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The gloves are off - Android is a "toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities." Ouch! BizInsider's Andrian Kingsley-Hughes , now that coming from an Android friendlly media outlet , it must be really really bad!
 But you Andoid guys all said it was obvious! Can't have it both ways! Anyhow the patent system is broken and software is not protected anymore. hey I will start a new company and copy google's search algorythm and call it ""Screwggle"
Yes my thinking too. The most annoying thing with computers and mobile devices is trying to remember 50 plus userids and passwords. Facebook, twitter, yahoo , gmail, several banks accounts on and on and on it goes , trading accounts, All I want to do is one unified way to access them just use my fingerprint for eqach one. That alone would make my life 1000% easier as long as its secure enough , but it couldn't be less secure than what is currently being done.
no won't call you and idiot I will just take your money!  lol if you are sooooo sure it will be $800 by year end - really - just opinion , you don't back up you statement with any reasoned discussion, would you like to back that up with hard cash. how about a buying a $800 call option to put your opinion on the line?
pre WWDC rally , buys some puts at 640 based on new products for fall expected and then disappoint (read where is the 6inch model iPhone only 5.5 inch perhaps, what no iWatch or whatever, who knows really) all the people who wanted to know NOW at WWDC when all the vaporware the idiot clickosphere wanted and Apple said nothing about don't materialize. and 7:1 split pull back to 600 = $85 in short term (entry point), close out the PUT make some income then roll up and down...
Another reason why my choice of never buying/using anything from Google is valid. Why would I want Google selling information about what I have or do in my home in my home to the highest bidder? Google is doomed Anti-google/facebook monitoring tools Ghostery and Adaware
funny how the "now", "instant gratification" crowd can't stand DED, well it's not funny it makes perfect sense, actual having to take more than 10 seconds looking at something or taking the time to actually read omg READ something put them into physical discomfort. YES! DED please write  more please, Nothing like actual facts to make these idiots squirm. All they know how to do is skim and knee jerk react with the usual lies, which us after all the norm nowadays. so be it.
Gatorguy must rate as the most revisionist, liar on apple insider?
Of course Google  wouldn't admit to it - you are a tad naive dude - jeez
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