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Not the forum. Look, I know this might come as a shock to everyone reading this, but forums are for weirdos. There is no topic or any subject that would cause an ordinary person to register and make a post. Perhaps on medical sites where parents of children with rare diseases and genetic disorders can talk to one another, but even that is stretching it. Now the front page, yes, he has to have seen it a few times, if only to know who to fire. He's too concerned about...
A 20" laptop. I've heard some stupid ideas before, but this is the first time one has turned my stomach at its absurdity and excess. My face falls into my hand and I am incensed that I live in such a world. The headless Mac is near death and people want a hinge binding a 20" display and keyboard together. What is wrong with reality. Why not turn your kitchen cabinet into computer. That would be even easier to "stash away." Portability, in what universe? 20" is larger...
Great, even more places where they can sell their 40-month old desktop line.
Yes, I basically agree. I've been much harsher on them for not updating their line. I said the Mac desktop is dying."Phoning it in" is an apt phrase, since they're shifting their business in favor of phones. Macbooks may even be sold with 3G access in the not so distant future. Desktops aren't going to be a part of Apple's business model anymore.
No, whatever product updates that are in pipeline right now have been planned well in advance. Apple just doesn't rely on the Mac anymore. It's sad.Looking at the update history through the MacRumors buying guide, I recorded the length of time Apple allowed its entire desktop line to age before an update. Using the iMac release schedule as a baseline, I combined the number of months the Mini, Pro, and iMac had gone without an update, going back to 2005, and came up with...
Search through my earlier posts. I was nearly certain a Mac tablet was coming out over six years ago and so were many others, before OS X 10.2 was even released. Even thinking about this issue is more trouble than it's worth.
They used to be updated on the same day. Somehow I think it even more unlikely that they'd go back to updating them on the same day, than that the Mini would be updated at all.
In the conference call Cook said that Apple believes the value of the Mac is in its software. As long as the machines in the retail stores run iWork and iLife, I suppose they could care less.
I don't think there will be a Mini update at all. They would have done it by now. The same configuration could sit on the shelf for another year. Don't think it's unlikely.
Yeah, but silent updates aren't always on Tuesdays. The last update was on a Wednesday.
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