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Yes the software ran poorly but Apple said that the older phones could run it, which turned out to be false. I was caught by this and it severley affected my phone and I could NOT go back. So although apple won the lawsuit I think they lost the moral argument. Personally I haven't upgraded my iPad to iOS5 yet because of my distrust of Apple. I probably will soon though. I wish my Mac would stop prompting me to upgrade to iOS 5 every time I connect my iPad. The fact that it...
Steve Jobs said that the 7 inch form factor does not work for tablets After having read many books using the iPad I tend to agree because even with the 10 inch screen I still find it a little bit too small. I find myself zooming in to read the sentences on occaisons- I imagine on the nook and the kindle fire it will be even worse. DOA
I have finished the book, and I also am disappointed. There are few good bits the involvement of Ellison for example is news to me. Seems they both hate google and MS. The one thing I have learnt from it is I'm too nice with fools around me. I will act more like Jobs when needed trying NOT be a total asshole at it. Its a tough balancing act though. Most assholes rarly get to be CEO because they never get promoted into postions where they alienate too many people . The...
One of the first things SJ said when he launched the original iPhone was and I'm paraphrasing " it makes more sense to have software keyboard than a hardware keyboard, so that you don't need to buy a new phone to get a new feature" I interpret this to mean that as more and better UI's are developed they will be available on older hardware.So logically it makes no sense for Apple to limit Siri to only newer hardware unless they have real technical reasons not to like...
up to a point its okay but the free service does not allow storage of certain file formats does it, only pdf's and text not any word processing or spreadsheets, with icloud I can store any format
>my roomate's step-sister makes $81 hourly on the internet. She has been out of a job for 10 months but last month her check was $7706 just working on the internet for a >few hours. I just reported you, please will everyone else do same so we can get rid of this clown you are just about to lose you appleinsider account, and close the door on the way out
Gives many of the members of the 4000 Club the chance to meet and network, btw there are other names for them CFR, Bilderburg, etc depending on which conspiracy theory you like. I prefer to call it the rich most influential networking group. You people actually believe there is competiton in business! interesting dellusion but that's another thread
If you are going to copy Apple (read the Asian rim mindset) don't try to sell your knock-offs in the US. You might be able to get way with it on Asia rim but not on our turf (the west). oh and btw we don't want you as our supplier either. Very big mistake. Samsung will be bankrupt in 5 years yes? and we are going after your HDTV market soon so be worried
hey idiot, I don't want a price reduction, It makes me feel good knowing i spent $600 on my iPad2. People around me look and figure there's a great guy who can afford to buy premium products. And the hot chicks hit on me more. Makes me look bad if its priced at a measily $200!
if you were a true Christian you would forgive them not damn them.. Love and peace brother
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