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How do you know that an airplane is full of AI forum posters When the engines stop working it keeps on whining
what a bunch of complainers!
not all stocks rise with the tide of the market, especially if they have been rising and need to retrace like Apple does right now it hit a high of 130 now it half way back to 120 as I predicted!
Guarantee I see, so what form of payment do I get if it doesn't reach 200 from you. After all put you money where your mouth is. Otherwise you are playing poker without cash on the table
Wrong, you simply have no clue, no-one does
Square is the new Round - Frosty !!!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjscH2WBWjw
I refer you to you quote in 2014 see below, not long to go till you are revealed as the laughing stock you ARE
OMG finally a AI user who actually took the time to add something relevant and true, what a rarity
stock don't always go up you know? This is just normal tradingĀ 
it will retrace to 120 first then up to 135 ish drop back a bit then start a tend up to 150 by fall in anticipation of new hardware in Sept
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