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 I bet you are related to the person who stood on his fridge door and broke his neck then sued the fridge company for not including a warning. Net result we have to pay for all the extra verbiage caused because every frigging item has a booklet in 20 languages telling consumers what not to do with the product.
Only a complete dufus opens up expensive and delicate electronics above a hard surface like tile or concrete. I always open mine either on the carpet or on the bed. No wonder the nanny state is alive and kicking. Perhaps we should have people take out insurance in case they get wet in the rain?
how much memory does the OS and bloat take up again? oops
yes you probably need all that capacity for all the hot air you post, not to mention all your Apple watch backup you will need
The Galaxy s5 market is already saturated. Any one who already has one is not going to get another after only a year. Don't be silly. After all what is the trade in value of an s5 . Oh dear And remember all those 2 for 1 deals, even my dawg traded his crappy s5 in for an iPhone. Too little too late Samsung. Apple gotcha this time and this is simply desperation!
I'm going to start defacing samsungs posters by striking out Samsung and Galaxy and replacing with Apple iPhone! Might even start a trend
I have already reported him 12 times on his previous troll posts, he is clever though he doesn't resort to abuse or swearing
"I hope it does come, and we should pursue it because it is about scientific exploring," Mr Wozniak said. "But in the end we just may have created the species that is above us."   What a complete idiot. Computers do not have a soul -  a computer chip is after all simply a passive device. it simply obeys instructions and this kind of quote illustrates the sheer stupidity of people who have no understanding of higher life forms. Even if a computer could be designed to...
Two wrongs does not make a right Just because one competitor  does it does not justify a corrupt practice. If that were the case the Barry Bonds would have been justified in Taking Steroids to keep up with the rest of baseball! Then again Business Ethics is a oxymoron
I also like this one, it seems to apply to most people    “Orthodoxy means not thinking--not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.” George Orwell   ​Is not all advertising purpose simply to take thinking out of the buying decision? It makes the recipient unconscious, after all that IS the reason the TV folks call it "programming"
New Posts  All Forums: