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Sarcasm (I want my crack cocaine hit NOW - if I don't get what I want Apple is doomed) jeez people grow the frack up. I know we live in a juvenile "me" society with a 1 sec attention span and serious lack of awareness and superficiality, its about time you learnt that the latest device is not going to make you happy.
He is yanking your chain , pay online with cash indeed lol
Where Do you shop?
Keep you hands off my 8 inches buddy
You can keep your 6+ away from my 8 inches okay buddy
"Protect and leverage valuable data to offer your customers better experiences and interactions throughout the path to purchase." Well, doesn't that sound familiar (cough Google cough). So they're going to mine your purchasing habits in order to present offers to you.  There a reason I won't use that system right there! I will NOT  use my credit card or debit card at stores that are going to sell my profile I will use cash.
I suppose retailers might be put off by the fact that the payment is anonymous and of course they prefer the customer uses their in store credit card which makes more money in interest charges esp. Macy cards and they make money selling your spending profile to other companies like your email, phone number, address and zip code. Retailers typically make more profit off cards than actual sales too. I know that gasoline retail are champing at the bit to get Apple Pay...
well spotted, I made a mistake, o I'm sorry I'm just being human.
     "You think that thought you are having is your own?"  hmmmmm 
Unfortunately Apple can't control the primary technology to make an Apple TV yet! Sad but true but really I can't see how a TV can ever be a truly creative device. Art is hands on, can you think of any artistic medium where fingers and hands are not used? I think the only way a TV might become a truly hand input device is make the technology be able to "read" a human waving hands about in front of it or reading body movements that's  the leap I think that Steve Jobs made...
New Posts  All Forums: