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the first acticle is about iBeacons, which can be disable by turning bluetooth OFF
 iPhone users can turn off tracking on individual apps, settings > privacy>locations settingsso if user doesn't have app installed or turns tacking off everything is fineretailers has capability yes, control noPersonally I turn bluetooth off at all times (which completely stops all iBeacons tracking, in case I inadvertantly forgot to turn off it by individual app) except when I'm at home because I have an app to contol my wireless Harmon Kardon speakers, not having...
 . How exactly can a retailer track my purchase if I use Apple Pay . iBeacons is bluetooth and if my bluetooth is actually on and I go to settings and make sure that any tracking is off by going into settings> privacy> locations services. So please I find you statements untrue unless you can refute what I just explained
Notably Walmark is trying to find a way around Visa's 2-3% transaction fees using an App behind MCX called CurrentC. From what I have determined there are mostly negatives for the consumer. I don't mind Walmart trying to do this. Credit Card companies have been gouging merchants for years, But I think Walmart is going to the other extreme. Pros for the Consumer: The only advantages I can see for the consumer is the purchase might become cheaper if the retailers hand on ...
So basically I get to upgrade a phone every year for $40 pm / $480 per year and I get unlimited plan. My current Verizon is $90 pm for 2 years at 3gig per month and 299 up front for phone. It's $ wise about the same the trade off is going to be the unlimited data vs the risk of not so great network. I really have no experience with sprints lte network so it's a big question mark.
You realize you ARE very angry and quite insane yes? I wonder why you are that way? Probably because you are not in control of your life. I'd get help if I were you
The interesting thing about human beings is that they have this incredible propensity to be in denial about so many thingsYour story about the Android user is typical of such behavior. Once someone has made an expensive purchase, they naturally emphasize the positives and minimize the negatives. It makes them feel good about their purchases. The fact that so many fanboys on either side are so insecure about it is interesting.  How many times for instance have you heard...
Using an iPad to pay at an NFC reader is of course ridiculous. I'm glad Apple did this, and didn't cave to the wishes of morons
My verizon, aircard no longer connects via USB
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