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You are totally incorrect, funny though
I ordered the SS watch at 12:08am from the online store  using iPhone app, original delivery date was slated for June 10th and it was delivered last Monday 11th May , not bad at all!   Loving it so far!
Or perhaps his girlfriend needs to stop nagging about his body odor, go tRight nerd don't have girlfriends!
ahh yes - google did no evil before it started displaying ads  then it became a parody of itself becoming the antithesis of 'do no evil" slogan.  The term is called - ''selling one's Soul to the Devil". It's only about the money now for Google - how bourgeois! and of course gauranteed too fail
I for one would never buy an app from a store not protected by Apple. There would have to be safeguards guaranteeing said apps are not malicious, Is the EU willing to pay the alternative app stores to enforce security? No, ah right I didn't think so. EU can go screw itself. It didn't really do a great job of regulating the Euro did it?
I have a 6+ and had  the 5. When I use my girlfriends 5c... it just feels so tiny and like toy. Too small and hard to find. I prefer the larger  phone and think it would be a mistake to do a small phone again
I suppose if you are a vertically challenged person (Midget) there might be a reason for a 4inch phone. But I don't think Apple would sell many imho, certainly not enough to justify the expenses of retooling
like most watches , when it is brand new with perfect seals around the buttons it will be water resistant but give it a few months on the wrist I bet it isn't once the seals have worn a bit
Google SecurityAndroid Security A new couple oxymorons for my collection
Simply way of creating a complex password Take a word like $ecret Then take a number like 54 Take the cube root of it ie 3.825862365 Use 9 digits after the decimal point $ecret825862365 Nice easy way to remember a password , all I need is a calculator Then of course I can purchase a RSA 6 digit key that appends to my normal password ,changes every 60 secs I have this for my bank access For other accounts I have the website send a 6 digit code to my phone and ...
New Posts  All Forums: