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Never get in a argument with a pig, "I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it." - George Bernard Shaw 
Now We can start trading options , I wonder if there will be $ strike prices?
All of you know nothing about how a stock chart really moves. Live in ignorance and keep believing its manipulated that way you will remain poor
Exactly, Nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with idiots (and ultimately they ARE idiots) like Sheldon at work and their condescending/patronizing attitudes. They love Microsoft   and disdain people they consider less intelligent than themselves. 
the reason why geeks hate Apple is really quite simple" Apple made computers easy to use. There was and still is an unwritten rule that you MUST NOT MAKE A COMPUTER DEVICE EASY TO USE. The whole MS/INTEL mindset is based on this assumption , the more complicated and buggy and useless the better-  that way you can make billions of $ on upgrades/refreshes etc etc ad infinitum . Apple has bucked this trend and they are HATED for it. The tech industry MUST have all its lackies...
some people buy Android because they are cheap, some because they are idiots who believe the rep in the shop, some because they buy into the ads, some because they have historical dislike for anything Apple. Some because they like to fiddle with the tech, some because they only have so much money and that all they can afford. Some because of all the glitzy displays in the wireless stores, Next......
The bigger competitor to MS is Google Apps, particularly Google Docs what sense does it make to put office on android first, 1) its much harder develop on android because of the know fragmentation and there less of a market to sell to there as well. By covering iOS MS is able to limit users going over to Google docs and iWorks at the same time.. That's why they developed for it first. Then as their cloud strategy develops they will go after google docs.. Finally...
To be honest I stopped my comcast cable service about 2 years ago, I was being chargedabout $140 pm this was the triple play deal. Now I'm paying about $85 for high speed internet (25Gbits) and I got an over the air attenna which sucks to be honest. I do have more time though because there no way to watch reruns , the only thing I miss is watching baseball and some big sporting events and Independent Film Channel and SCIfi channel, I pay for amazon and netflix and...
LOTUS 1-2-3  They use VisiCalc correct?
I use it all the time, I have all my spending budgeted and actual transactions in Numbers spreadsheet and I can update it on the go using my iPhone so I always know how much money I have before making spending decisions and see the effect it will have on my balances into the future all stored in the cloud. Then I can go over and make final tweaks from my laptop at home , all shared with my wife so we are always on top of our spending
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