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I send them one every day now. So far I have not written anything very angry, but it doesn't matter. Nobody reads them.
How can anything else matter, if they can't make a decent headless Mac?
Agreed on nearly everything (I don't own a cinema display).Last night I was looking around hackintosh sites with the intent of making a purchase somewhere, but I'm disappointed at some things. All this time I've been used to PC users rubbing it in my face, "here's your precious Mac OS running on my PC!" but they haven't gotten the sound to work? Oh, okay, they got some mono channel sound to work. Could be choppy.It's worth noting, however, that when I searched eBay for...
Ireland doesn't know anything, He's been told that much before. This is the same dude who thinks an iPhone that doesn't fit in your pocket is a good idea.
Have any of you seen this? http://us.shuttle.com/X2700.aspx They clearly thought it made sense to use an Atom to compete with the Mini. Looking at their marketing style, which takes a lot of influence from Apple, it's easy for me to feel convinced that this is what Apple's doing. Who can't imagine an Apple page advertising an Atom Mini after looking at that?
We all would like to think that Apple doesn't compromise on quality, but they've been doing it with the Mini for the past couple years. This is keeping in line with that tradition.
2 more months and a downgrade. Coupling it with the "what do you take me for?" feeling I get from the Mini now, it somehow seems likely. I feel sick.
When the Mini was first released it had a discrete ATI Radeon graphics card. Apple's page even remarked that it could be used as a decent gaming system, though of course not an advanced one. It's really sad that it went away. Or else I wouldn't have hesitated to buy a Mini last August, even though it was a year old.
Really? Glad we got that out of the way. Now maybe analysts can ponder whether customers will stop buying products because Apple doesn't update them. I mean, 18 months. There isn't a bigger story happening right now.
It's because the Mini was over a year and a quarter old. You could buy a 2.0 Ghz Dell Studio Hybrid with better specs for half the price of the 2.0 Ghz Mini. Still can, as a matter of fact. Tim Cook said in October that Apple doesn't compromise on quality. Someone better point the new CEO to the machine they were supposed to be using to steal marketshare. If "revenue share" is all that's important to him, then the Mac really is doomed again.
New Posts  All Forums: