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Every problem in the World is Apples fault of course
No Kia, no I don't own a Kia!
Hangin' is too good for em . I suggest piano wire like Mussolini
Why am I not surprised? scumbags I advise all my friends and family to avoid Samsung products I suggest we all do the same.
I wouldn't worry about Apple, now if I onwed MSFT stock I really would be crapping my pants
"Chrome OS is also philosophically closer to everything else Google does because its based on web standards; Rubin's rejiggered Java VM platform is an oddball product that simply doesn't mesh with everything else the company does, on top of having exposed Google to intellectual property infringement liabilities and inciting its closest partners to become competitors." The above key paragraph which needs to be said over and over until the Fandroids who can't see further...
I'm pretty sure the term smartphone was first used to describe a phone that is an evolutionary jump from what is referred to as the older "feature" phones of the 90's which were powered by Symbian which were mainly menu and drop down with keys and buttons as compared with smart phones which use touch screens controls.
Let's all agree to not make this a republican/democrat war , What would be the fun in that?
true of course, but the intellectual giant who wrote the article didn't even get that far in his "reasoning"
This is such a load of nonsnense becauase Apple would put itself in the situation of having millions of unsold iPhone5's in the pipeline and on shelves which they would not be able to sell! Again the moron that thought this one up is a total dochebag and cannot see past his 80 IQ
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