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I can see the new net joke surface = TURDFACE, I wonder if they will make it brown like the zune? prob not
Ah competition, this is exactly how its meant to work right. The market will sort itself out. Thnak you Apple for finally making maps space a truly competitive marker and now Google can't rest on it a$$
I was hoping to buy more at 650 but I missed. hopefully more negative blogophearic thetoric will get it down again so I can make a bit of profit heading into the next Qtr. My ride on Google was an unexpected bonus too
The maps.google.com imagery of most of the SF Bay area is about 3-4 years old. I know this because I have checked several locations which show old features still there. My house for example has a picture from 4 years ago before (streetview and satellite) I repainted the outside and the previous owner's car is still in the driveway from 2007!. So go take a hike google, I'm not impressed I can't wait until my iPhone 5 arrives in a few weeks.
because Apple is the #1 phone and the defacto leader and reference point for all other phones. so really we should take it as a complement that the media which as we know is bought and paid for ny the Phone companies and their suppliers. The more outrage over minor details that is directed at Apple the more attention it garners for its iPhone. Thus the more free advertising it gets all paid for by its competitors, Such irony really
wel to answer you question:   I'd like the share price to drop down to about 650 at least, I think there is too much downside over the next few months given that the overall market is overbought, At 650 I think the risk is manageable and potential upside is very attractive. If we do have 10% market correction Apple being a coiled swing will bounce back pretty sharply imho as it usually does and its always possible to double down at 600 if it does that. As always its...
There used to be a time when "bad news" like Maps  would drive down the Apple share price more than it does now. That's a real pity because I can't make money of of the Android f***tards anymore dammit.  Perhaps the shareholders are getting more savvy about the short sellers methods?   Can't you Fandroids come up with something more substantial? Antennagate was a very profitable one. C'mon you are really losing it.
of course as in most things the squeeky wheels tend to get the attention and of course they never have an agenda! (sarcasm) One think I like though is if it does drive down the share price , I can buy more APPL on the dips and ride it up to the 800's once the results come out. So in a kind of perverse way, I love the "damage" this "instant gratification, it has to be perfect" stupidity has on Apple. Of course its overblown, just like the "disppointing 5MM devices" over...
One good thing about the new lighter thinner iPnone is that now I will be able to buy one of those addon battery pack thingies which doubles its battery life and still have it weigh and measure  about same as old iphone, yeah
Doesn't anyone find it odd that a major component supplier for a device makes fun of the people who purchase that device. If my supplier did that to me I would not be very happy about it.
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