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 said to be terrible by whom?
Chip and PIN is vulnerable , apparently the encoding is weak, The latest vulnerability which has been published allows hackers to hack the chip and PIN system. The flaw is in the random number generator which is used by millions of users each day. Fair to say it better than the former POS readers though
Unfortunately chip and pin has ben hacked , it is not as secure as its touted to be! The most secure method is network tokenization like Apple implemented
cool cool cool, WILL on monday when I get back from EUROPE, which by the way i had my non chiip and pin cc not accepted at various locations. APPLE PAY LEAP FROGS CHIP AND PIN AND IS MORE SECURE
You are totally incorrect, funny though
I ordered the SS watch at 12:08am from the online store  using iPhone app, original delivery date was slated for June 10th and it was delivered last Monday 11th May , not bad at all!   Loving it so far!
Or perhaps his girlfriend needs to stop nagging about his body odor, go tRight nerd don't have girlfriends!
ahh yes - google did no evil before it started displaying ads  then it became a parody of itself becoming the antithesis of 'do no evil" slogan.  The term is called - ''selling one's Soul to the Devil". It's only about the money now for Google - how bourgeois! and of course gauranteed too fail
I for one would never buy an app from a store not protected by Apple. There would have to be safeguards guaranteeing said apps are not malicious, Is the EU willing to pay the alternative app stores to enforce security? No, ah right I didn't think so. EU can go screw itself. It didn't really do a great job of regulating the Euro did it?
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