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I'm impressed, it's a great idea.
http://lefsetz.com/wordpress/index.php/archives/2014/04/01/apple-buys-beats/  Interesting read, especially in light of this thread, looks like Jimmy gets paid after the deal too, not just a one shot deal, and a swipe at YouTube as well...
 Agreed, they did a damn good job, the lying rat bastards.
Hopefully, the jury is smart enough to see the smokescreens Samsung is trying, as mentioned by snova:   1.)  We didn't do it 2.)  Our sales are the result of our massive advertising budget, not slavishly copying the iPhone 3.)  Google did it 4.)  If you think we're guilty, we owe far less $
I installed Plants VS Zombies on a Kindle Fire HDX yesterday (I play it on my iPad), the version on the Amazon Play store looks like it was drawn in crayon by a 6 year old, it's actually pretty shocking how bad it is.
Apple is doomed!!! (sorry, just had to get that out of the way) I can afford almost anything, and I just keep finding Apple products fit my needs and use cases better than anything on the market. My most recent experiment was at work, I use my unlimited data to stream to a BT speaker in a Radiology dept, guess which of the current flagship phones is the only one that can get a signal? Yep, only the iPhone. I recently bought a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 since I use Amazon...
There's not enough food in Loch Ness to support a group of breeding "monsters" of any size.
Usually he's been fairly pro Apple, I noticed a change in the recent case, I've disagreed with almost everything he's been posting about the case, nice to see others have noticed it too.   Who's his new contract with?   Love his tweets tonight, claiming a 1.5 year old phone screen should cost $400 to replace, I literally laughed at that.
I don't think Chen has a good grip on the industry yet, this is a blindingly stupid move.
Great article, Dvorak is always good for a laugh
New Posts  All Forums: