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I agree, Jobs used to play games with the media too. I wish I could have seen Phils face as he spoke to get the nuance. Interesting though that it was him who said it and not others. I think they are playing a pseudo plausible denaibility gambit ie  If an opponent lacks incontrovertible proof (evidence) of their allegation, one can "plausibly deny" the allegation even though it may be true. In this case Apple is denying they are making a cheap iPhone, even though they may...
Notice what he didn't say. He didn't say "Cheaper" and the stock price rises, this tells me that investors were selling based somewhat on prospect of less margins. now that this rumor has been squashed back to normal margin forecasts.
As long as Samesong makes copies that look so terrible Apple has nothing to worry about , really look at it: a black silloette inside crappy mess of colored hexagon, jeex what was the graphic artist smoking LOL
I somewhat agree with you. As long as Apple keeps innovating the iPhone they will be fine. I think Apple needs to have more screen sizes to address customers who would like those options. Obviously Samsug's strategy is working the numbers support that. The real question is apples strategy - does is really want more market share at the expense of margin? I guessing there is a debate going on inside the company about the best way to position their offerings. I think that...
Not quite, it may not stop, but it frequently starts doing those classic, squares and rectangled areas of the screen (pixelating) of hdtv signals  which is essentially the same thing especially during high action and sports oriented filming. Pixelation on HDTVs is not always caused by the set's inability to keep up with the images it receives; television producers often use pixelation to obscure images deliberately to cover up nudity on non-adult programming or to...
I'm going to quote that old lightbulb joke   How many MS engineers...   None they will decree darlness as the new standard, oh jeez imagine if MS got the company every  few hours a new update would be downloaded and messin turning off our lights on second thought I woulds love to be able to turn the lights and devices off in my neigbors house when they piss me off. esp when they are partying.
Desktop Computers will be replaced with HD screen on a wall. TV will be just one App
I see a device which is basically a super cheap iPad guts without a screen or gps integrated with a  large 30 , 40,  50+ inch screens, I will buy 3, one for office one for bedroom one for living room. In fact this will replace my desktop  computer!   Here's why   The TV will connect via wifi/ bluetooth to basically everything router, iSpeakers, iTouchpad, wifi, iKeyboard,  iEtc   Basic channel changing would be of course intuitive swiping through content and...
so they are the new Microsoft, well not quite it takes Microsoft > 3OS upgrade cycles to fix its bugs, oh well
Microsoft is doomed, spread the the word please - Perception IS Reality - aka. def:  Trancendental Realism (Rudolph Steiner)
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