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yeah, I foresee life size models of SJ, at each Apple store, welcoming each customer, and showing you his iWatch and going this is really cool!
I personally stopped wearing a watch a long time ago. I find my self happier because of it. Not rushing around. I tried a few times to wear a watch and found it gave me a rash/ sweaty felt weird so i won't wear one again. Now I realize I'm a minority and not being overweight like most folks I don't suppose I will really need to know up to the second info on my heart rate, insulin count etc. Now of course I do think it will be a success because the majority of customers for...
It's a giant watch!
I worked in Switzerland for 8 years, had a great time, the standard of living there is amazing and all I can say is Switzerland has nothing to fear from Apple in terms of a watch. You do reliaze that there are several very large companies based in Switzerland including the BISS bank. Probably the most powerful institution in the whole world. Oh and Switzerland is not neutral, it runs the world.
Typical Microsoft tactic, fake their own functionality. They did it with most of their junk before.  The folks at Redmond have not changed. This is good information and tells me the company is not worth investing in. But I knew this already great to have it re-confirmed. Yes MS share price has doubled based on cloud and services , buts its consumer business is finished. They tell us all their plans and don't deliver, fix it in the next release. Same old MS M.O.
If you think about it, prior to the smartphone, which is really a computer. MS had 95% of the OS market. Now it is down to under 50% in 5 years. That is the reality for Microsoft and is the reason it is moving in the direction of cloud and business services just like IBM before it.
Most people know that the iPhone is superior overall in terms of ease of use, build quality and so on. These ads are fooling very few people. Most advertising is really about re-affirming to the customers who have already bought the product that the purchase they made was a good one. The intent is to get repeat buys. Most companies do this. All those BMW ads on TV are not directed at new buyers really, but at current BMW owners to make them feel good. No, the problem,...
I believe, at least according to Apple spec., the LTE talk time on iPhone5  is up to  10 hours not 8
If the battery size doubles , won't the battery life be a lot more something like at lest 1.5 x? yes the display is larger so it will gobble up power, but all things being equal this will take the overall battery life up from current 8-10 to over 12 to 15 hours I would guess based on a simplistic calculation, more than enough! This does not include any allowance for battery power saving optimization with new OS either. current iPhone 5 Internet use: Up to 8 hours on...
Apple Samesung anyone?
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