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speaking of returns. I really don't know why I keep long on Apple. I have 300 shares bought on a basis of 68. Now I admit that is a fine profit on paper. But I have been trading : ONNN, PFE, AEO, BRCD, BBRY and have made about $5000 in a few short weeks . I just can't seem to get up the nerve to sell my apple stock. I'm tying up buying power. In one week BRCD went from 8.5 to 9.5. and I made over  $1000. To make 1000 on apple it has to move from 100 to 104. now admittedly...
amazing: how did we get from Apple's share price to Mars and Jupiter?
one word: "SAD"
I'm a nerd , I don't have any friends, therefore I will never look silly putting a phablet to my ear, thank God. If I actually get a call, I just use the speaker anyhow, the rare times that happens. the rest of the time I messaging, checking Facebook and generally doing all the usual "no-life" things most people do. Bring on the 5.5 inch YEAH I am holding out for the 8 inch one, then chicks might say hello to me?
The MacBook 11" Air costs $899.00 - 9 hour battery life The MacBook 13" Air costs $999.00 - 12 hour battery life The Surface 3 12" costs $1299.00 with a keyboard 129.99 => 1429.00 Guess the battery life? ONLY 8 HOURS It seems Microsoft has turned into the old Apple only this time it has a garbage spec as well as much higher price TOTAL FAIL with that close to $1500 one could buy a mac book air 11 AND an iPad Mini the iPad mini does fit in my pocket so I can...
Of course the industry is worried, Look what Apple did to the music Industry. Apple is a technological innovator and disrupter. There is no company like it in the world. Why do you think there is so much negative press about any tech they introduce? To try to poo poo it and lessen its impact. Why do you think they killed Jobs - oh just kiddin! Of course Apple has a new interface ready to go, they won't introduce it until they have content to make it really useful. I...
I assume the barges are full of What Eric Shithead does best?
I sense Scamsung's footprints leading away from the crime scene
how dare the Government restrict our freedom who the hell do they think they are. We are supposed to live in a free country.
I know why the PC brigade hate Apple: Its because Apple broke the sacred rule. "Though shall not make computers easy to use" Nerds love job security , if a computer can be made to work by Mom and Pop then they are out of a job. Nerds love to be seen as geniuses, being able to fix Windows makes them feel good and gives off an aura a of perceived cleverness. It's an ego thing! Apple could be at 99% of market share in everything and they would still denigrate everything they...
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