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How many Google engineers/Fandroids does it take to change a lightbulb? None they just suck the light out of you and darkness prevails
 Well if you check after hours trading its up $20 so not only does slurpy have no idea about stocks your first 3 are wrong. But I'll grant you - this time is different because prior to the last 3 quarters the stock got bid up in anticipation of a stellar results, now because of all the unwarrananted negativity there hasn' been the hsitorically large run up so ita behaving more like traditional stock where it actually rises after the numbers beat the whisper numbers!I...
 You really don't understand how a stock price works do you
How many google engineers does it take to change light bulb A. None, Google sucks all the light out of all the lightbulbs and creates darkness hence evil
Perhaps they should do this: Apple+Google= Gapple+Samsung= Sappungle YEAH
in related news, Samsung is going to rebrand itself by naming itself "Apple". Court document show that this is allowed since previous rulings allow wholesale copying of art, dress and technology.
I use Apple maps most of the time with one important exception, I find Google maps traffic more accurate and easier to see. Apple masps uses only red dashes to indicate traffic slow downs whereas google maps use Red orange and green. This is far easier to see when driving whereas I really have to squint looking at the Apple maps. This is a safety issue esp when driving at freeway speed and having to make split second decisions before taking the off ramp I wish Apple would...
The basic fact is we are being gouged by COMCAST and the companies they buy content from. I thought we lived in a country where we have choice? If we have so much choice why can't I pay to have the commericials removed and pick only those channels I want to watch? The cable conglomerates advertise 200 channel line ups, of course failing to mention that several dozen of these kepp replaying the same tired old re-runs of Die Hard to name one of a long list of tired old...
Really does Microsoft innovate at all, hmmm? Remember that other oxymoron "Microsoft Works" thanks for the laugh Mr Balmy and the PR/ad people suggested he use the word hollistic too wow
the only places it is usable will be out jogging or in the home, it will either be banned everywhere else (all public and military facilities ,schools, colleges, lecture halls, music venues, banks, min 20 feet from an ATM machine court houses etc., cinemas, coffee shops, sex clubs, bars, amusement parks, planes, or anywhere else security and lawyers can get involved) social stigma nerdy looks will restrict it. Another way of looking at it is it will become like smoking:...
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