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 Thanks that is why I drive a BMW, 207K after 14 years and still goes like new. I very much doubt he Ford Focus will even be running at 100K
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Don't get him fired yet, we need to wait until MS is making a solid loss each quarter on severely reduced revenue and market share before they bring in the Hatchet man CEO. Hysterical how ads about Apple's Ipad on a hurse came back to haunt them ! Just can't make this stuff up the reality is way funnier. As an aside its so sad we now have a President who can string a sentence together! 
I think Icahn has a valid point It makes sense to borrow money at 3% to buy back stock and push the share price up to $600 rough calculation Buy $100B worth of shares at 3% costs 103B over a certain term According to my calculation if share price goes to $600 thats a 9% gain based on an average buying price of 550 ie 50/550 thats about 9% "profit" on a total purchase of 100Billion. That is called a no brainer! what is the money doing offshore? I don't think it is...
what went on behind the scenes was this: "Have you seen the latest "sold" sales number - oh Frack we are screwed" "Don't worry we will hide the truth by telling them we have sold millions like everyone else, we just won't say its to the sales channel" Perhaps lying about sales numbers will actually become a criminal offense and we can finally base our investment decisions on real numbers? Don't hold you breath
Okay here follows what the tech industry is really like: In any culture, there is a certain tendency to try to perpetuate a myth. For example Doctors like to make themselves feel elevated from the rest of us by their use of jargon and bad handwriting and using words which normal people don't use. By speaking their own particular language it makes them feel important and at the same time it makes the public look up to them as "knowledgeable" Every group does this,...
I dumped my GOOG stock recently because I thouhgt it was overbought based on idiotic enthusiasm and the fact that their main revenue earner is generating less $ per click on mobile for them and getting worse going forward and competition with FB is heating up. Did you see the pop in FB share price, very telling no? Advertisers are beginning to discover that google isn't generating them as much buiness effectively as it was in the past and the click rates are dropping on...
Meh, well if it does go up to $595 within a year I'm looking forward to that. I will sell about half my holding and take a profit when it does based on news at he time and the usual guidance from Apple. I have a few other stocks I'd like to divest into in future but I'm not telling you about them just yet
Even if Apple does not win every part of its case and comes away without an outright ban, it has a moral victory at the very least, and additionally what it has done is made Samsung think twice and spend significant resources designing around and at least attempting to avoid copying. This institutionalized theft has to stop. As an Apple shareholder, I have invested over $100K of my hard earned money over the last 7 years in Apple and I congratulate Apple on going...
 I wonder if there will ever come a time when Samsung's board and/or investors will start to question their blatant copying of other companies patents. I am guessing at some point the cost of protecting themselves from patents and damage to the Samsung brand as a result will start to affect their bottom line? I hope so! I for one will never buy anything from Samsung ever again and try to not buy anything sourced with their junk either if at all possible practically.
 Ridiculous opinion which has been fully explained as FRAND abuse not patent abuse , futher compounded by his mistake at not buying stock when it was at 393 like I did or are you another guy caught with your shorts down?
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