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With the pricing of the 3 generations of Mini's we're going to see those numbers go up. The profit margin sucks though.
I suspect iP6 will be massive in Asia, it'll be purchased instead of a phone and an iPad, but the profit margin on the iP6 is so huge, Apple will make yet another massive pile of cash. Woot!!! (I love my 6 )
I caught a dead cat bounce after the 80% drop, made a 40% return and sold.  The company is toast.  Dunno how it'll play out, but it's too bad for the employees, I'm sure they could get things in shape for the 6s versions, but a year is a long way off...
Damn it, I was just thinking Apple was doomed, and this happens...
If Icahn is right, and Apple does approve a buyback, I'll be a millionaire.   Apple will likely meet him halfway, and should.  All that cash just makes them a target for every damn country to tax and raise hell with.  They may as well just do a buyback.
I'm impressed, it's a great idea.
http://lefsetz.com/wordpress/index.php/archives/2014/04/01/apple-buys-beats/  Interesting read, especially in light of this thread, looks like Jimmy gets paid after the deal too, not just a one shot deal, and a swipe at YouTube as well...
 Agreed, they did a damn good job, the lying rat bastards.
Hopefully, the jury is smart enough to see the smokescreens Samsung is trying, as mentioned by snova:   1.)  We didn't do it 2.)  Our sales are the result of our massive advertising budget, not slavishly copying the iPhone 3.)  Google did it 4.)  If you think we're guilty, we owe far less $
I installed Plants VS Zombies on a Kindle Fire HDX yesterday (I play it on my iPad), the version on the Amazon Play store looks like it was drawn in crayon by a 6 year old, it's actually pretty shocking how bad it is.
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