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Wrong, you simply have no clue, no-one does
Square is the new Round - Frosty !!!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjscH2WBWjw
I refer you to you quote in 2014 see below, not long to go till you are revealed as the laughing stock you ARE
OMG finally a AI user who actually took the time to add something relevant and true, what a rarity
stock don't always go up you know? This is just normal tradingĀ 
it will retrace to 120 first then up to 135 ish drop back a bit then start a tend up to 150 by fall in anticipation of new hardware in Sept
I think he must be one of those cheap and nasty android owners?
Are you sure I was under the impression eating at Macdonalds was a death sentence
I have used mine at whole foods , chevron, Walgreens.
Brings a whole new meaning to anonymous sex !
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