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I use Time-Warner Cable for internet...and have recently experienced some occasional slow-down...downloading and uploading. I verified it on Speedtest.net.   However, I expect this is caused by the recent TW "throttling" issue. I tested just a few minutes ago...and all was fine!
I think you mean "I could NOT care less."
relic...bless your heart!
I remember back in the '50s when Hewlett-Packard made the best oscilloscopes, and other fine test equipment.
We are a Mac family...have been for like forever. I've lost count of the number of desktop Macs we've owned.   Currently, I use a 24 inch iMac with a 17 inch external display.   But more to the point, my wife is on her third laptop...and guess what? It's a 17 inch MacBook Pro which she dearly loves. Her eyesight is not too good, so the extra real estate is a godsend for her. I marvel at her skills at managing multiple windows of Quicken/Excel when doing our...
I'd say it's just a matter of degree!
I'm OK with the look of the interface, but I sure wish they would do something about the NetFlix streaming issue. NetFlix streaming works fine with my wireless Blu-Ray, but with the Apple TV box, it's terrible...almost constant buffering.
My wife is a financial professional, so she is fussy about our home financial software. Quicken (although old and clunky) did things for her that no other program could do. I finally talked her into buying iBank, and while it comes close, it still doesn't meet her high standards...mainly regarding investment work. She is getting by, but barely. Fortunately, we saved Quicken 2007 (and years of data) to a separate drive, in hopes that Intuit will finally come...
At the risk of being picky, one should never say "comprised of." Use either "composed of" or "comprises."
Sorry...didn't intend the comment to be such a downer. And, no, I didn't wait a year and a quarter for the opportunity. I waited 5 days. My only intent was to point out that the iPad isn't just for fun and game. But, when she wasn't using the Proloque2go program, she loved to play her Fruit Ninja game Again, my apologies
New Posts  All Forums: