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I have booted Google search and default to duck duck go already , spread the word and down with the evil google
I went into homedepot tried to pay with apple pay , first teller had no idea what apple pay is. Second teller said she didn't know if it would work, had never heard of nfc. Asked me if it would work with her iPhone 5. The mass ignorance out there is something to behold. We are geeks and the Public has no idea what they are doing or buying no wonder Samsung sold so many phones . There are so many fools out there to sell to
As one moron said "a rounding error"
Well I'll give you at least three of the first one is online payments via NFC the second one is the watch and the third one I would be guessing eventually will be television and perhaps the third the fourth one will be wearables in terms of health and stuff like that I think
Ghostery and alike should protect you on the browsers but when using an app they won't you will have to jailbreak to stop that
iAds works in app as far as I can see , its not just for browsers and iTunes to stop it you have to jailbreakhttp://mewbies.com/ios-how_to_block_ads_in_ios.htm
yes here is how: http://mewbies.com/ios-how_to_block_ads_in_ios.htm but have to open up the phone to do so and jailbreak every time a new release of iOS come out oh frack!
Even if they sell 40 million watches in first year with say about 40% margin that 350/2 times 40'000'000 -> less than 7billion hardly makes a dent really could only move stock 10%. That only 10 points and stock is up about that already, if any weak numbers it will be back around $100 pretty quickly. The problem these moron forget when talking about $150 and up is they forget the law of large numbers there simply isn't the money in the market to generate another 400 billion...
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