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Completely useless and redundant for me. I have a computer. I once had an iPod Touch and sold it to get an iPhone. I see no reason to buy this whatsoever. I wouldn't buy it at any price. If you gave it to me for free it'd just sit around and I'd never use it. Maybe, if I didn't already have a Cintiq, I'd consider finger-painting.
Oh well in that case I'm going to love it.
Like if you took the screen off one of these?That's what I'm thinking of when I imagine this tablet thing. I'm looking at an XEL-1 right now and as beautiful as the picture looks I'm really not liking the idea of this tablet.
OLED is the only thing I'm hearing about this product that I like. Although I didn't actually spend $2,500 on a Sony XEL-1, I did buy one nonetheless and have enjoyed every minute. It really changed the way I look at a screen. I can't go to Best Buy and look at the huge 1080p plasmas without thinking, "man it just doesn't look as good as my little XEL-1." Changes the game completely. Say you're playing a game of Space Invaders. The aliens don't actually look like they're...
Good. It'd be incredibly awkward. Now the tablet is just starting to sound ordinarily awkward.
The iSlate sounds dumb dumb dumb. I could not want one less. Too big for my pocket, small enough for me to lose somewhere, and just the right size to slip out of my hand and fall on the floor. It sounds just worthless.
There's a unibody keyboard out there. It's lazer-cut from a single piece of plexiglass. Logitech diNovo Edge Mac
Based on your experience, how long does it take for refurbs of a newly available Mac to show up in the online store?
I would have bought this, if they released this six months ago instead of the Macbooks. I remember feeling like a second class citizen for owning a Mac desktop back in the 90s. These past six months I've felt like a second class citizen from Apple's perspective for wanting to buy a Mac desktop. There's no excuse for waiting this long. The real headline should be "Apple waits 19 months to make 6-month-old Macbook."
Alright, text-to-speech is dumb on a device that's main selling point is that it's easy on it eyes. This is enough to convince me that the Kindle is doomed, because they're not focusing on what's important. Too bad, because I really like eInk. I wonder what it would cost if they ditched the keyboard and other features that are peripheral to the experience of reading. Just get the content out there, Amazon. People who read hours on end and lose themselves in a good book...
New Posts  All Forums: