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They wont make it like Apple Pay because they want the customer data and so they won't ever do TOTAL network TOKENIZATION like Apple has done. It will NEVER be as secure as Apple's solution. Yes more secure than before,  but not as secure as Apple pay
That's great! you have a wonderful camera there. How many Lumias did MS sell last Qtr again? And I mean sold to end user -  not stuffed into the channel
err.. just guessing but an intuitive and easy to use front end!
Add to this the fact that the LOOP PAY tokenization isn't "network tokenization" (like applePay is) Network tokens means that the phone device tokenizes the CC# then ONLY the receiving Bank decodes the token!  LoopPay decodes the token at the acquirer (in between the POS and the authorizing Bank. In this case that will be at any point in the network NOT  the Bank end point . So Google for instance will have access to all YOUR  customer data including the  credit card...
The Samsung CEO is a indicted felon http://www.engadget.com/2008/04/17/samsung-ceo-charged-with-fraud-wont-be-arrested/ he even admitted it. This  is why I won't buy anything made directly by Samsung. Though its  tough they supply a lot of the components for most electronics with their FAB 
I understand that it's not mandated what changes is who is responsible for fraud. Without chip and pin the retailer/ acquirer is responsible for any fraudulent payments not the bank
Evil cannot be destroyed or eliminated only transformed into Goodness
One thing most are  forgetting is that with the EMV rollout mandated by fall 2015 for non EMV POS devices, any fraud committed the retailer will be liable , not the Credit card company. This is a really big deal its going to essentially force all the POS devices to upgrade to EMV which also INCLUDES NFC. So by the end of the year almost every device will potentially work with Apple Pay (the only exception is outdoor gas pumps)
Referring to my chart as voodoo is disrespectful, but anyways, There is one emotion that drives stock  prices and its called fear - in two ways:1)  fear of price dropping more and selling based on that fear2) fear that stock will keep rising and chance of missing out on future profits (another word for this is greed) It is a well known fact among seasoned investors and traders: When a share starts to rise (after previous trend or gap up after earnings, or even after a gap...
Oh you poor thing, why don't you go home to daddy and he will make it better. It must be so tough being in the " me, me, me" generation! After all what are parents for but to get $500 for the latest gift.,
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