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I don't think Jobs was as critical as you believe. He was more of the type of person who wanted people to really think deeper about things (GET IT RIGHT, its all about the work "the ART" not the money) and not rush bad quality products out as is reflected by Apple's way of doing business something which annoys superficial people (like yourself?) and financial short term gain investors on Wall Street.
I wonder if there will come a day when Apple iTunes will offer individual or season passes to NFL games and post season and Super Bowl. How long does the networks have NFL locked up? NFL network deal with Apple?
In fact the engineers at Rim told the executives that it was impossible for apple to have built a phone that did what it did with the battery life apple claimed , boy were they so wrong! Now look at blackberry market share!I cannot think of a family of products like the iPod/iPhone/iPad that has singlehandedly obliterated several companies, product catogories and retail outlets except possibly the Sony Walkman / disc player, really what we have witnessed is probably the...
It is you who have dug yourself a big hole, there is no way a Symbian phone can ever ever ever be categorized as a smart phone for the simple reason that it can't scroll. The iPhone was the first phone that allowed scrolling, the minor point that it didn't have user load able apps at first is simply freaking irrelevant. Don't you remember the comment " you had me at scrolling" when Steve was demoing the pictures, contacts and photos scrolling was a huge leap in the...
Disable flash then it's quite simple to do
I'm really surprised a vibrator hasn't been invented that can be controlled from an iPhone . Imagine the possibilities esp.remotely!
I love you sarcasm lol
Finally an honest programmer, (and a dinosaur), I just hope you are not more than about 10 years way from retirement, back in the day we used to say that a job for life was an IBM SYSadmin, The big iron needed so much maintenance just to keep it running. Most of us old farts know that MS is the new IBM . Microcrud Windows decline has started and is accelerating, the new management is moving away from the personal desktop  to the cloud because they know they can only stay...
I already use the equil pen, it uses infrared and blue tooth , it's quite well implemented and can simply write on any paper and can store it onboard the pen's dock for later update to the iOS. It's a proprietary format so can't edit the documents outside its own app.
I wondered about that many former Olympic parks and retail are pretty much deserted afterwards.
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