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Your post is opinion with no reasons why. 
Fantatstic news , now Apple will be able to show the current state of the Art by displaying pictures of current crop of smartwatches and listing the faults just like whe the iPhoen came out before going on to showing us the way it should be designed! Thnaks Sammy for giving us linear thinking, Apple will show us lateral thinking!
I thought a watch is meant to tell the time? None of those pics show the time!
 I'm confused, I have a 6 month old iphone5 with 32G of memory. If I sell it you are saying I can get more then $300 say around $400? Then what? I go and buy a new iPhone5s or iphone6 next year? I will pay $299 to get thaat new 32GB phone on another 2 year contract. OR I can simply swap my current iPhone at the Apple store without having to do anything much at all. The difference is at most about $50, are you that badly off you can't miss $50 and then have to go to all...
So when the Iphone5S comes out I can trade in my Iphone5 32GB and upgrade for effectively nothing- cool
 I know for sure said Janitor was rifling thru Cooks desk while on his rounds and came across the product roadmap !LOL My new fly sized Robocam drone was in the boardroom when the road map was discussed
Actually corporations ARE persons as ruled by the Supreme court, in reality they have more rights, and have the possibility of never dying, thus can become bigger and bigger without limit and have one advantage over human beings; They cannot be locked up in prison only fined and a s long any fine doesn't exceed their resources they won't go bankrupt!  
 Not as much as Google who relies on the data to make money unlike Apple and Netflix
This is expected because Cook said that it was a mistake to introduce so many new products all at once last year. Thereby causing problems with supply chain and attendent issues to do with initial dropping profit per device because at the start of a newer product cycle the parts are relatively more costly due to waste etc. than when the manufacturing process is mature. Having many new devices all coming out at the same time cause Apple's ROI to drop earlier in 2013. This...
We are the product being sold, We are not Google's customer we are the product being sold to the highest bidder. Don't let em fool you, Google has very little interest in making a service great or secure beyond enticing you. They will provide any service to tempt you into subscribing to it. The ONLY reason is to get more data and information about you so they can sell your name, email , location and demographics. That's the real Matrix. The Matrix (Google) is everywhere....
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