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Ahh...that would explain why Chit Chat stopped working for me this evening. Stupid Yahoo . Why the hell can't they just give us a halfway decent version of Messenger? Gaaah...it just annoys me.
True. The install disk only allows you to reset an account password (which is why you want to slap a password on the computer's firmware to prevent someone from doing so).
If you're scared that you might forget the account pass, then yes, I would say go ahead and wipe it and reinstall after backing up. And this time pick something you can remember more easily!
This would be the Master Password for FileVault then. Do you have FileVault turned on? What it does is encrypt your whole home directory as a sparse disk image, and then mounts it automatically when you log in. The password that is used to encrypt it is the same as the one you are using to log in and do admin stuff (your account has admin privilages as you said). Now, if you do NOT have FileVault enabled, it really makes no difference. All the Master pass allows if...
I did a test rip of my copy of Fellowship of the RIng using Handbrake and it worked like gangbusters. Color me impressed! I don't have a video iPod, but it plays nicely on my comp.
When you say "Master Password" do you mean an Administrator pass, a FileVault Master Pass, or a firmware pass to prevent people from booting off other disks?
I would recommend using ssh rather than telnet. It's a more secure protocol and encrypts your password rather than sending it in the clear. I haven't used telnet to remote login in years.
I'd suspect it's the media. I bought the same burner myself and it's been working like a champ for me. I would look at Verbatim media, it has a very good reputation for reliability.
I've actually been having similar issues since I applied the v 6.3 firmware to my AirPort Express . My roommates can connect fine with their Windows laptops (various brands), but I lost my connection and have yet to get it back. I have an older PowerBook with the original AirPort (i.e. not Extreme). Has anyone noticed something similar? (not trying to hijack the thread, it just happened around the same time frame for me)
The AirPort allows VPN pass-through...i.e. you can VPN from home into a business network. If you want to be able to VPN INTO your home network from outside, you need some sort of VPN router. The AirPort does not support this.
New Posts  All Forums: