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This constant belittling of Apple analysts is very ignorant. Most of the posters display a lot ignorance about how the appl stock moves and they do not understand the forces at works which move a stock price. There are many factors at work too numerous to mention. I will give you a basic primer on stock charts Stock price growth is essentially based on earnings (which is a fancy word for profits) the more profit a company makes the higher its stock price generally...
I have checked the value line report on Apple and earnings are projected to rise over the next 2 years
I am using the clamcase for the iPad mini. A little heavy but it completely protects it and is up to Apple's high standard for quality. Check it out
There is no spoon ... I mean tablet
according to your logic then With Windows accounting for 90% of PC's , that means there is only 10% share left.  How can MS possibly increase their share of the market much more? Growth will be nearly flat!  MS is doomed!
I just love watching the crack addicts NOT get their fix at New Apple events, Tremendous. Instead I love investing in a company that slowly and surely does not pander to these fools.
I think the case can be summed up as this:   The problem is as follows, iPhone was/is? obviously vastly superior to every other competitor's alternative. How does one then deal with a situation where that company  (Apple) can then dictate to the market what is going to be the standard until its IP can be copied?     Obviously the creator should be allowed to protect its creation and benefit from it financially. However there is the public good. Normally after a...
George Bernard Shaw wrote some thing like this The problem with getting into a fight/muck with a pig is that the pig loves it and you end up looking like the pig and no one can tell the difference between you and the pig. Personally I'd love to see an ad from Apple with bunch of Samsung engineers dressed up as pigs designing a crappy phone , grunting like pigs all covered in mud then the scene cuts to a pristine set showing true genius Apple design lab and a voice over...
Google is doomed I tell ya
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