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If you mean unchecking the option in Energy Saver that says "Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible," this does not help me either. Just yesterday I highlighted some image files, right-clicked, highlighted "open with..." and then waited a full four seconds for the menu to appear. Maybe it's the fact that these are external? Or because they're Western Digital? I just want to know that, if I buy he dual drive option Mini, that I won't have to put up with this stuff. :/
I think it's a fine idea. Appeals to my sense of space. Like a portal gun. It'd have to be really light, durable, and cheap, though. Something you can toss around. Something for students.
I follow some OLED rumor sites and, aside from that multilayered OLED patent filing, this is an interesting one that popped up recently. It seems to be pure speculation, without even an anonymous source credited, but it's consistent with Apple's supply chain strategy. Apple uses its cash hoard to buy up all the supply of a new cutting edge technology. Acting as the single buyer (aka monopsony) it can release a final product that can't be immediately copied by the...
No, but the problem isn't just the FInder. It's in any program that needs to open a file. I just hit command-O in Movist and waited a full five seconds just for the window to pop open. I wasn't even going to open something on an external drive either. And that was after I added the external volumes to Spotlight's privacy list. Unplug the external drives, though, and everything is snappy.
Quick technical question about these dual drives: If you get the BTO option with both the 256GB SSD and the 7200rpm drive with the SSD as the startup disk, can't the 7200rpm drive still produce an overall slowdown than with just the SSD alone? I've been using a 2010 Mac Mini with an SSD and would never go back, but my experience has been that whenever I connect an external USB drive, the speed advantages of the SSD almost completely disappear, at least when accessing the...
I mean a new kind. I'm trying to avoid the word "paradigm."
AirPort Express was actually given an immaterial update shortly after WWDC. It's possible that they run cooler now but so far no one has reported a noticeable difference, except that they are indeed new models with new part numbers.
I think it's more likely that they drop the Mac Pro and not replace it with anything. And I don't think dropping the iPod Classic would impact profits. More than half the iPods sold are iPod Touches. WHICH MEANS.... It's the iPod Touch that's going to be dropped! In favor of an unlocked iPhone.
Last summer I was able to buy the new 2.4 Ghz aluminum Mac Mini off eBay modified with an internal 250GB SSD and 8GB of RAM for about $1,000. It was used some but it's a clean killer machine and I use it for everything. Even though I've never once needed to use the SuperDrive, I consider this a much better deal than the $999 "Mac Mini with Snow Leopard Server" at 2.66 Ghz and Dual 500GB 7200-rpm HDs, lacking a SuperDrive. So it's the high-end Mini that lacks a...
They'll be lucky to break a million. No more than 2 million.
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