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the majority of the Android phones are mainly used for phone calls, text, facebook and maps, that's about all, the web broswer, mobile purchasing and mobile apps belongs to iPhone the internet traffic data proves this. Most Profits follow iOS.
    Another "Pump and Dump" insider trader
I was thinking about all the trolls, seems a lot better than "modest" ROFL oh and iPhone4 is sold out!!!! , does that mean its too complicated to manufacture for Apple deliberately keeping inventory low BS, of course not. , oh duh, where are the trolls now, evaporated as usual. that along with Cramer saying that Apple is a buy , just watch the stock test 705 again, just in time for all the fund managers to start their cyscliovcal "Dump and Diss" then "pump and dump" a few...
I think Apple's biggest mistake was not developing Siri and iOS Map as search engines. I've said it before, it is more than larger, corrected data sets, but to interpret user's intent and finding the best match. What the heck are you smoking! cuz I wnat some if it warps you mind like that
Germans - They like to be able to tinker with the innards of their stuff, They like to control everything so getting Android fits in with their anal retentive mindset, no big deal
One thing a lot of cheapskates don't understand about value is as follows: A teacher I knew did not used to charge anything at all for the meditataion classes he gave in the late 60's. A handful of people might show up for a class. He figured that teaching people how to meditate and go on a journey of self discovery should not be charged for and anyway he had a part time job so didn't need the money. Then one day he decided he would rather teach his class fulltime because...
"It would not resolve the lack of innovation coming out of the iPhone division. We need to see a bright future for iPhone growth or replacement/alternative . What will Apple do to get new iPhone customers, not existing ones. Thinner iphone? Faster iPhone?" Another misinformed piece, here why THe iPhone is a mature product the innovation happened when it first came out, there isn't much more that can be done with it, make it thinner, its the slimmset smartphne out there,...
THE MACD just crossed up this morning on the 30 point uptick, classic signal of major uncoiling. The last time this happened the stock whent up over 90 points from 560 to 750 from august thru September. Here is a sign of a potential 15-20% profit? myself I'm going to wait until next week to see if the MACD uptick is for real
and you believe anything Google says you are a I%@$#$, Google is the FOX news of the hi tech industry
A lot of folks are overreacting. The sky is not falling. There is plenty of room in the market place for all the players. The lower end Kindles/Nexuses are fine. They will sell to a budget conscious consumer. The iPadMini will sell to consumers who desire a better quality and more refined and more capable device. If the $129 difference is important to you buy the Nexus and get over it. Personally $129 is not a big deal and I think it is worth the extra money. Looking at it...
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