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yes true one can hulk an iPhone but apple is forcing us to go running with the iPhone in our pocket and it must be an iPhone not an Android.  imho that is too restrictive, so much easier to simply wear the band , I would not have to concern myself with having to remember or have a iPhone in my pocket. I still say this is a fatal mistake. why has apple developed a watch that does not have gps and limited it's market share to only 17% of the smartphone market. At least this...
Sorry to rain on your parade pal but it's already in the App Store
Wrong the band has gps the apple phone doesn't. That is a huge huge difference and apple has made a fatal mistake imho
I think really Apple screwed up not having the apple watch out for Christmas . Waiting too long to make a product perfect does have its downsides and this coup by Microsoft is one of them. It will be interesting to see just how many of microsofts bands are in Christmas stockings. That will tell us for sure if people are really willing to wait for the apple phone. If it gains momentum before the apple watch goes on sale watch out. I always suspected Microsoft is and always...
 I take my statement back sorry, I just get really fed up with some people using arguments like socialismm to back up their views. It's so simplistic and superficial.The topic is very complicated and we all know most of the arguments for and against it. Personally my view is we live in a society where we try to make it as democratic as possible. though I think the balance has shifted far too much in the direction of well funded elites and corporations.I agree with you...
 Will never happen. the poor need credit cards to get by
 True but You are missing one rather important difference With a check no one can usually intecept it only the person who gets the check can see that information. With electronic transmission a hacker can skim or get that data by hacking into the servers. So your point that the data on the old fashioned paper check has always been "in the clear " is not really true!
 There is no such thing as a 100% capitalist system. There have to be protections to protect the consumer from unscrupulous greedy companies. Just as there is no 100% socialist system. What we live is a mix of socialism and captalism - the question is how many controls do we need in place to take advnage of the benefits of each, Screaming "socialism" when you don't agree with law is not very productive and adds nothing to the conversation
 Yes I Agree with you about handing over that data but do you think Apple's servers have your credit card and SS# stored any safer than MCX.Apple isn't ecactly all that well know for reliability in its data centers, now is it?
And could well have hit  home run with this if it reliable and good enuf quality. Apple is late to the game way too late
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