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Cook has a real edge to him about the superiority of the Mac that I like. It reminds me of my attitude back in the mid 90s and it would have been great if he were CEO instead of Amelio. Remember when Cook was giving that presentation back in October and he showed a picture of Windows running on a Mac, and he said something like, "I don't know about you, but that picture sends shivers down my spine." That still reflects how I feel. I just don't even want to look at...
It's the greatest commercial ever made. The Super Bowl is later now than it was back then, so it's not technically the anniversary. Regardless, Apple does not care about nostalgia. They don't celebrate any anniversary. Not while Jobs is CEO.
How many plants are there that use 65 nanometer?
Look, in the past 12 months Apple forgot that it made computers. It's not in good hands.
Here's something to consider. The iMacs and Mac Mini's used to be updated together on the same day. However, the last time the iMac was updated, the Mini was not. People thought the Mini would be discontinued. Yet the very same non-updated Mini is still around. People are expecting the second update to the iMac before the first Mini update since they were last seen together. Apple is weird. They're mostly a mobile computing organization now. You can count on them to...
If any.
I bet you didn't think they'd go 18 months without updating an entire product line or its price, did you?
IF they can do anything else, they can update the Mini, but they won't. Apple should call themselves "Apple Mobile Computer and iTunes Music Store, Inc." and be done with it.
Yeah, the eBay price is just as ridiculous, strangely enough. As an economics major, that really puzzles me. The market has consistently chosen a price for 18-month old Mini very near the price Apple has chosen. Many that are on eBay have one or two parts upgraded and offer prices for those can go above $1000, which is laughable. Apparently this "Apple tax" thing is a market creation.
Refurbs are listed whenever Apple finishes repairing what's in their stock of broken Macs. It is a complete coincidence.
New Posts  All Forums: