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of course as in most things the squeeky wheels tend to get the attention and of course they never have an agenda! (sarcasm) One think I like though is if it does drive down the share price , I can buy more APPL on the dips and ride it up to the 800's once the results come out. So in a kind of perverse way, I love the "damage" this "instant gratification, it has to be perfect" stupidity has on Apple. Of course its overblown, just like the "disppointing 5MM devices" over...
One good thing about the new lighter thinner iPnone is that now I will be able to buy one of those addon battery pack thingies which doubles its battery life and still have it weigh and measure  about same as old iphone, yeah
Doesn't anyone find it odd that a major component supplier for a device makes fun of the people who purchase that device. If my supplier did that to me I would not be very happy about it.
"the big iPad is mostly a stay at home device" ROFL. one reason it is so succesful is because it CAN be taken everywhere, just what are you smoking? you lost your credibility right there. I take my iPad everywhere with me as do millions of other people. and as for the rest of your statements , what a C.... of S.... !
if businesses buy this failed metro tablet garbage , more fool them, all they will doing is making thier employees even more unproductive. One thing to look out for start selling stock in big companies that buy into MS mobile. I wonder who they are?
Apple intentionally shorted inventory, this guy makes me laugh eithe he is trolling or he is comple buffoon
you guys who criticize his Rolex analogy are missing the point so badly I am amazed at you stupidity. Really its an analogy based on the fact that a rolex is a standard. Yes of course there are better watches out there but that is not the point Stop being so damned anal jeez, Can't you do any better than this, you are really slipping ROFL
some people are never satisfied are they, what a bunch of whiners, GROW UP
Samturd only knows one way to do business, litigate, litigate and litigate, They are so protectionist company
huh, what is this wifi you speak of, my 1200 baud modem works just fine on my Mac SE30, well its a bit slow, but I have plenty of time. all this new new nonsence just makes me sick. I got a letter from my ISP the other day telling me they won't be supporting dial up - any recommendations
New Posts  All Forums: