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I would like to point out that Google NFC is not as strictly secure as Apple Pay and its not available on most Android phones. You need the later versions of Android to be able to use NFC with tokenization. And also  the reason  it is  not as secure  is the tokenization is not end to end between the POS device  and the Bank (the issuer). Intermediaries like the acquirer have access to the data i.e they can read what you bought and all your purchase info, so they can track...
I disagree , I prefer a device that adds better tech and is more expensive. $350 is not a lot of money nowadays, heck I spend $224 at costco yesterday for a couple of weeks groceries and other items. I spend $200 a month for gasoline, about $350 for utilities like water, gas and electric, trash removal/re-cyling and internet access. Paying $350 every couple of years is nothing in comparison. Heck my property taxes are $3600 per year. But I guess you ain't living in the...
Look at the chart Apple fell more last fall than IBM and is trading about the same level now using that as a starting point mid November. YOu can prove almost anything with a chart. No one could have known prior to IBM's bad earnings. Its so easy to prove a point in hind sight. Its tough to make predictions - so all that criticism  about Cramer endorsing that analyst is twaddle at best. A typical bad piece of journalism pretending to masquerade as sensible, which it isn't....
Listening to Tim Cook talking about those health apps got me thinking. Can you imagine just how jealous Google must be about all that health data.? They must be kicking themselves. Imagine if Schmitt hadn't given Apple the shaft and actually had worked WITH apple. There would be no Apple Maps and perhaps Google would have the chance to monitize some of that health data? But because Google is so evil and exploitive it has killed any chance of that and now Apple is going to...
Ben lives in London , so we are led to believe. Probably the most Big Brother society on the planet  right now with all its hi def monitoring . Makes sense he would  be so angry about that and tries to take it out on Apple. He hates anything that smells of liberation and  freedom. 
Well said and I would like to add a truism  which especially  applies to  our honorable friend Ben Frosty: Ben   "The things we dislike  about others are not the differences, but rather the similarities with ourselves" Perhaps  you might understand that Ben? but I fear not. But you never know, perhaps one day you might!and of course you are beating  off to this silly flame war
The original poster probably shorted the market and is wishing he hadn't and needs it to drop further to cover his short positions, I hope he gets killed , one less leech
Wow a fellow investor who actually understands the dynamics of trading! If we extend the long term resistance lines it shows the stock trading  up to 135 before rolling in the next trend. thoughts?
Hey  be careful with that "FrostY"  expletive don't jinx it~!. After all he did say last year :  History will reduce Apple Watch.... to a footnote in the annals of technology - Benjamin Frost Dec 2014 It's  going to be  great fun reminding B Frost  of his total absurd prediction for the next few years and watch him squirm!
Most  of my Brit  friends  here in the states explain that complaining and whining about most  things  in general is a national trait in UK and the weather of course makes it even more prevalent I guess! As generalizations  go,  it seems to explain it probably
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