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In a perverse way perhaps Samsung is helping Apple, all the people who bought the Galaxy were thinking because of Samsung's advertising they were getting a superior phone to the iPhone. But they were actually getting an inferior product. What Samsung has done is cripple HTC and Motorola over the last 2 years, perhaps now the HTC and MOTO will stage a come back? The question now will be will the other high end phones take up the slack or will the iPhone take market share...
July 7, 2004: Jury advised of adverse interference when Samsung allowed emails to be automatically deleted even after it was told to retain relevant emails. After Samsung’s appeal, Judge William Martini found “Samsung’s actions go far beyond mere negligence, demonstrating knowing and intentional conduct.” October 17, 2005: The U.S. Department of Justice fined Samsung nearly $300M for memory price fixing within the U.S. Feb. 7, 2007: U.S. government fined Samsung for $90M...
if you ask me APPL stock has "actually" not been very volatile the last few months . it has rolled between 98 and 103 recently. +/- 3%  not really much , the overall market is more volatile .  The Value line BETA= 0.85 which indicates low volatility and means that APPL is not a very lucrative stock to trade options in.  I'm sorry folks, using facts is not entertaining enough for you,  I know using actual facts to backup my argument flies in the face of 99% of posters here...
it's not your data that is being sold it is figuratively you , Google sells the customer the ability to get targeted ads on the screen in front of you and it sends emails based on your profile. When you click on them google gets paid by the advertiser
It helps to actually remember "facts" but of course most people don't because the average attention span of humans is about 3 seconds. Anyone not securing their home wi-fi network deserves to be taken advantage of.
"I'm using ghostery, what  aGodsend. I started using Bing, and the only google "service" I have left is GMAIL. I"m about to stop using that as well  
I thought google is a division of the NSA?
Google wheels this guy out just to create misinformation. I imagine back at headquarters they were rolling around on the floor, clutching their sides,  hardly able to breathe after that interview!
ah finally we understand why it's called the Galaxy "Ass" as in "asshole",  Glasshole, because A-holes like it and use it. Now I see the pattern, look the reason they used "Note" is because it thymes with "Bloat"
New Posts  All Forums: