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 Yes I Agree with you about handing over that data but do you think Apple's servers have your credit card and SS# stored any safer than MCX.Apple isn't ecactly all that well know for reliability in its data centers, now is it?
And could well have hit  home run with this if it reliable and good enuf quality. Apple is late to the game way too late
What I like about this is that its not trying to create its own ecosystem but is seamlessly fitting in to whats out there already and play nice! I think many companies might learn something from this especially MCX, and in some respects Apple too. Being a disrupter is fine but it does have some negatives too like for instance the Apple watch must be paired with an iPhone and the Apple Watch doesn't have GPS. So right there Apple has limited its apple watch sales to only...
I would have thought that the choice should rest with the consumer. If consumer wishes to open up their checking account to Mcx then that's fine fire up the currentC app and pay directly. Perhaps get a 1% discount for using that form of payment and the retailer avoids the other 1or 2% fee by not having to use the credit card network for the transaction. If the consumer wish to use his/her credit card or debit card they don't get the 1percent discount. Seems like a good...
I want to know is he a Dom, macho, masculine gay or the other type submissive, camp, feminine type. I'm thinking the latter? Thoughts?
Not only smart but ethically sound. Mcx is caught between a rock and a hard stone here . They are bluffing without holding much if any cards in their hands. Meier just called their bluff now Mcx has to decide whether to raise the bet
If you know anything about gay people you will know that they "can" be the most abusive, ruthless and jealous people when their partner cheats  in  a relationship. Watch out Samsung.  Not saying that Tim is like that. Just don't cross one
So you are one of the last gasp buyers who bought at $700 . Thank you so much
Yeah go work for Apple but you better be really good and work 18 hours a day to make me richer
Samsung is doomed
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