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You know what the remote sucks, the configuration menu sucks, why can't these boneheads design a half decent interface. They don't have clue how to innovate. As far as I'm concerned die die die, and let Apple take their TV market share too
$500 per share for sure next year yes yes yes
and Apple has broken up out of its trading range and not even the fiasco in Washington has put much of a dent in its rise. In fact it represents buying opportunity at $390 on its way to 450 by end of year and 500 after that. I just bought another mac after my iPad2 all paid for by profits on the stock. God knows what will happen when the Apple HDTV comes out and takes Samsung, Viseo and the like down. Why can't these idiot TV manufacturers do a half decent interface -...
makes me wonder why they don't a apply a similar method to homeowners who decide to pay credit card off before their mortgage
Research in Motion (RIM) has licensed a trove of more than 30,000 patents from a company founded by former Microsoft veterans. And yes MS veterans aren't known for identifying a threat until too late.
I have an aging 1st gen white iMac 24' that is long in the tooth (bought in 2004). I think keep it a museum piece and see if it becomes a classic like the Apple II I was going to buy a new macbook air with Lion, but now I have my iPad2, I think it makes better sense to buy a new MacMini, I already have a new wireless keyboard and I can get a 26+ inch lcd screen from Costco for $200, all I need is to get a touchpad to use gestures. Essentially I'm moving away from...
I kinda understand where you are coming from on that one, I think though it is okay to hang on until at least 450 maybe even 500, at which point sell half... and then Why because there still is China, iCloud and apple HDTV to come. Then of course we could always ride it up and down over next few years between earnings at which point SJ will be gone and then the stock will tank 30% probably.. and buy in on rumor of a competent CEO, and sell on news of his appointment.
I have a 46 inch LCD TV on the wall in my sitting room. I also have a 26 inch LCD tv in my den I use for my ipad2 I already have an apple wireless keyboard and mouse If I get the Mac Mini I'd like to be able to connect it to the TV and my other LCD display in my den just on the wall right adjacent to the TV wall in sitting room, which has comcast router / and modem all wired up. I suppose I can simply use dual monitors and simply carry my mouse and keyboard...
2011 the same as 1998?- rewind to 1998: The computer industry back then was dominated by IBM, Microsoft and a few notable others. IBM made its money by charging customers for MIPS, As business grew IBM made sequential increases in support and hardware revenues as customers increased their MIPS consumption. It was an automatic "feature" of business back then and it really annoyed many of IBM's customers. Then something really interesting happened. Customers started going...
Does Microsoft sell PC's? Last time I checked it makes the OS that runs on the PC. I think it will be intresteing to see how many people decide to use the WebOS HP will be offering on PC not Windows. That is a lot more significant.
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