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I have a macbook pro 15" newest model, and I have the same keyboard trouble after upgrading to Leopard. The keyboard just stops working, and then starts to work again all the time.
Great! Thanks allot. It's so simple but yet so hard to find by yourself.
Hi. I just upgraded to Leopard from Tiger, everything works great exept for some of the icons that I have changed wit copying and pasting when you are in the "get info" window. So how can i restore these icons to Leopard default? Thx for your time.
Anny news on CS3? Working fine or not?
Hi. Has anyone had anny trubble with Adobe CS3 and leopard? Im thinking about upgrading tonight, but i hva to be sure that it is no problem with CS3 and leopard.
What about an RSS reader? I dident see an RSS button in Safari on the iPhone. I realy hope that it has one.
Yes we were both using iChat. It's realy anoying, wy cant it just work? Just like my Mac.
Hi I have a problem with iChat. When i try to conect to my brother I just get an message that says that there vere an comunication problem, and that i can send a bugg report to apple. It works whit other people, just not him. Anyone eksperienced a simmilar problem? Is there something he can do to fix it? Thx for your time.
An interresting site that records browsers that visit the site. Safari is currently at 5% http://www.browserreports.com/
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