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The refurbished section says nothing about product updates. Believe me I've been watching it since August.
No, that'd be perfect. If there is a Mini update, and I stress if, then it will undoubtedly be unimpressive, especially given how long we've waited. A quiet update is what they want.Me: "Hey, are those new Mini's over there? But for $799 I can get twice as bet..."Apple: "Look! A black guy just became president of the United States!"
The iMac doesn't have these problems either but it gets lower powered laptop parts nonetheless.You may have had a point a couple years ago, but look at the Mini now. There's nothing premium about it.If Apple thinks the current Mini pricing is okay, they've lost their minds. An Ion Mini would not be deviating from the crazy path they're on.
I'm not a notebook user, but I was impressed with the ability to pick up the unibody Macbooks with one hand by the corner and not feel that it was bending or that parts inside were going to come loose. It feels very solid and I'd have to think that would extend its useful life. But you're right. I wouldn't be surprised if Jobs was ignoring the Mini because he didn't like the way it looked anymore. Bummer.. It's insanity when you look at it in context. The last Mini update...
No, I just have waiting-too-long-for-mac-mini update syndrome.I do not know why the rest of you are not up in arms about this. This situation with the Mini is not the same old news. Do most of you understand the gravity of what's going on here? Macs are premium products, but when have they ever gone 18 months without an update or price drop?Since when is that acceptable?
This thread's a joke, right? Even if I had a billion dollars I wouldn't throw any of it away on a Mac with stuff I don't need that costs twice as much as a similar PC. In fact I might use the money to short Apple stock. Hey, maybe that's how I can afford one!
Oh my god, the Mac Mini is... now shipping with Leopard. Still reading hackintosh sites. This article from WSJ strikes me personally as off-base regarding class signaling. I'm not into that in general and I certainly don't want to buy a Mac for that reason, but finally someone in the press is addressing the fact that what used to be a price gap between Macs and PCs is now a gulf. Macs now cost twice as much. Is everyone hearing this? Twice as much for the same hardware....
Of course it's a scam. Are people finally waking up to this? The real crime is compulsory schooling, which is slavery. The only reason we don't call it slavery is because it doesn't directly benefit any particular master or group of masters, except those who want youth to be secluded from the rest of society until they are properly broken. I am not joking.
Off to the asylum with you. Next.
It would have been 1:00 AM Sunday in Cupertino when the store was down. Sounds like automatic maintenance to me. Have they ever updated anything on a Sunday? I thought it was Tuesdays we were supposed to be looking at.
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