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George Bernard Shaw wrote some thing like this The problem with getting into a fight/muck with a pig is that the pig loves it and you end up looking like the pig and no one can tell the difference between you and the pig. Personally I'd love to see an ad from Apple with bunch of Samsung engineers dressed up as pigs designing a crappy phone , grunting like pigs all covered in mud then the scene cuts to a pristine set showing true genius Apple design lab and a voice over...
Google is doomed I tell ya
excuse me but I believe you don't understand the options market, many people don't buy and sell PUTS because to do so means leaving oneself open to huge potential losses when share prices are > $100. The CBOT is a market for options.  Options are in lots of 100, 1 contract = 100 shares when apple was over 500 one had to have at least 60k buying power  in ons account to sell puts, once the share split it will be possible to sell puts with only 8000 buying power, this will...
which means sell on May 13th
Well its hard to say , it really depends on if we now get $1 strike pricing and what price the options will cost. I for one will be checking the option prices tomorrow when the market open to see if there is any premium to be had, because now I have 6 times as many shares as I did before. So I hope to make some "rent" on the position I own which I could not do before.
It has to do with option trading, With options the number of share per contract is 100.   At the old price pr share you would have to  buy 100 * 525= 52'500 to buy or sell just one contract ( a PUT or a CALL)   Now that he shares have split,  price has dropped to about $80  So we can sell puts ie  1 contract for $8000.00 and then possibly own the share by expiration. This may cause the stock to trade up if many people start selling put options  and then stock will...
Never get in a argument with a pig, "I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it." - George Bernard Shaw 
Now We can start trading options , I wonder if there will be $ strike prices?
All of you know nothing about how a stock chart really moves. Live in ignorance and keep believing its manipulated that way you will remain poor
Exactly, Nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with idiots (and ultimately they ARE idiots) like Sheldon at work and their condescending/patronizing attitudes. They love Microsoft   and disdain people they consider less intelligent than themselves. 
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