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14 April 2014 it will only be possible to use Google Wallet to make an NFC payment using a device that supports host card emulation (HCE). %u201CDevices with Android versions older than Android 4.4 (Kitkat) will no longer be supported for tap and pay,%u201D Google says.
And this is the reason why Samsung is losing market share, because their  current owners are ditching their crappy phones. The name of the game is keeping your current customers happy by selling a quality device. It is becoming more known that Samsung's quality is not as good as Apple's and that the S4, S5 start to malfunction as they age. Thats what you get buying a low quality, plastic case with inferior components inside
Tim Cook is even more anal retentive than Steve ever was and that is quite some achievement. Everything Tim says is measured, weighed and deliberated on  before he speaks. He has the ability to think so fast that it appears as though what he is saying is spontaneous but it isn't he hardly  ever makes a mistake in what he says. He toys with journalists and media people and  uses them very precisely to achieve his desired outcome.
I'm older now, and I'm a lazy mofo. I can't read the time on my iPhone without glasses, well I can if its the splash screen but not the small text at the top. I hate having to pull out my phone find my glasses every time I want the time. I would prefer a watch. I will be buying the gold one to show it off to all my superficial sailing buddies like me and because I have more money than sense.
Is that all? $1200 I want to be able to show off one costing at least $5000 and I will buy one as soon as it is available
Mr Rickers-  Thanks sweetie!, I'm going to have much fun, repeatedly quoting this ludicrous statement back in your face - over the next few years as your prediction likely turns out to be complete nonsense. 
Not "everyone" , "many" perhaps, why do you keep making black and white statements, it indicates a rather limited judgmental  intellect.
 So many idiots who know nothing and so little time to enlighten them
I wonder if iPhone addict is more addicted to his drug than a crack addict?
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