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http://www.hulu.com/superbowl http://www.hulu.com/feed/show/1734/clips You can view all the Super Bowl commercials at the above link. The second is an RSS feed. They're added to the site once they air. Halftime is near and I'm going accross the street for some grub, but, if there's an Apple commercial, it'll show up on that site within minutes everyone else knowing.
Wow, I don't remember the commercials being this dumb. There have been some bad years before, but these are barely average for an ordinary Sunday. There are a surprising number that generally portray men as idiots. That's an uncreative standby. The Star Trek movie looks like it'll be mediocre. Apple doesn't make desktop computers anymore, Star Trek is dead... the world is going to hell. :/
National anthem and coin toss. Kickoff underway. If it'll happen, hopefully in the first quarter. Anyone know when during the game the 1984 commercial aired?
Sure, I'll do it.
Yeah, they work at the banks that are getting bailed out!
FIrst, if you can point me to whatever EyeTV Hybrid that has component ports, please do so. I have found find it quite difficult, since it apparently does not exist. Maybe your inability to comprehend why anyone would want HDMI or component inputs is because you're not very young. Maybe paying between several hundred and sever thousand dollars for a separate screen makes sense in the world you came from. It does not make much sense in 2009, where every single new...
Little of what you said made sense, but I can respond to this statement.Not a single television sold today comes without multiple computer chips working on various audio and imaging functions. The distinction between television and computer displays today is completely nonexistent. They're all computer displays. Furthermore, all computers are audio/video systems.
Woah. Maybe they're going to discontinue the iMac. There will be the Mac and the Mac Pro. Anyone who wants an AIO can buy a Macbook or Macbook Pro. Come on, Apple, let's do it!
Compared to the Sunflower, it looks pretty Dell-ish.What is not Dell-ish about it, though, and Apple deserves credit for this, is that it is rather quiet.But, frankly, the iMac could be improved by being a bit more Dell-ish in a few ways, such as having component and/or HDMI inputs for the display. Only Apple requires you to buy their display when you want a mid-range Mac and furthermore only they make it so that you can't use the display for much of anything else.
The real joke is that Jobs panned the current iMac's form factor when he introduced the Sunflower iMac. After Apple discontinued the sunflower and brought in the chin, there had never been more "WTF?" reactions. Although improved significantly in the aluminum iteration, the iMac design is exactly as dull and stupid as Steve said it was seven years ago.
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