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There was also some documented cases where the CPU would emit some sort of whine on the earlier MacBook Pros. Is the sound coming from under either speaker? I've had both fans in my MacBook Pro replaced since I bought it 1.5 years ago. If the sound comes from under the trackpad it might very well be the HD. Since it happens under high CPU load, I would lean toward the fans, based on my own experience.
Ever since this update, I've been having issues where the computer shuts down suddenly at 30% charge. I called Apple, and they have agreed to send me a new battery... The funny thing is, the current battery is the one I got when they did that huge battery recall last year. I'm glad they're trying to make things right, but man they need better QC for some of their components.
That's the most random spam I have ever seen on this forum. Fire in the hole!
Have they already updated the delta update on Software Update? I had waited (glad I did now!) and I'll wait until it's changed. I used to do these things right off the bat, but I became more cautious after the snafu that was 10.2.8. I started using Super Duper! to create a "sandbox" volume on my hd so that I can install updates to see if they break. If they do, I do a smart update from my master volume. It's saved my ass twice already, and it's cheap money too...
http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=86284 I do this once a month. It's good to do it periodically just to keep the battery conditioned.
For her IMAP account, does she have a "Sent" mailbox already set up? For most IMAP accounts I have seen (such as my work account), the Inbox is the root level folder, and then Drafts, Trash, Sent, etc are all subfolders of this folder. However, by default, these subfolders will not be assigned to the Trash, Drafts, Sent icons that Mail uses in the sidebar. If your wife's email account HAS a Sent folder already (and if it is a subfolder of the Inbox), then click the...
Umm...if you're connected to it, of course it will appear. Do you have the name and password set up in your Preferred Networks list under Network preferences? My network never shows up on machines that aren't set up to be on it.
I don't think you can specify what the card connects to. If it's a "b" card it will connect to a "b" or "g" basestation, but only at 11 Mb/s. If it's a "g" card it will connect to a "b" basestation at 11 Mb/s (i.e. it switches to "b" mode). Only if you have a "g" card and a "g" basestation will you have a 54 Mb/s connection. What sort of computer do you have? PowerBooks were notorious for having crappy AirPort reception. One thing I have noticed with my MacBook is...
Maybe Apple should look into a magnetic, break-away ethernet connector, like the MacBook power cords. Hope your fix is an easy one!
I believe it only supports IM, but not chat rooms. Course I could be wrong.
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