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Lies. Well, there might be a new Mac vs. PC Super Bowl commercial. PC will put on a helmet and say he's adding security to Vista, and a bunch of linebackers will come and tackle him. Mac will say, "you should really have that looked at."
If they sold an aluminum Macbook without the monitor, but with the keyboard and multitouch trackpad and all the same ports on the side, I'd buy it so fast they wouldn't know what had happened. "Where did this money come from? Was it that easy?" they'd say. Yes, Apple, it would be that easy. Just take off the display. Of course, I'm an odd duck, but it's basically the form factor of an Apple II, one of the best-selling computers of all time. It's too nice and makes too much...
Looks like your link was truncated.I know this will sound bad, but I play online games with an Xbox 360 Elite over Xbox Live. Yep. Microsoft hardware and software. It's not as good as what Apple could do, but they're learning. Frankly the Xbox Live marketplace rivals the App Store in usability. Every arcade game over Live, absolutely every single one, has a free trial version and nearly every retail boxed game has a downloadable demo. That and it has Marathon: Durandal...
Very true. It's not natural to keep this in mind, when buying a new computer, but one must do so when waiting for a new Mac.
Looks like a fine post to me. I don't pay attention to the Pro, so you've educated me.I've been waiting for the Mini update and have said plenty worse things about Apple here. They deserve it.
This may be deviating from the subject a bit, but I prefer to use the PS2's component cable. Is there anything out there that will allow me to connect a component cable to my mac?
I thought it was pretty clear that OLED displays will go into iPods before they reach the desktop, specifically the iPod nano. Then it'll go in the iPhone. Then Macbooks. Then, maybe one absurdly priced desktop display. Then the rest of the displays and the iMac. It could go into the nano as soon as Fall 2010. Maybe even 2009. Why not?
Ugh, I was looking at Apple's website.I had read the article and the first page, but it seemed so silly that it would still have DDR2 that I didn't remember, and checked Apple's website to verify. When you go to tech specs for the Macbook, it just bundles them all together.They're probably waiting 18 months to do the same bullshit to the Mini. Sometimes I really fucking hate Apple.
Absolutely. The new Macbook now has a 1066 mHz bus and DDR3 RAM, leaving only the Mini with 667 mHz and DDR2. I've been looking at Mini's on eBay with upgraded RAM and HD, but they're still using the old bus. I'd feel utterly gutted if, after waiting so long, the Mini went to Ion with is 533 mHz bus. That thing better go to 1066 and it better do it now.
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