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Great positive news for Apple, in latest shocker and appaling news for Android which can't make any significant inroads into market hawking current crop of excrement from "leading" Android vendors, Apple's notoriously down quarter for iPhone sales after Christmas shopping season basically flat, bodes well for stellar rest of year leading into new products for Fall. I can hear it now "what! arggggg how is it possible our new HTC and Samsung phones are not racing out the...
HTC, LG and Motorola are doomed lol
 DED = Deadly Educated Dude
 I totally agree, but I'm more optimistic. I think Google's days are numbered (in sense of growth) because they cannot generate the same revenue per click they can off Desktops and they even admitted it too. They are worried about this big time because its where most of their revenue comes from (Google is essentially a 1 franchise company, desperately trying to break out of that mold and generate new product/service), (Apple is a 2 franchise company Phone and Computers,and...
I bet most Android users think Kitcat is a brand of confectionary not an OS? Such is the overall ignorance of most Android users. The geeks are a vocal but pathetic minority who unfortunately are listened to by carrier phone sales reps at Verizon and ATT and such. The last time I was in a verizon store I was aghast at the ignorance and stupidity of the sales folks, but that is to be expected. But seeing it in the flsh is quite something. If I hear again that Android is...
 Odo, obviously outright lying does indeed work and slagging off ones main competitor's phone does work because Samsungs biz model is based on making sub standard copies and claiming in advertising, over and over and over ad infintium it is better than Apple. The Samsung shareholders were in revolt about the size of Samsung advertsing budget a few months ago. Remember the bigger the lie and the more often you ram it down the public's throat the more chance it has of...
The gloves are off - Android is a "toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities." Ouch! BizInsider's Andrian Kingsley-Hughes , now that coming from an Android friendlly media outlet , it must be really really bad!
 But you Andoid guys all said it was obvious! Can't have it both ways! Anyhow the patent system is broken and software is not protected anymore. hey I will start a new company and copy google's search algorythm and call it ""Screwggle"
Yes my thinking too. The most annoying thing with computers and mobile devices is trying to remember 50 plus userids and passwords. Facebook, twitter, yahoo , gmail, several banks accounts on and on and on it goes , trading accounts, All I want to do is one unified way to access them just use my fingerprint for eqach one. That alone would make my life 1000% easier as long as its secure enough , but it couldn't be less secure than what is currently being done.
no won't call you and idiot I will just take your money!  lol if you are sooooo sure it will be $800 by year end - really - just opinion , you don't back up you statement with any reasoned discussion, would you like to back that up with hard cash. how about a buying a $800 call option to put your opinion on the line?
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