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After all an android nerd is simply a cheap, no good, pimply faced, no brain, robot. Yes?
Totally agree. In one of Steve jobs interviews he explained what is different at Apple that no other company does which is "the work" is the most important thing and para phrasing Steve jobs: "Johnny (Ive) I'm surprised you take it personally, I thought you were better than that"Apple simply designs it the right way. INSANELY GREAT. They design things the way they want to use it, not to quickly get something to market asap. Case in point Apple watch, and look at the...
Then there was Microsoft stealing Java and coming up with their own version in an attempt to kill Suns version anti openThen there was Microsoft taking C and coming up with their own version called C sharp.See the pattern?When a monopoly company can hijack a product change it and come out with their own version which makes the early adopters version broken that's abuse of market power. It's standard operating procedure for Microsoft, now Google just did the same thing...
Stock valuation are not based on the obvious and simplistic interpretation you are making. The most likely reason Apple fell was due to short term profit taking after the recent run up, it's quite normal. Educate yourself.
You don't understand the stock marketIt works like this :There is only a certain amount of money in the world, it is divided up amonst varies sectors, pension funds and mutual funds and money pouring in from 401k funds. It gets allocate across various indexes and asset classes with some very strict rules.The resistance you call phony indicates a complete lack of understanding how money is allocated over time and a misunderstanding of the structural behavior of the market...
If either Samesong or Scroogle buys Paypal I will delete my PayPal account
The iPad what part of bigger don't you understand
prolly and incorrect indexing on a table in SQL backend
Actually Windows phone gained share but still in single digits where it belongs
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggg outlook, I am forced to use THAT dog at work, no way it going anywhere near my phone. Skype is bad enough now that MS changed it from peer to peer to run on their servers but this frack NO NO NO
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