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Microsoft will be successful but it's changing from an OS company into a services company away from windows and office monopoly it had into a much more competitive sector with players like hp, Ibm, Amazon and Google https://techpinions.com/microsoft-is-sorta-doomed/36606
get a life folks
I got my bandwidth doubled from 3GB to 6GB from Verizon all at LTE speeds and they also gave me another 1GB for free. I'm very pleased. I use my iPhone as a hotspot for my macbook Pro and I monitor my usage every night  to keep it under that cap
Standard operating procedure for Screw you
FI = Fracking Idiotic? Famously Imbecilic Foodie In Tow Forever Indecisive
I have a used car for you , only one owner
I just flagged that as stating offensive opinion, watch out the mod will get you banned  if you continue with profanity
Using the D.. bag word is offensive, you should be banned imho
Well you are for one "winning slightly" typical example of bad grammar, there are no degrees of winning,  one either wins or loses 
Samsung is  scum
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