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I bought an iP6 , It is truly astounding, best phone I have ever owned and its not even close. I had a few reservations at the size, at first. Only took me a week to get used to it and now I don't even notice the larger size. Its like a lot of things in life, easy to rush to judgement without living with it for some time. I have a the grippy plastic shell from Apple and it adds the friction necessary to avoid dropping it. It fits in my front jeans pocket and my slacks for...
What a piece of junk. As others have stated there are many cards that offer 1% back on all purchase with no limitations.
4800 post's in one year, Do you actual have a job? Perhaps you are schoolboy in London? How about switching the "FR" to "L" I think that would be a better handle!
Because Apple is a wildly successful company, the usual suspects i.e. trolls, apple haters, shills etc assume it is behaving badly and of course even when real evidence turns up to prove them wrong they find ways to continue their lies. Just watch... The darkness hates the light...
I think Tim Cook was trolling and his post must be a candidate for troll post of the decade
These real world FACTS simply indicate exactly what we have known for years that  most Android tablets are simply gathering dust in drawers or landfills and also indicate that the " android tablet sales" figures are a fiction 
You can't expect a superficial troll to actually read the article can you? 
Google apps are NOT free! Another Goddamn bare faced lie from google.
If I ever meet that scumbag in public I will call him a LIAR to his face!
You use of the word 'everyone' is interesting. That tells 'everyone' on here all they need to know about you lol
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