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Thank you, Captain Obvious! I already stated I was a fool three times in my original post so what's the point of your post other than to be fool of another kind?
Hi... I'll preface this by saying I'm the fool who never learns. I somehow get lured into having the "latest and greatest" version of OS X and it often leads to my own peril. The latest example of my gnat-sized brain at work was the installation of OS X 10.9 through a bona fide Apple Developer account. (I may be a fool but at least I didn't download a Torrent or pirated version.) So what's going on? My installation of OSX 10.9 "Beta" (13A476u) has been a complete...
I was in the second it went live and my black 32GB iPhone 5 has been ordered. No problems, whatsoever. 
I've been using MacKeeper for quite a while now and never had any real issues until recently. Unfortunately, ZeoBit's crappy 24/7 tech support hasn't been much help. Numerous e-mails and (gasp!) "Live Support" chats have returned only generic excuses like, "We're experiencing server issues and apologize for the inconvenience."   Here's the issue:   The Update Tracker only finds 20 applications on my 27" iMac. ZeoBit's competitor programs--AppFresh, MacUpdate,...
Some of Match.com's own policies throw sand in the face of "fairness" so they have zero justification to complain. To wit: When one subscribes to Match.com, they've purchased the ability to e-mail other members, paying or otherwise (i.e., free). But here's the kicker: The free member can't read that message. In essence, the paying member doesn't receive what they've paid for--that is, the ability to correspond with the all of the "thousands" of members, including those who...
Cool stuff. It recognizes that I have an SSD and all my RAM slots are filled (16GB total).
I have an SSD and it shows "No" under TRIM support. Perhaps only Apple-installed SSDs are blessed.
Yet another thread that's gone to hell on the account of the incessant whiners who can't have a matte screen. Enough, already. Let's focus Apple's efforts on fixing the product that actually exists.
Quit being a troll AND a jerk. All you're going to do is flood the network for the rest of us.
New Posts  All Forums: