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I dropped facebook for putting sponsored ads in the middle of my page. I dropped Pandora for inserting commercials I dropped cable a long time ago because I will not pay for a TV service which has ads I like Apple because it doesn't do ads, I will pay for it, the moment it does ads I will drop them too. I use ghostery, adblock and a few others on my browser. I've turned off Flash It speeds up the download tiumes for web pages immensely. For every service that is trying...
does the xbox make a profit?
damn - I was expecting him to run the company even more into the ground. I'm glad he will be involved in the new hire - lets see if he can hire a new clown
Its plane, No, its a bird, No, it Superphone, Who the frak cares really, still have to put a case around it
 I'll have that steak with fries please?
"Is Apple and Jony Ive losing it's cool? This is gaudy and unattractive. May appeal to Kim Kardashian but not the general public. Also the supposed low cost phone colors are also hideous. The yellow looks like a canary yellow" Apart from your terrible grammer: This is a rumor, Apple doesn't sell a Gold phone so how can Apple and John Ivy lose its cool on a non existant product?
Real life is undramatic and dull. If the producer's and writer's had copied real life the film would have been duller than watching golf or paint drying. Get a grip folks and lOL get a life geez!
 I respectfully disagree sir, yes I Agree they don't make a classical profit because as you point out you they can't sell them, but for all intents and purposes they are indeed making a "profit" in the sense that each share they own is worth more implicitly because there are less of them available in the float thereby causing the stock to rise. The profit they make in the USA is reduced in future years because they have to service the debt - this reduces taxes they owe...
 Thanks that is why I drive a BMW, 207K after 14 years and still goes like new. I very much doubt he Ford Focus will even be running at 100K
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Don't get him fired yet, we need to wait until MS is making a solid loss each quarter on severely reduced revenue and market share before they bring in the Hatchet man CEO. Hysterical how ads about Apple's Ipad on a hurse came back to haunt them ! Just can't make this stuff up the reality is way funnier. As an aside its so sad we now have a President who can string a sentence together! 
New Posts  All Forums: