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Oh, in that case it makes perfect sense for the US AirForce to cancel their order of 18.000 Apple iPads. Because ... the PDF-reader the AirForce considered installing on them turned out to be developed by a Russian guy with no ties to the Russian government what so ever. Yeah, it all makes sense to me now.
I agree. It's a good thing I'm not in charge of national security. I'm thankful for that. Thanks for directing my attention to the new threat against the US Airforce: warfare by PDF-reader! Coming to think of it, isn't Angry Birds made by Finnish people? I find that suspicious. They're right there on the border of Russia, ya' know? They can't be trusted either. And "Angry Birds" ? Isn't that a veiled threat against the US Airforce, really? Yeah, we shouldn't trust those...
Hey, US AirForce? It's even worse than that! The iPads you've ordered were all built in China! You know ... communist China! Oh, and about them Russians? I don't know if you know this, but erhm ... the Soviet Union kinda went belly-up two Decades ago. Yup, that's right, Sir. They ain't commies no more. Just thought you might want to know. *salutes and facepalms*
A doomed company decides to support a doomed multimedia plugin to run on their doomed hardware platform. What can possibly go wrong with that strategy? :-)
Dear Android partners, we at Google are very happy to see that you've now made your entire businesses dependent on our free and open platform, and we are thrilled to see how the competition between you has shaved your profits on Android hardware down to 5%. It is this great effort of yours which has made Android the worlds leading mobile platform in under two years. Thanks for your help, we could never have done this alone. Today we have some interesting news for you...
@ ThePixelDoc> So you're calling people in here tinfoil hat crazy lunatics for thinking that Apple may do to the next iPad what they've already done to the iPhone over a year ago? Allow me to remind you that the display in the good ol' iPhone 4 has a higher resolution (PPI) than the rumored iPad display we're talking about here. Doubling the resolution of the iPad display would only bring it (almost) up to par with the resolution we've been getting in the iPhone 4 for...
If this pans out, I'd actually say that 16.9% of the 2015 smartphone market would be a pretty nice chunk of marketshare for the iPhone. Especially when considering that the market is predicted to have grown by a massive 55% by then. That's nearly 17% of a much bigger pie. But my imagination struggles with the prediction that Nokia's Windows phones are supposed to overtake the iPhone in marketshare over the next 3-4 years! Really? No matter how good the actual...
People aren't talking about an iPhone refresh. They are talking about the present iPhone 4 in a CDMA version for Verizon. We won't be seeing iPhone 5 untill June/July.
A propeller shaft? You sure that case wasn't for the MacBook AIR ?
With Mr.Lazaridis so clearly seeing that "the tablet is the future" for RIM (and somehow for its BlackBerry phones too?), I'm a little puzzled as to why they have only just begun making one? Or is Mr.Lazaridis sudden tablet-clearsight of the kind you get after being bitch-slapped hard and repeatedly with an iPad I wonder?
New Posts  All Forums: