Ass" as in "asshole",  Glasshole, because A-holes like it and use it. Now I see the pattern, look the reason they used "Note" is because it thymes with "Bloat"
Don't feed the trolls
yes yes yes
 There's so much wrong with this its hard to know where to startMS just does not understand the form factor: They have it completely backwards. The idea is NOT to start with the device, Microsoft is trying to shoe horn windows into every size of device and it doesn't work because trying to force the mouse and keyboard UI onto a tablet or anything else is stupid and has been proven not to work on a tablet. MS has virtually admited this when they attempted (very badly)...
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