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I think some people are over reacting just a tad don't you think.
I can use any of my 10 fingers so which one are hackers going to guess at? I think I will use my middle finger, How about my toe or my one eyed snake?
It has always intrigued me why "working" is praised so highly. Perhaps the people who own us want it that way? I prefer to play rather than working all day making money for the owners of production. At least I can choose whether to work or play with an iPad. On a surface I suppose the slaves can "work" or do break dancing on the corporate board room table!
Meh, a wash, we got finger print sensor but no news on which carrier in China just siad vailable in China, or unlocked price of 5C
I Agree, just phones and new iOS7 at this event because Cook said that they made a mistake buy introducing too much stuff at once last year. The share price will drop after news and then as new products get announced later this year and numbers come in price will probably go up slowly over next 6 months
What cracks me up and makes me buy even more Apple stock is all these "process" companies who invariably sell theirr latest gizmo and tick off various features it has thinking that is all they have to do to make it a best seller. They just don't get it , they simply do not understanmd that content/ quality is the name of the game now. Content is not in their DNA   Let me explain: I lie propped up in bed at home, watching an interview given to Steve Jobs, a lost recording...
Your post is opinion with no reasons why. 
Fantatstic news , now Apple will be able to show the current state of the Art by displaying pictures of current crop of smartwatches and listing the faults just like whe the iPhoen came out before going on to showing us the way it should be designed! Thnaks Sammy for giving us linear thinking, Apple will show us lateral thinking!
I thought a watch is meant to tell the time? None of those pics show the time!
 I'm confused, I have a 6 month old iphone5 with 32G of memory. If I sell it you are saying I can get more then $300 say around $400? Then what? I go and buy a new iPhone5s or iphone6 next year? I will pay $299 to get thaat new 32GB phone on another 2 year contract. OR I can simply swap my current iPhone at the Apple store without having to do anything much at all. The difference is at most about $50, are you that badly off you can't miss $50 and then have to go to all...
New Posts  All Forums: