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If either Samesong or Scroogle buys Paypal I will delete my PayPal account
The iPad what part of bigger don't you understand
prolly and incorrect indexing on a table in SQL backend
Actually Windows phone gained share but still in single digits where it belongs
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggg outlook, I am forced to use THAT dog at work, no way it going anywhere near my phone. Skype is bad enough now that MS changed it from peer to peer to run on their servers but this frack NO NO NO
People switch to Android really! well there must be some fools born every minuteĀ 
exception might be Weed production, and up until recently fracking, and of course the national debt
Barclays just made the same consclusion $150 it will just take it 3 months to get there, pretty safe bet really. Stocks don't go up in a straight line
what goes up usually come down, what goes down usually goes up. It just doesn't happen in a straight line. The only question is timing your trades. I'm long on Apple. Icahn has made me a lot of money Thnak you
Have you been reading the news on IBM, I believe they are in trouble, worst performing stock on the DOW in 2014. 2015 will make or break IBM most likely
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