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These real world FACTS simply indicate exactly what we have known for years that  most Android tablets are simply gathering dust in drawers or landfills and also indicate that the " android tablet sales" figures are a fiction 
You can't expect a superficial troll to actually read the article can you? 
Google apps are NOT free! Another Goddamn bare faced lie from google.
If I ever meet that scumbag in public I will call him a LIAR to his face!
You use of the word 'everyone' is interesting. That tells 'everyone' on here all they need to know about you lol
I am a fan o apple products and own a MacBook Pro, 2 iPads a ip6+ and until these wrist bands came out I seriously thought I'd wait until the apple watch debuts , but now I'm not so sure . Esp now that I know the apple watch has no GPS. GPS is a must have so I will be buying the Microsoft. Band for christmas especially since it integrates with health kit on the iPhone. I'm not one of these die hard apple advocates. When I read that article about apple being like a church...
You and your ilk are the reason there is no money in the android ecosystem.
 Depends on who you are referring to as "they", Sorry to say this,  but you are not entirely correct, yes the retailer doesn't know, but the Credit Card company and issuing bank certainly does know your spending habits and they have known for years. Every transaction is recorded and kept, you see them on your statement. They sell that to the highest bidder and in case of the government and law enforcement they have to provide it. All that Apple has done is take the...
Your debit card is already linked to you bank account! Using apple pay with your debit card is def a lot safer than swiping you debit card at a pos reader. With pos terminal a debit swipe, you are literally almost inviting your bank account to be emptied!
 add to that this surface limitation The surface is NOT a laptop, it has been pretty well documented that it can only really be used on table/desk. Sitting using it in an armshair/sofa is not possible at least with the keyboard. Also the Surface "keyboard" is very limited it is NOT durable so you probably will need to replace it after a year
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