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Basic problem with MS: its core businesses are dependedent on upgrading out of date lagacy code with newer technology (mobile) to stay relevent. The last couple of years has shown just how problmeatic that has been for them. Any software developer will tell you it is 10 times more time consuming to made modifications than re-writing from scratch. Same basic problem for Google: it's core search business must make sure that its portal to get hits i.e. its "free" client is...
 If MS were to go out of business that would cause the greatest productivity increase in 30 years
That leaves 109'00 employees all working on fixing the flaws with Windows and office - Good luck
must be on the take from Samsung: why, because he follows the same tactic, try every possible combination and see which one sells, That way he can not be wrong.
to the "man" that said "friggin media companies", you expect everything to be free?, what incentive is there to produce creative work if one cannot be paid for it, everyone has to put food on the table., c'mon I dare you to come up with an argument why not, tallest skil? If you can't why don't you quit the stupid knee jerk reaction drivel you post.
I'm going to try out the new screen sizes that are supposed to come. My detemining fact will be if I can comfortable operate it with one hand. I have large hand and can currently stretch my tumb beyond the bezel on 5S. I absolutely need to use the phone with one hand so I can text my wife while at the same time jacking off with my other hand. She loves to get a blow by blow account by text and video. If I am forced to use two hands on the new phone that would be a...
The answer is automation , not so much voice commands, most of the arduous stuff like the home sensing when you are about to enter , garage opening as the car approaches would be great to have but the rest meh I'm not so sure about, as a prev poster said a light sensing when you are in the room is great , but of course it needs to be over ridden easily, for example when studying or gasp reading a book. Some voice commands would be good , like raise the temp by 5 degrees ,...
"I believe it is reasonable to predict 125 - 130 by the spring of '15" I very much doubt that, my analysis is more conservative - the share price might hit 105 by spring and roll up and down from between about 95-105 rising to 110-120 by end of year. It all depends on the general ecomomy and of course earnings. It could hit lows back in the 90's of course based on the usual fear/greed of traders, but it should rise as a trend unless there is some bad news or earnings,...
this is the most telling port "there's nothing on this device that really addresses customer needs. It's built to address Amazon's needs. It tracks what users might want to buy, tracks users' behavior and preferences in order to drive offers and ads, and it seeks to drive app and media sales through Amazon's store. " DOE Amazon is fucked
there is a device that can measure blood glucose it called Tricorder , its been around for 200 years!
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