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Lyons is an odd duck, he's admitted to writing "SEO chum" but continues to crank it out. I wish he'd find another line of work or industry to trash.
The Verge is basically for sale to whoever spends the most for advertising $.     The ads are so bad, it's difficult to even browse the site with a flagship mobile device on a fast connection.
I have a matte black Pebble Steel and it looks like hell after just a few months of use, the paint/coating is wearing off the metal band, the watch has shiny spots on the corners of the screen... it has no where near the fit and finish of what the Apple Watch will have.   That being said, I backed the Pebble Steel Metal, I trade stocks actively and the "always on" stock ticker is a wet dream for my use case scenario.  I'll be getting a SS model that will hopefully age...
 LOL, that's great. I would have guessed Apple would move into robots, but I can see an Apple car, although I remember a comment Cook made in a Charlie Rose interview about all of Apple's products fitting in the table fitting in front of them..
I tried Android Wear, am pretty sure I'm not the target audience, because when the battery died after just 4 hours of use, I wanted to flush it down a toilet.   Have been using a Pebble for a couple of months, and I predict some pretty decent sales numbers for the Apple Watch, once you have notifications on your wrist, you don't want to go back, ever.  Add in Apple consumer loyalty, and you have a winner.
 LOL...  I wonder who coined "Apple is doomed" first, it always brings a smile to my face. :)
I've had every version of the iPad except the 4, and the Mini gen 3, use one every day, it's so far from dead, it's ridiculous to discuss it.   Numbers are down, but that's to be expected, a slower upgrade cycle and cannibalism from the 6 and 6+ are to be expected, I'm just glad Apple isn't afraid to cannibalize it's own products, leaving no holes for other manufacturers to fill.   I live in S. California, and it's prime Apple consumer country, nearly everyone I know...
I've bought 5 of these so far (one for me and 4 as gifts), use it at work every day, the sound is amazing, and I used to view Bose as equivalent to Monster Cable, the zillion & one reviews on Amazon convinced me to give it a try. As mentioned, no microphone, so it doesn't function as a phone extender, but I don't use that functionality. After having owned it for some time, my only criticism is that the aluminum is soft and scratches easily. Two thumbs up, insane sound...
I bought a Pebble Steel a month ago, wearables are going to be massive.
They need to bring the Lucky Bag promo to the US
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