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I ordered mine at 12:14   Stainless steel with black strap, I figure the white one will get really dirty looking   Delivery by May 14th its says.
great- how long to delivery 4-6 weeks?
still not up
Its fascinating reading people's judgmental posts. 
I just got back from Best Buy. I managed to bend the S6, very easy really -  and the glass shattered too
Samsung Galaxy S6 "A PAIN IN  THE ASS" literally
I agree 4k is mostly hyperbole and marketing morons salivating at all th extra money"" they tried and failed to convince us that we needed 3d. Jee that was obvious. Yes and all the bandwidth is horrendous. How about making some decent movies , have you looked at all the garbage at the theatre right now omg it's so bad
I don't trust google at all. I won't ever buy anything they make or use any of their services. I tell all my non technical people the same and why
I think it looks really slick, I like the fact Apple took one more year to perfect it rather than rushing it to market like the rest. I can't wait to buy one
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