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I agree 4k is mostly hyperbole and marketing morons salivating at all th extra money"" they tried and failed to convince us that we needed 3d. Jee that was obvious. Yes and all the bandwidth is horrendous. How about making some decent movies , have you looked at all the garbage at the theatre right now omg it's so bad
I don't trust google at all. I won't ever buy anything they make or use any of their services. I tell all my non technical people the same and why
I think it looks really slick, I like the fact Apple took one more year to perfect it rather than rushing it to market like the rest. I can't wait to buy one
These clowns do what most people do,  who don't take the time to examine their assumptions. They simply believe what they hear at the water cooler without taking the time to really have one original thought in  their pathetic heads. Its called the herd instinct. Saying something that contradicts the conventional wisdom/peer group  is hard to do because the person doing it risks his credibility and career advancement. Playing it safe and being a "yes" man is precisely what...
Yes please sell your shares, so I can buy more, seriously these analysts need to shut the f... up and keep bashing Apple so I can make even more money really shhhhhhhhh stop telling the truth about Apple beating estimates dammit!
I'll add I think the single port idea is fantastic. Now finally all we need to buy is one USB-C hub, which will allow us to have a single connector when plugging the thing into keyboard, mouse, display, backup drive and what ever else on the desk. That way I don't have to unplug multiple devices when I want to throw the laptop in a bag and leave the house.  Most people have so little imagination!  see link, yes I know its standard USB but there will be plenty USB-C...
 I bet you are related to the person who stood on his fridge door and broke his neck then sued the fridge company for not including a warning. Net result we have to pay for all the extra verbiage caused because every frigging item has a booklet in 20 languages telling consumers what not to do with the product.
Only a complete dufus opens up expensive and delicate electronics above a hard surface like tile or concrete. I always open mine either on the carpet or on the bed. No wonder the nanny state is alive and kicking. Perhaps we should have people take out insurance in case they get wet in the rain?
how much memory does the OS and bloat take up again? oops
New Posts  All Forums: