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no the spyware is on the firmware   if ever there was an argument for building ones own computer now is the time
only 28% of people are idiots that few, whoa I thought the education system was worse than that? We 1% are slipping in our duty
Later next year once Apple releases the real thing with a curved glass wrap around design which will sell in the millions Samsung will copy it and another lawsuit starts with before and after iWatch slides for the jury to ignore just like the iPhone before after pictures.
Ah so thats how to get out of jury duty , discuss case with other jurors , thanks. I have also found asking questions like "Who decides what the punishment will be" gets one out of jury duty too?
Stockbroker to WSJ editor: We need to manipulate AAPL share price, clients are furious about low returns WSJ editor to journalist: I know, We will create a false rumor about some new product Stockbroker to WSJ editor: Wait we will buy some PUTs first WSJ editor: We will come up with a great piece WSJ editor: hangs up WSJ editor: Get me that douche technerd jornalist Douchebag techy: Yes sir WSJ editor: We need a new rumor about some fictitious Apple product Douchebag...
I'm torn between buying a new mini or the new iPad Air The weight reduction alone on the air is amazing and the bevel is reduced on two sides so it could work out almost like a mini. In the end the decision is probably going to come down to just how portable the air is and Can I get it in my jacket pocket. I like the bigger size for taking notes on the Notability App, I mainly use it for when I'm out and about at starbux doing my writing, etc. I thought the Mini would be...
Nice troll btw, you hooked a lot of people, bit lame though
Glaring omission Where the heck is the fingerprint sensor? losers Doomed I Say, doomed ROFL oh thats right out innovated by apple again
Notice the gutter media/blog douchebags has been hyping Apple ahead of earnings for their investment pals and now is doing the reverse afterwards, this is nothing new , it wouldn't matter what results Apple reported they would find something to criticise. Notice all the day traders are selling to take their profits. this will level off and normal trading wil resume shortly until the next product and or results are announced. Apple is the most manipulated stock in the...
New Posts  All Forums: