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In others news: The New Windows 8.1 OS to replace the disaster called Windows 8/RT is code named "BLUE". The reason for "BLUE" is because not only will the START button be re-introduced due to user fondness, so will the famous "BLUE" screen of death feature be brought back after mass riots for it's re-introdiction at Redmond a favorite feature of Windows. Other great titles: Windows RT (Retread) Windows Vista (Viruses, Intruders, Spyware, Trojans, Adware) Windows XP...
The US smart phone market which is now essentially saturated is in it middle phase. Now will see how the split between Android and iOS settles down. A number of factors are emerging. the main one being how sophisticated the buyer is, having experienced their first smart phone and has had a few years to evaluate the two real alternatives. Its rather obvious why Android has flattened -  it has essentially replaced Symbian. The next 18 months will tell us if users will stay...
Samsungs next phone iArgue
The problem with netbooks is its hard to get a really good picture of some sexy hottie baring all her assets on them. I need at least a 1o.10 inch screen to do that . Also it much easier to quickly switch the app when the wife comes in the room with a iPad so she doesn't see the porn I'm looking at
The haters of Johnson don't really understand how business relationships work do they? There's a reason the haters are probbably not employed and resort to this kind of cristicism
Question - why no unicorns about Apple eye wear yet. The blogosphere is slipping cmon guys we need to hear more stupidity ---- or could it be Apple isn't doing it hmmnn oh yeah thats right the only reason Google wants it is to sell YOU aka "Google's product" to the evil advertisers who want all your private information "DO NO EVIL - what a crock!" Remember you are NOT Google or Facebook's customer, you are their Product , the advertiser is the customer, Thats why you...
everett, the weed has got to you, Apple has never ever been concerned with cannibalization, the different screen sizes is a non issue. Saying that "Most phones are used for data consumption & texting & when used for phones used while driving connected to cars blue tooth." well OMG that just about covers the whole gamut, tell us some new please
because you are the customer of Appl, with Facebook and Google the customers are the advertisers they get through to support very quickly. Because you are not the Facebook or Google customer----  you don't get support YOU are their product! What are you thinking really duhhhh
Please be aware that you are not a customer of Facebook YOU are a product being sold, you are assimilated
nice one apple get samsung to watse resources on building this non starter. Isn't htere a team in Apple making up patetnts to confuse the competition while they get on with the next big thing
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