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Oh I don't know about that  what about Chevrolet/FORD/GM?
small iPhone  -> small hands- > small diddly diddly Therefore you could logically conclude  Tallest Ski and his cohorts have  small hmmmm hmmmm
You know what they say guys with large hands also have.....  perhaps you have small hands and can only handle a small iPhone?
Give the guy a break, no one is perfect, I know some of his stuff is quite well ridiculous, but you ain't so great yourself mate! Perhaps you could have real pissing contest and see who reaches the furthest up the urinal wall. Hey we could even do it for charity, post the video on uTube and make some money for a good cause?
thats great i just wish my rei (us bank) credit card and Etrade debit cards were one of those
Ah but you forget the two most common elements in the Universe: 1. Hydrogen2. Human stupidity of course they weren't as stupid as to ban bank notes as a form of payment, but I bet they wish they could! so some upper echelon dufus in some office block in Manhattan  was thinking "hmm lets see if we can make more money by preventing people from buying our stuff!" Great thinking Einstein! 
Q. How many Apple insider posters does it take to change a light bulb? A. At least 200 and each one criticizes the way in which the previous one screwed in the lightbulb
er its called a receipt! 
Here lies the biggest disadvantage of the capitalist systems , competing and non inclusive systems. Looks like cash won't be going away any time soon. I'm actually glad - there are still some payments I want completely anonymously wink wink
Masochistic Customer eXperience 
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