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This is a lie these are "in channel" whereas Ipads are sold to customer   the actual percentage in hands of customer is closer to 90%. and don't get me started on the Kindle Fire brick and so on
The horse that bolted out the door no longer belongs to you! fracking unbelievable
Imagine if Steve Jobs were alive in 2013 and he is on stage toward the end of a product announcemnt in Feb 2013: Towards the end of the show . after share proce has dropped 50 points, because all that has been shown so far is new OS and newer iPAd, mac Pro refresh, AND ONE MORE THING: A big image of logo of Apple TV logo appears on the screen Huge ovation: "Remember I told you I had cracked TV?" then a series of slides showing the TV from the 50's , the chunk...
To sum up, the "tale of two Steve's"   Steve (Visionary, Genius) Jobs, most people see him as a visionary who changed the world.   Steve(idiot, blamer)  Balmer, I can't think of anything to say about him really, can you?   that's  all you need to know really.
http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/death_knell/   yeah right Ballmer, you complete phucktard. Wipe that self satisfying engratiation smirk off your face. All you do is surround yourself in marketing toerags all day, bleating about whatever it is they bleat about. running a company that hs no idea about how to design great systems. And fools buy the crap
Windows 1.0? It had everything Calendar, Calculator, file explorer, and so much more! I don’t see anything different from Vista. I mean killer drop-shadow on the calculator! That is some 3D eye-popping madness! :)   Windows 3.11 OMG  We can drag windows around and customize their size until we plead insanity. Lets also not forget about the sweet Minesweeper, Solitaire and Hearts! Windows 3.11 was sheer bliss.   Wndows XP- Extra Problems, well actually this is...
I think this picture of a TV is much too limited : the reason why there are no great TV's produced is because engineers tend to think the wrong way. They think in terms of functionality not in terms of "systems". Apple is the only company I know that understand systems theory. Designing stuff in terms of how it works with the rest of world around it. When we only think narrowly we end up with lots of little boxes that have a hard time doing much of anything, except the...
I bought my first cell phone circa 1995 it cost be about $50 and the plan was $39.99 for 900mins anytime. these phone companies are ripping us off. It's the only tech industry where prices go up over time imho
You are forgeting that not everyone is into tech like you and me. Most people actually have lives and when they see the ads will subconsciously start being the effect it. It is a perfect example of FUD in operation. Apple and all companies do the same thing. It is all a part of fooling (I mean marketing) the public. So the next time said consumer is comparison shopping the doubt will be there (even if it is not true) Business is all about perception and that's...
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