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Yeah go work for Apple but you better be really good and work 18 hours a day to make me richer
Samsung is doomed
I wouldn't like to be the head of security at currentC when the CEO orders me into his office and his first questions is "Are you really sure the customer's bank account and SS# were not taken as well?" if they haven't checked the access logs to those files then they deserved to fail. err ... I hope so, lemme ask Bob in the back there I'll get back to you boss  .but on the other hand my devious/conspiracy theory mind is thinking, perhaps they did this to themselves...
 Who said Apple is not innovative! Well done whoever broke into currentC from Apple
Of course they don't know yet if the currentC pilot customer's bank account numbers and Social Security numbers were hacked YET? IF they were oops. My money is on they got into everything. And if they if they are toast I can see the headline soon "CurrentC customer's bank accounts emptied"
Does that mean these merchants are no longer allowed to take cash too?
CurrentC C stands for CRAP Consumer Rape and Pilliging
YOU obviously don't understand the law, just because someones signs a contract does not make it legal. 
 Most if not all companies are Ponzi schemes in the sense that the founders get in cheap and then the stock price goes up on expectations and the greed of later investors. The way people act nowdays they expect to be bailed out if their investment goes south. After what happened with the bankers I can see why this has become so.
Apple is exactly like a Church. They have evangalists, and fanatical supports who genuinely believe their God is ALL good as evidenced by most of the posters in this and other threads - if what they spout can be taken seriously. I'm thinking there is a new element to be added to the two most common in the Universe: 1. Hydrogen 2. Human Stupidity 3. Human Delusion Oh and before you nail me up on your Apple "Cross" I do prefer to buy apple devices but I'm not as stupid as...
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