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Hey  be careful with that "FrostY"  expletive don't jinx it~!. After all he did say last year :  History will reduce Apple Watch.... to a footnote in the annals of technology - Benjamin Frost Dec 2014 It's  going to be  great fun reminding B Frost  of his total absurd prediction for the next few years and watch him squirm!
Most  of my Brit  friends  here in the states explain that complaining and whining about most  things  in general is a national trait in UK and the weather of course makes it even more prevalent I guess! As generalizations  go,  it seems to explain it probably
I visited Italy, UK , France in 2013 and I was astounded at the high prices based on the then 1.3 to 1 exchange rate. I have travelled extensively over the last 3 decades  and I usually can tell when a currency is too strong based on a small sample of groceries , hotel; restaurants  etc. yes I know VAT is 25% even so I remember thinking parity with the dollar would about even things  up and lo and behold here we are.   Whats even more interesting about this is,  it was...
As I already explained in a post a few weeks ago I told the community Apple would probably  retrace to around 120 and pause for a breather  before the next leg up to 135 I'm not one to crow but its turning out as I predicted. buy at 120 and finance all the new toys. How do I know? hey if you want  to know that go figure it out for yourself and stop complaining - go trade the stock , then you can enjoy buying all this wonderful tech by using the stock as a income!
Its an Android geek trolling , cmon get a grip dude!
Most Americans probably think it has something to do with Football not Near Field Communications! Every time I have asked if a POS has NFC I get a blank stare from the sales person, so I just say  "never mind". This country is a so badly educated of course!
Only Chevron allows ApplePay , and only indoor right now, All the other gas stations are tied to the the same crooked outfit that Walmart uses so they will be the last to convert if ever~!
Is it not against the law to intercept and hack communications?
Mr Frosty - you are slipping, your last sentence was positive! C'mon we expect a bit more doom and gloom from you !
How do you know that an airplane is full of AI forum posters When the engines stop working it keeps on whining
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