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I don't think Netflix buisness is tenable longterm because it simply acts as a middle man between the content creators and the consumer. Content providers are limiting what is available on Netflix. Just look at the movie line up on Netflix streaming its really limited. The only reason I have a netflix subscription is to get a few episodes of BBC series and a some from American netwokrs. It would not take much for Netflix's biz to go away as soon as the content prviders...
Guess what - there never was a punk, you got suckered into thinking there is a war going on, these guys are all working together. They call it marketing. Heck Samsung still sells lots of hardware to Apple. They are not stupid
The other irony is most of those glossy magazines featured articles and "fix it" tips on how to fix problems with windows. Even now the Windows 7/8 mags are full of ways to make windows do what you want . The inference is and always will be (though its never  explicitly said) Windows is full of bugs, continually crashes is hard to use and will be "fixed" in the next release. Even now, we are told the start buttonis coming back in 8.1.   Just this morning, my...
happy Windows phone user   surely an oxymoron you must be the only one and I bet you are still happy using DOS   like Microsoft Works   thanks for the giggle
I Agree DED is the new troll killer. removes 99% of all known trolls/haters and assorted garbage
Fact for Android users bragging about SD card slot You cannot load apps into the SD card memory, so if you run out of space you have to delete apps to make room for your new ones, the SD card space can only be usedfor data, pics. movies etc.
Apple's handset grew its share of the market by 2.7 percent, moving from 36.3 percent to 39 percent over the three month period ending in March Doesn't seem to be working for them right
I tried the Galaxy note in the store and was quite frankly disgusted with it. It couldn't do even the most basic pen based drawing which I can with the totally superior Notability App on the iPad. Theres no zoom feature to do detailed work at all. All this hype about how great the Galaxy is pure uadulterated marketing, the public is being sold a bill of goods here - The sales rep in the Verizon store tried her best, but they are so badly trained they know virtually...
In five years I don't think there'll be a reason to have a tablet anymore," Heins said. ""Maybe a big screen in your workspace, but not a tablet as such. Tablets themselves are not a good business model." Huh. this guy must be a workaholic that spends his entire time in the office at meetings. I suppose if you don't spend much time in th real world one might come out with a conscious perception like this. His "workspace/business" filter in front of his brain is causing...
The great thing about Apple is cream rises to the top   Unfortunately with Samturd so does excrement!
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