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Because they deserve it?
You Brits are hilarious. Small feeble-minded class ridden people who think they are civilized and look down their noses at the rest of the world like you own it. You Sir are a totally unconscious of the societal programming you are a part of. 
More absolute statements "No-one is clamouring for an Apple watch because no-one wants one." There's logic for you hiding behind a stupid opinionEveryone, - no,  it wasn't obvious and no,  not everyone wanted one. This is the most hilarious fracked up post you have ever produced,  you troll. Are you trying to become effing famous by out trolling Dvorak when he said Apple should stop making the iPhone? Its going to be fun seeing your opinion proved wrong over and over and...
I'd like 3 new features; 1) if I choose I can tell the phone to electrocute someone who attempts to unlock my phone with wrong finger print 2) on two attempts, it kills them 3) Integrates to police database so that if cop identified it kills them and immediately vaporizes them just like in Stargate SG1 with the Zak ni katel;
Where have I heard about an executive dismissing Apple before, oh yeah RIM. At least this guy seems to be getting out of denial
No-one really knows how the stock market works. It is simply a combination of billions of small decisions every day. Every day on the New York Stock exchanges about 15 trillion dollars is traded. That's every single work  day. That doesn't include the commodities, futures and option markets in Chicago and else where. The US Government is tiny in comparison,  about 1/3 of one percent. If you knew how the stock market worked you would not be on here and claiming you do know...
The answer to you question is simple >Apple has almost single handedly taken out or  gutted  multi billion dollar companies : RIM, NOKIA, SONY, HP, MSFT etc. the music and movie businesses, retail record stores: its about to heavily plunder Samsung, the banking sector, wearables, TV, Thats a heck of a lot of vested interest and billions at stake. This is why the competition is doing this.
What is it like not knowing how the stock market actually functions? This case and the share price are NOT connected
i don't agree it's good for the USA like most things there are pluses and minuses. Right now we are benefiting from some of the pluses but just wait. Question for you how long will the oil and gas from fracking last in the USA? There are severe problems with fracking not just environmental but it's sustainability and it might cause another sub prime collapse because it generates so much debts. Once you figure that out you might reassess you statements
Mr frost,Would you agree with me that the mostly Anglo Saxon race in Britain is arguably the most racist bigoted nation/race on earth (which by the way the United States is making a really good attempt at improving upon by killing even more people) not only because of it's patently aggressive barbaric history but also because it's people think they are morally and genetically superior but also because they further this by additionally creating more barriers using their...
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