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WRONG -> Once the watch advances to the point of not needing the iPhone to make it function it might be interesting to have, but until then I'll just use my non-distracting analogue watch which tells me the time. WRONG - > think the watch will eventually be banned from use while driving WRONG -> distracting to have messages flashing on your wrist while trying to drive WRONG-> , struggling with the digital crown while you drive head on into a semi-truck.
 they already have a prototype ready in their labs ready for December
It will sell better in the USA; reason more obese people, fat watch matches fat people
no it isn't stored locally, the cc data is stored with Apple , that is what makes it so secure! and no the network connection is from the retailer to the bank thru their network, not from  the watch/phone thru the cellular network. The retailer gets an encrypted token and is transferred all  the way from the POS thru to the bank., No one sees your cc info at all , or you name or your zip code - nothing. The retailer simply gets an ack back from the bank saying sufficient...
Android is totally insecure period. I would never use it for that reason and I certainly would not type my credit card info into an Android phone,. jeez... that would be like putting a target, (pun intended) on my back.
Do you need to have an iPhone in your pocket to make a NFC credit card payment? The thing that interests me is the added security not having to use a credit card at restaurants and other places where I lose sight of the card. Hasn't anyone made the connection that having this thing on one's wrist means it is more difficult to lose.? I  have lost count the number of times and that horrible feeling I have had remembering where I left my phone or wallet. Frantically trying to...
Which planet have you been living on the last few years? Haven't you noticed the current fashion craze to wearing huge oversized watches? You need to get out more grandpa!
I would think that they have to eventually make it work without the iPhone, if they are interested in selling it as a standalone device. But it just doesn't seem possible really
The idiot who got all bent out of shape about no headphone jack  has never heard of bluetooth obviously. But then again perhaps he works for Samsung design and thats how they think and forget the obvious stuff like actually getting it to work , like for example the samsung fingerprint sensor which doesn't actually work!
If Apple retail is clever, they will come up with form of early gift option for Christmas so you can give it to someone as present? I have no clue how that might work though.
New Posts  All Forums: