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I think I'll wait to buy them until when they start turning up at Dollar store and Dollar Tree
As long as Microsft fails to understand the most crucial point about its failing business model it is destined to slowly fail over time. The point is that its core profit and revenue centers are being squeezed from two sides. Its not obvious yet. that is why the MS fan boys can't see the trend. The two forces squeezing it are mobile from the low end (Apple, HP's coming mobile/always connected OS etc) and the busines side the Virtualization /business rationalization). It...
This is great news, I imagine the Tablet manufacturers are heaving a collective "Thank God for the Earthquake" , because now they have a legitimate reason to delay their launches behind shortages of components and save face. They can blame their delays on the parts shortage and spend the time improving their implementations and at least attmpt to compete with the iPad2 on some sort of level playing field.
AAPL Last Trade: 333.02 1y Target Est: 424.80 Market Cap: 306.80B P/E (ttm): 18.58 EPS (ttm): 17.92 Netflix Last Trade: 233.73 1y Target Est: 221.91 Market Cap: 12.36B P/E (ttm): 78.96 EPS (ttm): 2.96 I don't think Netflix is a buy right now, the easy money has been made on it, that PE ratio is too damned high for me and I don't think its potential growth will come to make it a buy right now
There's a resemblance by Gartner and their ilk to Palm Beach "walkers" - young to middle aged "gentlemen" on Florida's Atlantic Coast, who flirt with and squire around wealthy, lonely widows and spinsters. There's no sense of conviction, principles or ethics in play here. It's all about chasing the wafting scent of money.[/QUOTE] Now we agree - Capitalism isn't about conviction, ethics or principles simply money, cool of course Apple is above all this (sarcasm)
I sadly agree with you, the average consumer has very little clue, what they are buying works for and against them in my book. Apple has great simplistic advertising which works in their favor so do most of the Android commercials. They are selling an image. There will always be folks who want to buy simple , some who want macho and everything in between. most folks buy based on peer pressure and on price. I guess the outcome of this will be fought on the sales floor of ...
Okay okay. i'll continue to bite on the pissing contest/ troll thread GArtner is simply doing what it does well, which is providing very conservative estimates on a market. It is simply covering its bases in a very predictable manner. You folks don't really understand the mind set of how busness is conducted. Yes of course it is making claims that don't make sense to YOU. Thats is fine. Its not about having to prove its findings - its about something else...
speaking of trolling why not call it the iFart, just joking
isn't there a new Android phone called Thunderbolt? I smell lawsuit , yeah
LARGEST SELLER OF ARMS IN THE WORLD: US Government so lets stop pretending thats we are not causing conflicts : WAKE UP If we stood up and demanded that our government cease selling arms all over the world there would be alot less people getting killed
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