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Its now under $3 at most places in Northern California
I deleted my whatsapp app when suckerberg bought it . I now use Viber and kik, facebook can **** off. I assume facebook is mining its user's texts and cross referencing with their users facebook posts to target ads and sell their email addresses to their clients if not right now very soon.
This won't deter fandroids from their usual lies and denial. This I think is one of the main reasons after screen size increases why Apple will report more than 70m iPhone sales in qtr4 during jan earnings call and share price will be about $135. I already predicted this would be one if the main features many times this year. It's great being right.
Consider this: if the acquisition of material possessions and so forth is natural then we would not need advertising. The only reason that advertising is done is because human beings are not naturally inclined to be materialistic. Humans must be programmed so that the sales can be made. This is the reason why advertiser want to know everything about us. The older forms of advertising were very crude in this respect. By knowing more about your surfing habits and what you...
How is this possible, you mean it comes with malware? and backdoors?       San Francisco security firm Bluebox Labs recently warned that after testing a dozen Black Friday bargain Android tablets from major retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Kmart, Kohl's, Staples, Target and Walmart, it found "shocking" security flaws, malware and active backdoors installed on the new devices.
This is turning into quite a flame war . And no I'm not going to make it a 3some as you wantHysterical
You are totally winning this argument and he is now in full on, damage containment mode , don't worry about it though it's typical of a man who made absolute statements they are almost impossible to substantiate when challenged by objective reasoning. You have cornered him and he doesn't have the character to say he was incorrect in his original assertions
The genius of the Apple Store is the simple fact that the physical apple store prices are the same as the online prices at apple.com. Think about that for a minute. It's going to take longer to get something by ordering it online than it is to go in person to the store. As far as I can tell almost every other retailer charges more at their physical location than online. Now of course if you don't live near a store that is a problem but you can still get it at same price!...
When I look at all these protest I see a lack of conviction among the protestors and most of them are doing it because they get to make what they think are some friends or perhaps they have a chance to get lucky with someone they want to date or whatever. I like to compare it to a storm : people see it coming they prepare or not , it hits there's lots of thunder and lightening rain wind etc and it is disruptive but on the whole it doesn't do much damage, it passes because...
I am indeed questioning the sanity of people who argue about differences between stereo and mono on a device which is what 7" wide! C'mon folks, stereo is only noticeable if the speakers are more than 6 feet apart. Does anyone know what  real hi-fi is too? I doubt it. 
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