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Is that all? $1200 I want to be able to show off one costing at least $5000 and I will buy one as soon as it is available
Mr Rickers-  Thanks sweetie!, I'm going to have much fun, repeatedly quoting this ludicrous statement back in your face - over the next few years as your prediction likely turns out to be complete nonsense. 
Not "everyone" , "many" perhaps, why do you keep making black and white statements, it indicates a rather limited judgmental  intellect.
 So many idiots who know nothing and so little time to enlighten them
I wonder if iPhone addict is more addicted to his drug than a crack addict?
you applying for the job?
 Because the orders have to connect to the carriers systems to validate the older phone being upgraded, they have to check that the customers current phone is past its 2 year anniversary and eligible for upgrade. So its not as simple as sending back flashy website graphics. most orders are for replacing an older phone the market is pretty much saturated in the USA 
There is a saying that people quote all the time "life goes by so fast". There is a misunderstanding with this point of view that I don't buy into - an incorrect awareness. Life in fact has no speed at all, it is always there. Also "Time" is simply a human concept. It doesn't exist, except as an idea in our heads. The problem isn't life, no the problem is me! I'm the one that is going too fast. If I can just slow down and stop, then I can actually appreciate life and then...
Well said, but you can't expect less evolved instant gratification folks to actually learn humility and patience  can you?
Latest News: Large quantities of Galaxy phones spotted in re-cycle depots 
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