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Here is all I have to say about Windows: Windows 1.0 - yikes Windows 2.0 - slightly less yikes Windows 3.0 Windows (W)orry (G)roups Windoze 95 well err.... lemme see really 97 Windose 98 Windows NT (Nice Try) Window (M)ore (E)xcuses Windows e(X)tra (P)roblems Windows (V)iruses (I)ntruders (S)pyware (T)rojans (A)dware Windows 7 Windows 7 ate 9 Windows 10 (1.0) full circle yuck
hilarious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE5OFhjWzzk#t=95
All non Chinese phones have an additional tax added, its got nothing to do with Apple
my preference is for the 6 , I visited the Apple store to check out the size of the iP6 and the 4.7" isn't a big enough difference for me over the iP5 to justify the upgrade. I also have very large hands and I was able to use the 6 quiet easily , my preference for the 6 is mainly for the bigger screen my eye sight is going now I'm 55 and the Notability app can be used on it, but not really the iP6.
BF's first statement "I think Apple panicked with the iPhone 6 Plus" is simply speculation. Therefore the rest of his piece is conjecture and not worth anything  
So the net effect is that $ travel from a's bank account to b's (douchebag's) bank account and zero revenue is generated for (a). Guess who the sucker is in this arrangement?
I'm convinced that Apple took all the high end phones and made sure the new iPhone exceeded their strengths test by a considerable margin. The haters don't get it. They spout superficial nonsense. They really have it the wrong way around, its the Android devices that are superficial, cheap, low quality with very little real content behind them. The fact that they take pot shots at Apple further proves a classic case of projection. The imbeciles who claim DED wrote an...
Another pissing contest , grow up children!
FYI Comcast charges $11495/mo for  up to 150MB/sec  wtf do you need all that speed for exactly, 50MB/sec should be enough for most purposes
yes 9 morons on you tube putting incredible force on the phone to bend it. I laughed when I saw one of em literally his fingers were shaking  at the pressure he was applying. That demo was not simulating the forces that might get applied in normal use.
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