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I have a 6+ and had  the 5. When I use my girlfriends 5c... it just feels so tiny and like toy. Too small and hard to find. I prefer the larger  phone and think it would be a mistake to do a small phone again
I suppose if you are a vertically challenged person (Midget) there might be a reason for a 4inch phone. But I don't think Apple would sell many imho, certainly not enough to justify the expenses of retooling
like most watches , when it is brand new with perfect seals around the buttons it will be water resistant but give it a few months on the wrist I bet it isn't once the seals have worn a bit
Google SecurityAndroid Security A new couple oxymorons for my collection
Simply way of creating a complex password Take a word like $ecret Then take a number like 54 Take the cube root of it ie 3.825862365 Use 9 digits after the decimal point $ecret825862365 Nice easy way to remember a password , all I need is a calculator Then of course I can purchase a RSA 6 digit key that appends to my normal password ,changes every 60 secs I have this for my bank access For other accounts I have the website send a 6 digit code to my phone and ...
I disagree I have the right to keep my email private. The problem is this : say for instance I like to attend a swinger party. These are parties where I go with my wife and have sex with other couples, all perfectly legal. I do not want the government but especially anyone at work finding out about. Can you imagine the consequences for my career that would have especially if I was a teacher. Society has no right to know what I do behind closed doors as long as it's not...
Adam D. Moore, author of Privacy Rights: Moral and Legal Foundations, argued "it is the view that rights are resistant to cost/benefit or consequentialist sort of arguments. Here we are rejecting the view that privacy interests are the sorts of things that can be traded for security."[16] He also stated that surveillance can disproportionately affect certain groups in society based on appearance, ethnicity, and religion.[16] Moore maintains that there are at least three...
Microsoft will be successful but it's changing from an OS company into a services company away from windows and office monopoly it had into a much more competitive sector with players like hp, Ibm, Amazon and Google https://techpinions.com/microsoft-is-sorta-doomed/36606
get a life folks
I got my bandwidth doubled from 3GB to 6GB from Verizon all at LTE speeds and they also gave me another 1GB for free. I'm very pleased. I use my iPhone as a hotspot for my macbook Pro and I monitor my usage every night  to keep it under that cap
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