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So why doesn't Apple have Apple trees all over the place Goddammit! Yes I know the south Bay was full of Cherry orchards before the bulldozers arrived. Can you imagine the fun we would be having if it was called "Cherry"  and the Mac"intosh"  would have been called the "Bing" as in the Cherry Bing lol - Meh maybe not! "damn I lost my Cherry" or "who stole my Cherry" http://www.davewilson.com/product-information/product/cherries 
Don't you have  job to go to? that's a piss poor remark
you would think that a site called "Apple Insider" would have some "insider info" obviously this site needs to be renamed to Apple Outsider? Why not pay some Apple employees some bribes or put the thumbscrews to them? We need Jack Bower! I predict a iPlane it takes off and heads into the stratosphere!
Whats so great about Apple Pay is that it is highlighting that Apple is not buying into the retailer and their cronies feeding frenzy for our buying habits. Where these sharks use  our purchase history for either themselves directly or selling it on  to the next entity up the food chain. Of course that doesn't stop the authorizing bank from doing it but it certainly stops the retailer from doing it and we all know they are totally salivating about having that data so when...
In that case,  you need to stop all your credit card because the issuing Bank "the authorizer" knows about all the purchases you make. I think what you mean is you don't want  the Acquirer "the merchant or intermediary"  knowing about your spending habits, right?
They only have themselves to blame really (the banks), the problem is if someone's credit is ruined, I mean it sort of okay if only the card is compromised since its easy to find that out what is more difficult if someone uses my identity to open new cc accounts that I don't know about and run up a huge bill as a result and collection proceedings are started that is a real problem, but for that to happen my identity must be stolen including SS# etc and repairing that if...
They wont make it like Apple Pay because they want the customer data and so they won't ever do TOTAL network TOKENIZATION like Apple has done. It will NEVER be as secure as Apple's solution. Yes more secure than before,  but not as secure as Apple pay
That's great! you have a wonderful camera there. How many Lumias did MS sell last Qtr again? And I mean sold to end user -  not stuffed into the channel
err.. just guessing but an intuitive and easy to use front end!
Add to this the fact that the LOOP PAY tokenization isn't "network tokenization" (like applePay is) Network tokens means that the phone device tokenizes the CC# then ONLY the receiving Bank decodes the token!  LoopPay decodes the token at the acquirer (in between the POS and the authorizing Bank. In this case that will be at any point in the network NOT  the Bank end point . So Google for instance will have access to all YOUR  customer data including the  credit card...
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