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funny how the "now", "instant gratification" crowd can't stand DED, well it's not funny it makes perfect sense, actual having to take more than 10 seconds looking at something or taking the time to actually read omg READ something put them into physical discomfort. YES! DED please write  more please, Nothing like actual facts to make these idiots squirm. All they know how to do is skim and knee jerk react with the usual lies, which us after all the norm nowadays. so be it.
Gatorguy must rate as the most revisionist, liar on apple insider?
Of course Google  wouldn't admit to it - you are a tad naive dude - jeez
Google P/E ratio is 542.81 This means it will take Google 543 years to pay off your investment Google is a very bad investment in the sense that you are going to have to wait a long time to see profits Another way of saying this is your investment is being spent on ideas and products which one day might see the light of day at which point the P/E ratio will start dropping because the profits from these (products/services) will cause earnings to rise. As a company matures...
I think the question is related to why would you need an SD adapter in the first place? I.e. what possible need do you have for such an archaic thing?
Thanks for the picture it loos to me like a deck chair in a art studio, all glitz, little functionality, which is very ironic since MS has been one of the loudest critics of Apple calling their products toys/no meat etc. Is that why its called a surface because its so superficial?
Excuse me! Gutter/clicko/liars blog press, but where are all the cries of lack of innovation, MS is doomed. Oh that's - right Microsoft is NOT expected to actually makes something new. This is simply a drop in price disguised as a new tablet and a friction doohickey to make it look like innovation. Remember the previously overpriced model was stinking the place up so they had to do something to gain traction. Too little and way too late as usual for Microsoft. Microsoft is...
In the art of War: when fighting an enemy, constantly harry and intimidate your opponent to try to catch him off balance. It is a very powerful tactic, one which Samsung knows well. It may win Samsung a few Battles , but fundamentally Samsung will lose the war because its strategy of fast follower will eventually bleed it dry. This can be seen by the dropping share price and reduced margins which will limit its ability to wage a war based on huge ad expenditure.
boo hooo hoo my new pacifier doesn't taste the same as my old one ,arghhhhhhhhhhh, and its all your fault. you owe me. ITS SOOO PATHETIC
Perhaps Apple is about to release the new iPhone and other devices and is going to copy many Android features and so wanst to get an agreement in place so they won't get sued? and then take 90% of the market lol
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